NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter

Luke Kuechly NFL Draft

If Luke Kuechly fell to #27, should the Patriots take him?

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

How would I handle the Patriots draft? Who are the best kick returners in this draft? Would the Patriots take Luke Kuechly if he fell to #27?

Those are some of the questions I’ll be answering in my weekly “Too Long For Twitter” Friday mailbag where I take questions from Twitter that warrant, deserve or need answers longer than 140 characters

If you have a question about anything, tweet it to me @DougKyedNEPD, and I’ll try to include it in the column on Friday. If you aren’t on Twitter, feel free to throw in a question in the comments section.

@DougKyedNEPD any chance Kirkpatrick falls to 27 if Gilmore and Jenkins go before him?

I can’t see a scenario where that happens. I actually think Kirkpatrick probably goes higher than analysts are mocking him. Corners are so important in today’s game that a versatile, rare player like Kirkpatrick should probably be gone top ten.

Kirkpatrick also has a ton of potential at safety, so any team looking at Mark Barron should also be looking at Kirkpatrick if he falls that far. Kirkpatrick is also essentially a perfect fit for what the Seahawks look for in a cornerback, if he falls to #12, I think the Seahawks will have a very hard time passing him up despite how deep they already are at the position.

I like Gilmore and Jenkins a lot, but both aren’t considered top 15 picks for a reason. Gilmore still has a lot of issues to fix in his technique, and I think we all know about Jenkins’ problems at this point.

@DougKyedNEPD If Kuechly falls to 27th, would u be happy if PATS picked him up? Also, thoughts on D. Hightower and Jenkins in 1st rd?

I guess I would have to be happy because it would certainly be the best player available and it’s great value. I just think that Kuechly is too similar a player to Jerod Mayo. In a 4-3, they’re both WLBs and in a 3-4, they’re both WILBs. Mayo could play MLB or SILB, but Spikes is already so good in those spots that there really wouldn’t be a ton of snaps for all three of them unless there’s injuries.

A guy like Hightower makes far more sense, he can not only play SILB, SLB and MLB, but he can also play SOLB and DE. He’s got a ton of versatility and would be a perfect fit in the Patriots hybrid defense. I think if Hightower is only used as an OLB/DE in the NFL he’ll still have a very productive career, well worth the 27th pick or even a trade up.

I’d also love Jenkins in the first round. I may put more of my thoughts out on the Jenkins scenario later this week, but I’m a big fan of his. Whether you think it was stupidity or bad luck that he got arrested twice, he’s not the only college football player smoking weed and he’s not the only troubled player to enter the NFL. Players like Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Corey Dillon, etc have all had extremely productive careers despite having major character red flags out of college. Sure, there’s a chance that Jenkins could become Pacman Jones or even Jamarcus Russell, but he’s got a ton of talent and it’s worth the risk at the end of round one, especially when you can double up on a corner later in this deep draft.

@DougKyedNEPD who would win a fight between McShay and Kiper? Seems they hate each other in this live interview on ESPN. Awesome!

Kiper, not only because he’s the better analyst, but also because his hair serves as a protective layer for any blows.

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13 Responses to “NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter”

  1. Dan says:

    Hightower could be an easy pick if there…Spikes has had his issues with injuries, discipline for PEDs, videos etc…He’s shaping up to be a leader, but if Hightower is there I do think it will be tempting to bring him in and maybe move him, or others, around…compete etc…

  2. Dan says:

    I’m just taking a wait and see attitude on Jenkins. His story is tough…I know he’s a great corner, but I have no idea when he’ll be drafted.
    I’ll make a guess based on what I’ve read & heard the last few months, and say he slips to the 2nd where someone scoops him up with far less risk. I still don’t see the Pats taking that chance…I see them doing what they did with Dez Bryant and letting some other team take their spot if he’s there and the other team wants to move in like Dallas did.
    I’m not saying BB doesn’t take “problem players”, I’m just thinking it won’t be this kid with all the other talent (much cleaner talent) available; and I do believe this kid’s issues run a bit too deep…not worth adding such a potential major distraction with a team ready to make another run at the Super Bowl.

  3. Dan says:

    I would say they are working out RB Wilson to try and tease a trade up at 31 or maybe 27…by a team that was looking to grab him early in the 2nd. He’s a nice back…highly skilled, but fumbles and doesn’t block…I just don’t see us having real interest in him at all.

  4. Tom says:

    Plus, I bet JPP can do more back flips than Jones.

  5. Noah says:

    I have been seeing Brockers & Perry fall in a lot of mock drafts and have actually seen a few where the Pats could have (although didnt based on the analysts picks) drafted:
    1a. Michael Brockers
    1b. Nick Perry
    2a. Harrison Smith
    2b. Jared Crick

    Um…. I think most Pats fans could die happy that day. 4 man front of Perry, Wilfork, Brockers, Crick or 3 man from of Brockers, Wilfork, Crick with Perry as an elephant OLB.

    Any way these players are actually all available at those slots?

    • AM says:

      Other than Perry, I’d love this draft. Perry would be okay at that spot, but I’d prefer to see them go after McClellin or another more comprehensive linebacker. But I think that Brockers, Smith, and Crick are all possibly available at those spots (Brockers the most likely candidate to be gone).

  6. MJP says:

    Devon Wylie as a return man!!!!! I want this kid in mid-late rounds anyhow, rare change of direction and explosive ability, not to mention great speed.

    • Dan says:

      I would love this team to have an amazing return man, but the problem is he’ll have to be able to play a position; BB doesn’t seem to like specialist returners…they take up a roster spot.
      Rainey may be an option this year…he can add depth at RB, or wherever.

  7. qwerty says:

    Problem with judging CB’s is a lack of film in pass coverage. There may be a little but not enough for me to judge. Because so many teams run, there is so much less pass coverage film.

    I have a bias towards bigger CBs because of this and because they appear to be better tacklers and rush defenders. More importantly, they could convert to safety position more easily so essentially more hybrid and better depth fit for patriots.

  8. qwerty says:

    BB always looks for those first round players who fell because of injuries. Third round and later is good place to roll the dice on.

  9. Stephen says:

    Ever since the East West Shrine game and the scouting report here I havent heard much about Adrian Hamilton DE Prarie View A&M kind of surprised since he had 20.5 sacks. Since he is from a small school could he be a late round sleeper developer like Markell Carter was last year or do you think he will go earlier in the middle rounds(4-5th). It seems like he has a motor but Is he smart instinctive like to study film in other words a BB type of player

  10. Stephen says:

    What are your impressions of WR Danny Coale I’ve read that he has great heart drive passion and has been productive just love those type of guys

  11. Stephen says:

    The Pats have looked at both David Wilson and Doug Martin. It seems like Wilson is more of a Shane Vreen type back and Martin a Ridley type RB. Who is more interesting Doug Martin with his overall abilities that includes pass blocking and not so much of a returner in the late first or David Wilson with his kick return abilities and not so much of a pass blocker in the mid to late 2nd.

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