Open Thread: Patriots Draft Day Predictions

The Draft is Finally Here, What do you think is going to happen?

Draft Day in finally here! We have put out numerous mock drafts throughout the last few weeks and we all have certain ideas and expectations for what will happen tonight.

We want to hear who you think the Patriots will pick with their picks tonight and why you think so. Will they use both picks? Will they trade up for a player like Mark Barron, Michael Brockers or Chandler Jones? Will they trade down and accumulate picks?

Give us all your thoughts here, and discuss all the draft day news and rumors in this open thread.

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23 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Draft Day Predictions”

  1. Ratzalot says:

    Via some crafty trading and players falling, the Patriots select: Shea McClellin (drafted as 3-4 OLB), Peter Konz (C), Janoris Jenkins (CB), Kelechi Osemele (drafted as G), Trumaine Johnson (drafted as a FS), Marvin McNutt (WR), Chris Rainey (drafted as KR/PR).

  2. lord m says:

    i say we trade both picks #27 and #31, we move up with pick #27 and trade back with #31 and also deal west walker:) smh good times man good times omg l love this team.

  3. qwerty says:

    According to Albert Breer, the Patriots have contacted the Seattle Seahawks to determine how much it would cost to move up to the 12th overall pick. Breer states that it could be information gathering and I believe it has a lot to do with how the draft potentially falls.

    this would equate to roughly a first and second round pick. patriots are not going to overpay seattle for the pick. i would also find out what any team that wants to trade out of first or second round wants for the pick to get an idea of cost.

    i think somewhere around 20th pick could ideal picking spot also.

  4. STEVEN G says:

    DL,DL, Big n fast WR, FS, OLB, WR/ Stills(Penn St), Reyes(UCONN), Quick(App St), Hardin(OSU), Irvin(WVU), Adams(Ark)

  5. The Hoodie says:

    Janoris Jenkins will be a patriot. Taken day 1 or 2 it will happen.

  6. JV says:

    Tough to predict who will be on the board in the late 20’s. No doubt the Pats will use one and trade one. The only way I see them trading up is if Brockers falls…thats the one guy I think has a pro bowl future as a DT/DE. I like Upshaw and McClennin late in the first….both may not end up as all-pros but I think both will be VERY good football players in the NFL.

    2nd and 3rd targets….CB, SS/FS, C/OG, WR

  7. tomb says:

    NICK PERRY and Vinny curry plz

  8. qwerty says:

    We want to hear who you think the Patriots will pick with their picks tonight and why you think so.

    Will they use both picks? Yes

    Outside of a QB needy team, I don’t see no other trade partners

    Will they trade up for a player ? No

    I’d think about trading up 27th pick, about roughly 8 slots.
    It could be worth pushing the 48th pick up 8-10 slots.
    Trading Hoyer in some deal would be worth it.

    Will they trade down and accumulate picks? No

    except a few slots here and there to acquire a few picks

    There doesn’t seem to be any public consensus about where someone should be drafted. There will be quite a few busts due to teams reaching for players without enough productive game film.

  9. Rob says:

    27. Shea McClellin – non stop motor D.E/O.L.B.
    31. Trade for 39. and 97. from the Rams
    39. Trumaine Johnson – convert to F.S.
    48. Alameda T’amu – massive run sopper who will make Fanene,Deadrick,Pryor and Love better.
    62. Trade for #2 next year plus 76. and 5th rounder this year
    76. Joe Adams – pro style,fast receiver and K.R. who makes Stallworth,Edelman,and Gonzalez expendible
    93. Trade for #2 next year plus 5th rounder this year
    97.Brandon Taylor – ugrades the depth at safety and special teams
    126. Jaye Howard – massive D.T. who’s fast and played out of position in college
    1st 5th rounder- Ryan Broyles- ends up on IR for the year but combined with Adams sets us up at WR for the future
    2nd 5th rounder- Tom Compton or Ryan Miller- upgrades at T for the future

  10. Jim R says:

    I think one of the Bama guys falls to 27. he will snatch em up. trade 31.

  11. John says:

    I think the Patriots will draft Harrison Smith at 27 and trade 31 to Cleveland for their 1st next year.

  12. G. Phillips says:

    The consensus, this year as in last, is that the Pats need help in the secondary and in rushing the passer. Last year, Bill stayed true to his contrarian streak and drafted offensive line and running backs with his high picks. My question: for Bill to be a contrarian this year, must he make the conventional pick (the double negative)?

    Predicting his draft selections/trades must be as frustrating as it is exhausting.

    My only wishes: that the Pats do not trade up for Barron but the Jets do trade up for Richardson.

  13. j ball says:

    Im fine with leaving out a pass rusher. Get some DL help 4 times in this draft!!

  14. Bill says:

    If there isn’t an elite DE pass rusher there, I would not be surprised to
    see them pick up Harrison Smith and a RB @ 27,31

  15. Jamaal says:

    My projected draft 27. Chandler Jones De Sy
    31. Trade to colts for pick 34 and 4th round(97) colts take coby fleener
    34.Janoris Jenkins
    48.Ronnell lewis jaguars gets 62 and patriots get 2013 3rd round pick and
    pick 70
    70.Derek Wolfe de
    93. jamell flemming cornerback down get eagles 114 and 153
    114.Georfe Illoka fs boise state
    153.ron brooks cb lsu

    we all go home happy 🙂

  16. James says:

    Got a very strong feeling they’re gonna get McClellin and Janoris Jenkins

    • G. Phillips says:

      Jenkins has so much upside: with 10 years time on the Pats, he could father an entire secondary.

  17. Jimmy says:

    my pats had better get a pass rusher T.B. cant do everything 4 this team.

  18. Matt says:

    I need the draft to get here – cure my Bruins hangover. I really think if Brockers, Poe, Fletcher, Ingram fall to 12-14, BB will bundle and trade up…BUT…I would be ecstatic if we stay and get a Smith and Reyes in 1st. So, obviously, I am doing the perfect fence-riding! But does the first scenario make sense if any one of those players were there?

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