2012 Patriots Undrafted Free Agent Signings

The Patriots Signed the Talented Marcus Forston as an UDFA


The Patriots usually focus on quality and system fit when sifting through the undrafted free agent market and not just pure quantity like some teams. With a deep roster the Patriots can be very selective.  The team signed a couple of high upside players so far and more signings are expected. To see the full list of players with a breakdown of each player continue to read on here.

List of Confimed Undrafted Free Agent Signings:

Jeremiah Warren, OG/OC, South Florida 6’3″ 324 lbs.

Warren is a versatle interior offensive lineman from the University of South Florida. There were rumors before the draft that the Patriots were interested in drafting him. Warren is a powerful run blocker who needs to get more flexible.

He should be able to come in and compete for a depth spot along the offensive line. Many expected the Patriots to draft a center, but they passed. Warren might be best suited to play there long term. Warren was a high school wrestling star, which Bill Belichick loves.

Markus Zusevics, OT, Iowa 6’5″ 304 lbs.

Zusevics came went into the Scouting Combine as one of the highest rate offensive tackles in the draft. Unfortunately, Zusevics tore his pectoral muscles which caused him to go undrafted. Zusevics is a devestating blocker and plays with a mean streak. He can play right tackle as well as guard.

The Patriots love taking lineman from Iowa because they have been coached up so well. Zusevics is a candidate to start the season on PUP or even IR, but he has a good chance to stick long term with the team.

Marcus Forston, DT, Miami(FL) 6’1″ 301 lbs.

Two years ago Forston was ranked as one of the top defensive tackles in the entire draft. Very strong player, produced 35 reps at the combine. He can be disruptive when his motor is running. Actually uses his upper body well, can shed blocks and get up field.

Forston’s effort level is very inconsistant and he takes plays off. If motivated and put in the right situation Forston could definitely make the final roster or practice squad. Forston profiles as a 4-3 DT, so he will likely be in the mix for sub package playing time with Myron Pryor.

Brad Herman, TE, Iowa 6’4″ 253 lbs.

Herman is another Iowa Hawkeye, so you know he has been well coached. Had some trouble catching the ball, but is a very solid blocker. Herman was able to get open in the red zone and short yardage situations.

Former Patriots TE Coach Brian Ferentz is currently the OL coach at Iowa and we know about his dad Kirk. The Patriot-Hawkeye pipeline continues.

Matt Roark, WR, Kentucky 6’5″ 225

Roark is a versatile player who has done it all in his career at Kentucky. He has player wide receiver, special teams and even quarterback. He was able to lead Kentucky in an upset over the University of Tennessee from the QB position, the first time in over 20 years the Wildcats had beaten the Volenteers. Roark projects to a WR at the NFL level and should be someone who can help on special teams. In his special teams career at Kentucky he was ablt to block seven kicks, so look for his height to be used there in training camp.

Justin Francis, DE/OLB, Rutgers 6’2″ 268

Francis is the latest Rutgers football player to sign an UDFA contract with the Patriots. Francis played defensive tackle and defensive end at Rugers, but profiles as a DE/OLB in the NFL. Francis was a productive pass rusher this past season totaling 6.5 sacks which lead the program. Even though Francis is just 6’2″ tall he has some of the longer arms at 33 5/8″. By drafting Chandler Jones and Jake Bequette and signing and UDFA like Francis, it’s clear Bill Belichick is trying to add some length to the perimeter of his defense. Francis was invited to the combine and had a very good chance to be drafted before Tony Pauline of SI.com reported teams discovered he had a leg injury. Francis will be a player to watch in camp, as he is a better pass rusher than former Rutgers DE and current Patriot Alex Silvestro who played in the Super Bowl after making the practice squad as an UDFA last season.

Brandon Bolden, RB, Ole Miss 5’11” 222 lbs.

Bolden signing with the Patriots has now been reported by a couple of more outlets. Brandon Bolden is a bigger running back who is faster than people think. Bolden takes and gives contact well and always runs hard. He has been compared to former Ole Miss RB and former Patriots BenJarvus Green-Ellis, except Bolden is a better athlete. At the NFL combine he was one of the top performers in the vertical jump (38″), 3-Cone (6.99) and posted a respectable 4.53 forty yard dash time. Bolden’s best season at Ole Miss was his junior year when he posted 983 yards rushing as well as 32 catches for 344 yards. Has also played gunner on special teams. With the Patriots roster short on RB depth, Bolden has a legitimate shot to impress coaches and win a roster spot this summer.


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122 Responses to “2012 Patriots Undrafted Free Agent Signings”

  1. kp says:

    According to ESPN Boston:

    The Patriots added another rookie free agent to their roster on Friday, signing Montana offensive lineman Jon Opperud.

    The 6-foot-7, 300-pound lineman signed with the Seahawks on Apr. 29 but was released on Tuesday.

    Opperud was a three-year starter at Montana, first at left guard (2009) and then left tackle (2010-11).

    New England’s roster now stands at 89 players.

  2. Nuf Ced says:

    According to the NY Times the Pats got Bolden

    “Of course the Patriots acquired Ole Miss RB Brandon Bolden — he’s a similar style runner to BenJarvus Green-Ellis. However, don’t anticipate a repeat performance from a Rebels running back…”


  3. Bumbum says:

    Any updated on Brandon Bolden?

  4. Meni says:

    KR is not important anymore, not in this NFL.

  5. Mike says:

    Would like to have seen a potential returner. Love the draft. The players I hadn’t heard of, after reading more about them sound like they should be solid. But our KR game is awful. Really would like to see a FA come in. Edleman just isn’t the same at KR as PR.

  6. Jim R says:

    Got some potential depth for OLINE in these UFA’s. Solid draft plus solid FA signings puts this team in a very good position. I think the only position you can look at with question marks now is Running back however I think both Ridley and Vereen after a year of learning the system will provide them with some flexability. Defense is gonna look a lot different this year.

  7. Dano S says:

    1Chandler Jones Great Pick 1 Dont’a Hightower Great Pick
    2 Tavon Wilson would have taken Devon Still but love Wilsons Character.3 Jake Bequette ove Pick another Teddy Bruschi?
    6 Nate Ebner Would have taken Audie Cole but Ohio States safety’s are
    usually great hitters. 7 Alfonzo Dennard Love pick maybe will produce most next year of this group. Jimmy Ebert Great Pick.
    Very happy with the Free Agent college players that were signed would love to see them get a rb and center.Great job Pats.

  8. Tom says:

    A few thoughts: I like the Fortson signing, a lot. He could have been a 5-6th Rd pick & it would have made sense. The Pats are good at developing DL prospects(Love, Deadrick, Pryor) who, after a year or two in the system, add solid depth to the rotation. Give Forston a year on the Practice Squad, or even IR, learning how to be a pro & being mentored by a fellow Cane in Vince, and he will be the type of player who could be on the field for 30% of the snaps in 2013.

    As for the rest of the draft, we all know by now it’s about creating competition for B.B. The H.C. had already brought in a wide ranging crop of veteran free agents this Spring to fill roster holes. Even with that said, it’s not far fetched to think that the majority of this rookie class will compete for playing time in 2012, with a few guys being developed to step up in ’13. Another thing to keep in mind is that the ’11 draft class was robbed of any offseason development last year. I have to believe, between the 2nd year players & the rookies, that there may not be very many open spots on this team for the players who have been filling out the bottom of the roster & the practice squad the past two seasons.

    Belichick & the Front Office have done a great job of restocking the roster, while still fielding a playoff team. Take a look around the league, not many teams can say that the past 15 years. You could also argue that the make up of the team is such that once they inevitably add a veteran RB –Hightower is my guess, with his pass catching ability– & maybe one other free agent who gets cut loose this Summer, that the roster is as complete as any other team currently in the NFL.

  9. primr says:

    We would get Darius Reynolds WR Iowa State

  10. psw says:

    If that girl runs 330-340 maybe she can backup Wilfork

  11. Bud says:

    Tough Call. I think Zusevics is the only UDFA who sticks, and only because he will start the season on the PUP, same way Marcus Cannon did. That said, Zusevics projects to guard for the Pats, because they like really long arms on their Tackles for pass protection. Ebner has practice squad written all over him, but could get promoted up to a Safety some day.

    The rest are probably just camp bodies…guys to spread the reps around, and drive the mid-level players to prepare harder.

    I’d like to think Markell Carter benefited from a year of practice squad and that one of last year’s picks in effect is one of this year’s great new additions, but with Chandler Jones a lock to make the 53-man squad and Jake Bequette have better bonafide’s than Markell…maybe Markell still makes the practice squad. I’d love to see Andre Carter come back on an incentive-laden deal, maybe part way through the season, but who knows if that quad injury will cost him his burst at his age.

  12. Ken W says:

    I think the Eagles, Bengals, Rams, and Vikings all had really good drafts.

    Really like what the Bengals walked away with. Think they had the best draft of all the teams.
    1. Kirkpatrick CB
    1. Zeitler OL
    2. Still DT
    3. Sanu WR
    3. B. Thompson DT
    4. Orson Charles TE
    5. Shaun Prater CB
    5. Marvin Jones WR
    5. George Iloka S
    6. Dan Herron RB

    Only Prater do I not know much about, but the rest I think can be good players. Jones and Iloka in the 5th was great value. They helped themselves all across the board. OL and DL, secondary, plus they got 3 more weapons for Dalton to add to AJ Green.

    • Ty says:

      they also got V. Burfict undrafted free agent. They killed the draft this year.

    • Jim R says:

      I think they used McShay or Kipers list.

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      Food for thought…you think the Bengals had the best draft? Relative to what…other teams, right? But what if you measured their draft relative to what they could have gotten. Instead of grading on a scale because everybody performed in a less them optimal manner, suppose we grade teams based on what they accomplished against what they could have accomplished, the true standard. More specifically, the Pats had 2158 draft points and spent 1940 of them on Jones, Hightower and Wilson. They could have used system management techniques after identifying the sweet spot of the draft (area where players provide near maximum quality for less than maximum points, where players selected have the best probability of making the team, improving team quality, and limit the drain of thrown away draft points) and walked away with Zack Brown, Devon Still, Lavonte David, Vinny Curry, Casey Hayward, and Rueben Randall for the same 1940 points. Put another way, for Jones DE, the Pats could have had Curry DE, AND Still DT (note…Jones had a quality rating of 84.2 while Curry had a quality rating of 84.5 even higher); for Hightower LB, the Pats could have had Brown LB, AND Randall WR (note…Hightower had a quality rating of 85 the same as Brown) and for Wilson S, the Pats could have had Hayward CB, AND David LB (note…Wilson had a quality rating of 48.2 while Hayward’s was 73.7). Since statistical analysis for past drafts reveal that the difference between top notch players of the same position is very minimal, with limited/ minimal risk end result for the Pats would have been three additional top notch players (Still quality rating 84.2, Randall 86, David 86.5). That’s the standard the Pats draft should be graded against. Also, David, although listed as a LB is fast and covers well so could play either a strong or free safety with the bonus of hitting like a LB (talk about a HAMMER). Now rate the Pats draft!!! Pats need to come out of the dark ages in draft selection technology. The potential gains from a systems management improvement action are also magnified by the archaic draft pick value chart now used by NFL teams. This current chart is not based on fact (It could torn apart using multiple spproaches it’s so inaccurate – just for fun look at point values for selections 16 through 21. Why is the point differential only 25 for pick 19 yet 50 for all the others? What about the differential for picks 30 through 35? And the point values have a ripple affect concerning quality all the way down the line. Using the midline value, each round is roughly half the value of each preceeding round, which is nowhere close to historical fact etc. etc. Did you know that a chart already in existence and based on fact is given the blind eye by some NFL teams. I say some because those who know about it could use it to their advantage against the teams who don’t). Why use a skewed/unfair chart when a fair one is available. I realize football teams are run by football guys, but with just a little help, any team could be running with the big dawgs (not Cleveland) and a big dawg could be running well ahead of the pack (not Green Bay) with the right management team, given that the rest of the league (to use a metaphor) is driving cross country when they could be flying. I guess it really is a Madden(ing) league after all. P.S. there are multiple variations of better draft outcomes relative to what the Pats picked up. One even has all the same players they selected but with the addition of Curry and David due to maximizing their draft points. To paraphrase Sun Tsu…you want to win the war before the battle begins…(unless you don’t).

      • the grapist says:

        Umm yeah, if you were a pats fan you’d know that BB puts no stock in any of that garbage. We have one of the best personnel and scouting departments so he goes off his own board. Everybody agreed that after Smith the talent at safety dipped so if Wilson was next on his board I have faith. Curry is too small to play elephant and Still is the classic underachiever. Brown was once considered a first round pick but his stock plummeted for a reason, David is too small for the pats system, and the last thing we needed was a wide receiver that would compete for a roster spot. We got two blue chip difference makers that we needed and some solid guys we can plug in and improve our defense. Our secondary wasn’t that bad, McCourty played out of position a lot and I expect him to revert to rookie form, and if Dowling stays healthy we have two six foot corners plus plenty of depth there already

        • MilitStat54 says:

          Appreciate the comment, I really do. It is through discussion that we educate and improve. I am a NE Native who is trying to nudge the Pats to system improvement while adding to fan education.
          I realize that system management principles/techniques have not been used by the Pats (at the teams expense, a shortcoming, nothing to bragged about). Saying that the Pats have one of the best personnel and scouting departments does not make it so, especially given that whole draft classes have been let go within two years of selection. Are you saying they ment to do that?
          Using your own words…after Smith the talent at safety dipped (the analysts used the term…fell off the table), so why pick a late rounder with a second round pick and throw away 400 draft points? If you said the talent dropped after Wilson it would have made more sense but still…
          Curry and Still were only EXAMPLES of sweet spot picks the Pats could have selected, there were others. The point is that the Pats left over 500 draft points on the table. They could have gotten the same draft picks AND two additional sweet spot picks that could be game changers.
          Concerning David you missed the point. Again, David has better measurables across the board than Wilson and could serve as a hybrid S/CB/LB HAMMER. I would think BB would be intrigued but he’s holding down multiple jobs which means his time available to just step back to get multiple views is hampered. Have you noticed that when he had a defcoord (Romeo Crennel) the Pats won 3SBs, but since the Pats/BB has expanded his responsibilities zero SBs? Systems Management would have identified the need for an organizational structure change so he can do more “thinking, planning, decision making” (make better decisions) instead of being over-involved in the day to day of “doing”. BB may be a great defensive mind but we will never really know because the statistics don’t bear it out (and his multiple jobs/responsibilities gives him a ready-made excuse). Have you ever considered that after 12 years of learning and fine tuning the end result of your guru is 31 out of 32? Unless you redefine guru as something bad… Guru to me means top 5, I’d even give you top ten, but 31st. No way. Steelers, Ravens, Texans and maybe the Giants and 49ers have a defensive guru, but you’re fooling yourself if you think the end results warrants calling BB one, given a statistical analysis. Even baseball has moved to metrics. Isn’t it time football comes out of the dark ages in drafting technology?
          Concerning your comment about not needing another receiver, then why did BB pick one in the 7th round? If you are going to pick one, wouldn’t you prefer the talent in the second vice seventh round?…or pick yet another defensive sweet spot guy. The point is…get max value for your draft points. There are other things/methods any team could use to get more value if only they knew the algorithms involved in a maximum value protocol. Education, it’s a wonderful thing!!!
          Lastly, did you not read the end of my comment? The Pats could have had every guy they selected and two more sweet spot guys (or traded back for lots of picks that won’t make the team

        • MilitStat54 says:

          All in the hope of striking it rich with a Tom Brady Jr.).

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        Concerning the use of draft points, if I was OVERLY critical and emotional I might say the Pats were stupid and screwed up royally (especially by overspending due to lack of proper analysis), and I know many feel this way especially with pick #2. You need to expand you view. In reality there were several other more subtle screwups as well.
        If I was UNDERLY critical/overly optimistic/foolish I might say the Pats did a great job (overlooking that it is because they perfomed so poorly on defense this year as a result of past poor draft selections which are due to their less than optimum drafting methodology). Even a flashlight in a dark room looks bright, but in the light of day its weakness is revealed. The Pats first two draft picks are like a starving individual finally getting a burger and thinking its a feast. Saying they are a great drafting team doesn’t make it so, and the facts just don’t bear it out. However, I choose to just remain in the sweet spot of accuracy and tell you that they under-performed relative to maximizing draft point utilization, due to their being (not stupid but..) UNEDUCATED in the field of study which involves drafting. Relative to other teams they did a good job (this year); but had they enlisted the aid of a draft specialist they could have done significantly better (even great). Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is possible? If BB replaced a good QB in Bledsoe with a significantly better one in Brady, why not replace a draft system that struggles to reach the level of being good with one which is technically/scientifically/mathematically superior?
        A quality organization maximizes its strengths and minimizes it’s weak points. They really should have focused on their weak points, drafting is only one (something they failed to do last year I.e. 31 out of 32 defensively). “You’re only as good as your weakest link” could be the Pats mantra. I could go on but the Pats don’t pay me to be their algorithm/performance enhancement specialist. If you are a tax payer however, you once did.

        • Tom says:

          The only problem with your ridiculously long posts, is that they’re based on subjective quality ratings. The draft isn’t a simple mathematical calculation since it involves predicting the future. These guys haven’t played a down in the NFL, so why would BB care that you think Vinny Curry is a better prospect than Chandler Jones?
          There are so many factors in picking players that be quantified, ie passion, scheme, football IQ, personality, and of course how the drafting team envisions using these players.
          To think that there’s a cheat sheet that every team in the league should be using to quantify the draft is a HUGE oversimplification of the process. I’m not saying the Pats nailed it (although I’m very excited about these players), it’ll take at least 3-4 years to figure out what they have, but I am saying that I trust BB and his football knowledge much more than I trust your algorithm cheat sheet.

        • Joe says:

          Wait 5 years. Then you can criticize their draft if the players you pointed out are doing better. And remember, just because making a trade or picking three players instead of one matches up on the value chart doesn’t mean it will work out. The rookie wage scale has destroyed the usefulness of that chart, which was why Belicheck had to make the trades how he did and when he did.

        • Joe says:

          Wait around 5 years to assess these players, before saying that the patriots messed up. Just because the points system you have figured out indicates that the patriots could’ve traded around to get better quality and quantity doesn’t mean there were willing trade partners. It sounds like they would have needed more than three teams to make the trades required for your draft. Finding those partners is hard when they know you are desperate from your amount of trading and when there is no universal draft chart after the rookie wage scale. Unless you tried to negotiate those picks on draft night, you can’t automatically say it would have been simple.

        • Joe says:

          My bad for the double post, it said that my first one wasn’t there after I posted it.

        • Joe says:

          Just to be clear, I don’t give the pats and A+for their draft. I give them a B+ for the positions they picked players at and where they picked them in relation to where they could’ve got them. I did not grade them on the ratings that experts gave the players they chose. Time will tell what the players ratings should be.

  13. Damian says:

    Is it just me or do the Patriots seem to be a long way behind everyone else in terms of UDFA signings

    • qwerty says:

      there is not too many spots left as of now

    • BILL says:

      After the 1st round they were way behind everything. The draft ended for them Thursday nite. They could have doner so much more

      • John M says:

        How could they screw up the 2nd round so badly? Even if Tavon Wilson turns out to be a decent player, they could have picked him in the 4th round. They went for a need instead of the best available player. Trumaine Johnson seemed to make more sense than Tavon. I’m from Illinois and I know that the Illini had a horrible defense yet there are 2 players drafted in the 1st two rounds(should have been 1). I hope that BB makes me “eat my words” but he screwed up the 2nd round picks. They gave Tavon a private workout so they must have seen something OUTSTANDING to take him at 48.

        • Conor says:

          I’m sure you know who Mike Gillhamer is? One of the best DB coaches in football. The media had Wilson rated lower due to not going to the combine and not going to an all-star game, but NFL scouting departments have much more resources. Seven teams brought him in for workouts, you don’t do that with third round picks, you only have a limited number of them. There is a good chance the Chargers would have taken him at #49. It was a surprising pick, but I wouldn’t say bad.

        • Conor says:

          And btw Illinois had the #4 ranked pass defense last year

    • Paul says:

      you can only have 90 players in camp,they have more than that already

  14. Cash says:

    Anyone who thinks the Pats are getting rid of Deaderick is crazy. He was a rookie 2 years ago, then with no offseason training, was put on the PUP list and missed almost the first half of the season. When he came back he was playing very very well. By the end of the year he was one the better lineman. I’m liking the way he’s improving. Kinda reminds me of Bobby Hamilton. No way Brace makes this team, unless he improves dramatically or we get a ton of injuries and are forced to keep him.

    • qwerty says:

      it would be a shame to cut deaderick also. brace has played pretty good but has been injured too much so he could be on chopping block.

      • psw says:

        Brace has one big advantage protecting him. He is the only true NT on the bench behind Wilfolk. Unless they find a 330lb dt Brace isn’t going anywhere.

  15. Lundahl says:

    We need to trade Hoyer at some point.

  16. Joe Blake says:

    What do we do if Wince gets hurt. The DT back-ups are scary. I would have rather seen us draft a DT with the first second round pick…i.e. Still, rather than reach for a safety.

    • troyHOFbrown says:

      Could not agree with you more. Why not Reyes or Still or Worthy or Curry or even zach Brown. Time will tell.

    • qwerty says:

      Tammu would have filled in for Wilfork the best. He is a future starter.

    • psw says:

      no still,or worthy, or reyes because they are 4-3 tackles not 3-4 nose tackles. Nose tackles are rare physical freaks and there weren’t many around, never are unfortunatly.

  17. Jeff M says:

    Roster Projection-
    QB – Brady, Hoyer, Mallett
    TE – Gronk, Hernandez, Fells
    WR – Welker, Lloyd, Branch, Gonzalez, Slater, Edelman/Emery/Stallworth
    RB – Ridley, Vereen, Woodhead
    FB/HB – Larsen
    OT – Solder, Vollmer, Cannon (PUP) Zusevics
    OG – Mankins, Waters, Gallery, Wendell, Warren
    OC – Connolly, Koppen
    ST’s – Gostowski, Mesko, Aiken
    DE – A. Carter, M. Carter, Jones, Bequette
    DT – Wilfork, Love, Fanane, Deadrick, Forston
    LB – Mayo, Spikes, Hightower, Ninkovich, Scott, Fletcher
    CB – McCourty, Dowling, Arrington, Moore, Allen
    S – Chung, Wilson, Denard, Gregory

    • Chris says:

      Isn’t offensive lineman McDonald still with the team? He’s got much better size than Koppen. I wouldn’t discount him.

    • Tom says:

      I’m interested to know, do you have Cunningham as an outright cut, or do you see us moving him somehow? I’ll be surprised if Markel Carter makes the team over him, although in light of Cunningham’s performance I probably shouldn’t be.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      I agree with roster projections with the following comments:

      QB We will only keep 2, either a trade to someone desperate at the end of camp due to injuries, or Hoyer/Mallet develope cronic hangnails and go in IR

      WR Gonzales wont stick, with his injury history he cant return kicks to fragile, making a slot foe Edlemen/Emery. Hard to Keep Slater in the team when he is a one trick pony. This may be the year he develops and learns to catch or he is gone.

      Pryor, if he is healthy will get a DT spot. I like his pass rush up the middle same kind of player as Forston with out Motor issues.

      Mcdonald over Wendell, and possible starting Mankins on PUP

      • qwerty says:

        mankins is not going on pup. he will be ready to play.

      • psw says:

        Slater is one of the most important coverage team special teamers, field position maters, Slater stays

      • kp says:

        Slater is our Special Teams captain. He isn’t going anywhere.

      • steve says:

        Of course they will have 3 QB’s on roster just like every team in the NFL. The 3rd QB gets to dress and gets to play if an injury occurs to both one and two QB’S. Also they just wouldn’t cut or future QB in mallett. The Pats first FA signing was Slater and they gave him a lot in guarenteed money. His roster spot is one of the safest of all. I do agree with McDonald as the Pats like him and with injuries he will get some run before season is out. M. Carter is suppose to have some potential and from my understanding was paid a lot of money to stay on practice squad because he understands the elephant ition. That is not be be taken lightly because most young players don’t understand all the things that go along with that position. Cunningham has been giving a little bit of a pass because when he has been on the field he could read and react very quickly which BB needs to see for elephant. Who knows if he can stay healthy but a few games he played and was just allowed to rush passer he exceled. I hope he gets healthy because with the three new drafted DE the Pats could have a very athletic new front who BB could dial up some different looks. With how much teams are going to tight ends now and how fast they are the Pats maybe took the two Safties to combat that. I think they may be looked at to play a nickel/dime type LB spot. They both have sub 4.5 speed and are physical. Just a guess but these draft picks in all are being looked at to

        • Conor says:

          There is no more Emergency QB rule, they expanded the game day roster to 46

    • BILL says:

      We’ll never have 8 WR. At least 2 or Gonzales, Emery, and Stallworth will be gone. Another RB somewhere will be added. WE can’t go into season with Ridley as only big back.

      • Mark says:

        I get the feeling the RB will be Grant…

      • MikeInCt says:

        Theres talk of us getting another Hightower to the roster or possibly Addai…really keeping my fingers crossed on either one of them…thats really the only hole i see on our Off is that RB Position…been a while since thats been strong, and I dont ever remember in my years, im 31, so prolly been watching since 14-15, mostly Brady Years, there ever being a RB like a Foster, MJD , AP or even Jacobs…hopefully that’ll change and take some pressure off Brady…i know we say it every year..but its true…This could be the One!!!!

    • JMC says:

      I’d be surprised if either of both Carters were on the 53 man roster on the first Sunday-

    • qwerty says:

      the one factor we don’t take into account is INJURIES. sometime during camp and preseason, there is likely to be injuries which will allow keeping more key players. i wouldn’t want to cut Cunningham. SOme of the cuts last year were painful.

    • Greg says:

      Don’t forget Fiammetta. He play very well for Dallas last year in front of Demarco Murray.

  18. TD says:

    With a roster of 90 there is going to be tremendous competition at every position and injuries may get guys the boot: Cunningham, Brace, Fletcher, Pryor & Deadrick.

    I don’t see BB getting rid or/trading Welker. Worse case he gets Asante deal; one year tag and adios. Even at $9million+ his production is crazy value. The last 4 years, his production was biblical value.

    Some people need to get real; we are not going to get good draft picks by trading undrafted players and 6th & 7th round players no matter if you bundle a dozen of them together.

    • JMC says:

      Dedrick, Pryor and Fletcher will be on the roster if healthy I’d bet- Brace plays inside so he will be around unless replaced by a vet FA or the wavier wire-

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      Generally true yet occasionally there are Damond’s in the rough. Don’t forget that Brady was pick #199. That is why it is critical, critical, critical (do I need to say it again?) that the Pats have an evaluatin crew second to none that can properly evaluate talent while keeping in good stead with the college programs, Canadian League etc. Quite a few pro talents were by-passed due to injury, bad behavior, improper evaluation, and here’s the one that intrigues me most…have heard it said that some few players don’t get on the medias radar and due to…let’s call it relationships, they are not publicized by coaches so their pro coach buddies can pick them up after the draft as URFA. BB has been around, knows quite a few folks, so here’s hoping the Wilson kid was one of these that just leaked out, with a few more preseason surprises coming to shore up the Pats defense. And a tall, fast, tough, injury free receiver with Biletnikoff hands (and arms/stickum), with high jumping skills who runs crisp routes would sure come in handy.
      Can anybody convince Shaq to take some wrestling lessons then join the Pats as a road grater? A road grater would be nice to have on the Oline. Sorry just woke up and still in dreamland. That’s dreamland not Cremeland which is in Manchester N.H. (best fish and chips and clams and..) must be hungry, gotta go eat.

  19. tomB says:

    wouldnt mind the pats getting Dwight Jones.

  20. MilitStrat54 says:

    Just an idea,
    When I was a kid I heard about a guy (a monk) who beat Rod Laver (best in the world at the time, and ever) at Brenton Woods the week before the actual tourney and dispatched him quite easily using both hands (ambidextrous). Apparently the monk had another calling and wouldn’t turn pro. Point is if the Pats had a methodology of finding even just a handful of gifted players who come from off-line sources imagine the possibilities. Need to think outside the box. Buddy says get an Australian cow kicker for a punter. Problem is you can’t find the ball once they’ve gotten their hands on it. What is that suppose to mean (still laughing though).

    • psw says:

      Cow molestation is a big problem in Australia, those big Foster’s cans and the alcohol content is higher in real Ausie beer.

  21. Tony D says:

    I just want to say that this site is amazing. These guys do a great job getting information out immediately. This is a site for real fans, by real fans.

    btw I finished 5th in the play the draft thing and I signed up a week or so ago. I made a mistake by dropping Weeden and Siliato or whatever his name is, the guard that went #40, and picking up Mercilus who I thought might go top 20. Otherwise I might have won that shite.

  22. Ty says:

    Love the Following Undrafted free agents.
    Mike Brewser
    Chase Minniefield
    Vontaze Burfict
    Lucas Nix
    Coryell Judie
    DeJohn Harris
    Leonard Johnson

    • Tony D says:

      Hard to believe that Burfict went undradted! Minnifield as well.

      • Matt says:

        It’s not hard to imagine when you understand how stupid Burfict is. His game tape in 2010 was best described as “raw”. He made splash plays, but not as often as you might be lead to believe.

        He was a penalty machine. He blamed every thing wrong with his game (penalties and benching) on someone else. He was out of shape at the Combine and his pro day.

        The guy was basically a high upside guy with no upside (or character). It’s going to take some serious work for him to ever amount to anything.

      • AM says:

        Minnifield especially–whoever signs him will have a complete steal.

        • psw says:

          I heard Minnifield needed microfracture surgery he’s out till at best next year if its true

  23. prime says:

    we need a young big wr like Dwight Jones

  24. DWE2012 says:

    Good, now let’s see who we can package and toss away for extra pick’s next year and do it with the ultra quickness.

    This team doesn’t have all that much space for rookies. Between “The regulars”, “F.A. contract’s already given, F.A. signed/picked up that are still competing for possition’s, drafties know that’ll get contracts, and now a set of UFA…….

    WHY THE H E double Hockey Stick’s didn’t we push for Hoyer to be gone & taken extra pick’s previously? Way too many player’s and not enough cap space or roster spots.


    Donta’ Hightower = N. Koutivides G-O-N-E, and leaves Dane Fletcher’s future in limbo as packaged trade bait/leverage.
    Chandler Jones = Alex Silvestro G-O-N-E, maybe even a choice of M. Pryor or B. Deaderick also in limbo…..
    Tavon Wilson = Sergio Brown G-O-N-E, straight up!
    Alfonzo Denard = Kyle Arrington G-O-N-E (Personally would like to see him be used & packaged with Hoyer & Edelman for future draft pick consideration)………Peace out fellas.
    Jake Bequette = Ron Brace G-O-N-E.
    Jeremey Ebert = Julian Edelman G-O-N-E (see above incert)
    Nate Ebner = Sterling Moore G-O-N-E + Takes S.T. place of Edelman as well…..no issues.

    The Cut’s are going to be interesting for sure!!!!

    • DWE2012 says:

      Did I happen to mention Dane Fletcher,
      B. Hoyer,
      K. Arrington,

      • Austin says:

        First of all..you can’t spell. Which.. from the get go.. makes your point incredibly hard to make.

        The one thing I can see is Ron Brace losing a spot and even a Deaderick.. but saying that Ebert will take Edelman’s spot is more than false.. and the dumbest thing imaginable is saying that Kyle Arrington (7 picks last year) will lose a roster spot. Sergio Brown’s days may be numbered. What you are forgetting is that these rookies need to come in and prove themselves. I love each and every one of the pats picks this draft.. but Fletcher and Arrington are both key parts to the defense. Fletcher would have been a starter had it not been for his thumb injury.

        • Tayler says:

          Arrington is mediocre at best. Just cause he had seven picks, does not mean he is a good corner. The picks were more a matter of luck than skills, and a few of them were tipped balls. Fletcher is a backup guy too, he might have been a starter last year if not for the injury, but only because there was almost no talent at the OLB position.

        • kyle says:

          Your right on the spelling….clear give away for a false fan. I could pick out 10 things dwe2012 said that were wrong but hers just one……why would brace whos a dt leave now cause they got a de? Long messages shouldnt be a strong point on your football knowlege points.

        • Austin says:

          Agreed Kyle. Regardless of why he sees Brace leaving..Brace has probably got to go without serious improvement. I have not seen any improvement from him over the years. Honestly..none at all. And obviously the production has been lacking as well. As for Arrington.. I would say a good majority of picks in the nfl are just about being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it.. Arrington is just a play maker. He plays hard and is always around the ball. Patriots have a lot bigger defensive issues. As for Fletcher.. I’m definitely partial to Fletcher because he came out of Montana as a fairly unknown guy.. but i think we all saw how good he could be in flashes during the pre season and I am looking forward to an injury free year for him. As for who is a bubble player..we had the second worst passing defense in history last year.. obviously there will be some turnover. only the real staples on defense will be safe.

        • MikeInCt says:

          Agree with Austin, Right place at the right time, BUT…if youre in that right place you better have the skills got make that play under pressure…and i personally like Arrington..i think hes done a lot to improve the defense over here, edelman, well…i dont think hes made as much of an impact but i dont see him losing his spot on the team to one of these guys…Yet

      • Tony D says:

        Yeah totally foolish and unappreciative of Arrington! He is our top corner! Moore is here to stay too. Dennard has a lot to prove, he has to earn a spot on this team. At best he is a 3rd corner right now.

      • kyle says:

        And why would u want to get rid of hoyer for a fourth round pick when mallet next year could be worth a late 1 or early second?

        • Austin says:

          I want Mallett around for a few years. He could really become something phenomenal. Massive arm strength.

        • JMC says:

          I don’t think you trade Hoyer now or Mallet later. Arrington is a tough kid- you don’t throw those away.

    • Tony D says:

      You didn’t mention Jermaine Cunningham! He is so gone. With 10 WR not counting Slater, at least 4 will be gone. Britt Davis and Underwood are obvious and Ebert probably ends up on the practice squad. But if Wes Welker doesn’t show up for OTA’s don’t be shocked if we deal him for picks next year. In McDaniels offense Lloyd will play WR in the Moss role, opposite him in the Caldwell/Stallworth role will be either Branch, Stallworth, Gonzalez or Ocho Stinko. In the slot of course is Welker but would it be so bad to have a combination of Edelman/Gonzalez/Hernandez?

      • Austin says:

        I find it hard to believe the patriots could part ways with Welker.. I realize it as a possibility.. but find it hard to believe that Brady would let his favorite target go. he has quite a bit of leverage within the organization. In addition.. at least two WR will go to practice squad. Organization loves Underwood for some reason..(probably because of his “massive” height at 6 1. Britt seems to be an obvious cut though.

    • Matt says:

      Being drafted doesn’t mean they will make the team.

      Also, you have some terrible evaluations. Chandler Jones and Alex Silvestro are not competing for a roster spot; Jones will likely be filling Andre Carter/Mark Anderson’s role. Jake Bequette isn’t competing with Ron Brace; Bequette is more likely competing with Alex Silvestro. Marcus Forston could be competing with Brace or with Myron Pryor.

      Dennard is more likely going to play Safety because he’ll be a penalty machine (and a liability) at corner with his style of press man coverage.

      Hightower will likely come in and take over Rob Ninkovich’s role. Rob may be released or he may be moved down on the depth chart and release someone else.

      • qwerty says:

        don’t see dennard as penalty machine. his films show good man to man coverage. saw tavon’s 2010 film, he wasn’t turning around when doing pass defense on deeper routes. now that will surely draw penalties if he hasn’t improved on that.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Jake Bequette and Ron Drace would play different positions. Brace interior and Bequette middle of the defense.

      I would see a guys like Nate Ebner, Alex Slyvestro, and some ohters developing mysterious training camp injuries and being put in IR for a year of development. Seems to happen to a few of the guys every year.

    • Ken W says:

      Why would you want to trade or cut Edelman? He plays all three phases of the game and has looked pretty good playing defense which he has never played before. He is a very valuable player to have on your roster. We have seen him fill in for Wes Welker and do pretty well at WR. BB loves these type of players and I don’t see Edelman going anywhere.

  25. Liam says:

    Loving the Forston pickup. Was considered a high second rounder a year ago, then had a bad season. This year’s Kyle Love? Interior D-line could definately use some depth.

  26. JMC says:

    No short yardage RB on the free agent list?

  27. Justin says:

    Markus Zusevics is an interesting prospect. I could see him playing guard for the team. He can most likely make the roster. Marcus Forston is a nice pick up, but he will probably be on the outside looking in concerning the roster. Same with the two others signees.

    • Jeff M says:

      He is more likely a PUP candidate to start the year and Vollmer insurance in case of injury and of course next year a replacement candidate as Vollmers contract is up.

  28. Josh says:

    We need to get Brewster c Fromm the buckeyes and chase minefield cb from va

    • Jason says:

      yeah I wonder what the deal with C.Minefield was/is??? The injury must have been a significant scare for teams not to take a shot even in the 7th round…

      • tomb says:

        Chase Minnifield needed/got a microfracture surgery. thats y his stock took a hit.

        • Scott in Iowa says:

          I saw a tweet that said that it was worse than just microfracture surgery. With how far he fell, that has to have been the case.

    • JMC says:

      Minefield is 5’10” 183lb- (about 10 lbs heaver than me so I hope he’s faster)-

  29. Dan says:

    I love this team and this coach(s)…It’s a once in a lifetime thing…having such a coach, QB, owner etc…doing things their way and going to Super Bowls 50% of the time and winning a few.

    It’s amazing to watch him put together a team of players…drafted or undrafted, slotted to go high or low.

    This defense will be fun to watch come together…by December they should be special, if not earlier.

  30. Josh says:

    I checked out both of theis guys scouting reports and they seem pretty solid they may be able to stick around we may need to carry an extra lineman or two at least through the first or second wave of cuts due to mankins injury definitely good chance they make practice team

  31. Josh says:

    Giants got janzen Jackson to bad ill bet you he has a longer career than our second round pick

    • Nuf Cef says:

      I’ll take that bet… What are u offering

      • weeden says:

        his sister, the big fat one.

        • JMC says:

          Hey, I’ll take a look at that sister- but I’ll bet Wilson is productive through four seasons-

          This draft may have looked more normal, at least to most fans, if:
          *2-48, Wilson was chosen at 6-197.

          *3-90, Bequette was chosen at 2-48.

          *7-224 Dennard was chosen at 3-90.

          *6-197 Ebner was chosen at 7-224.

          The only crit you might have is they left Konz, Keyes or the kid from Marshall and Iloka in later rounds on the board. They could have had one of those and still got all the players they wanted.

          I thought the Eagles had a good draft.

        • MilitStrat54 says:

          Consider the following…
          In order to get who you want in the draft each team identifies how many guys are ahead of your guy at his position. Realizing the needs of other teams you then put a misinformation plan into effect hoping other teams will bite thereby acting on your misinformation allowing you to get your guy. Konz took himself off the board with minimal reps on his strength test, Reyes was not big enough to meet the Pats parameters, Iloka was never a real choice, with Curry they were on the fence. Hope this helps.

        • JMC says:

          That’s really great Milit…a very targeted insite! Now can you help me with that big fat sister?!

        • psw says:

          If that girl runs 330-340 maybe she can back up for Wilfork

        • JMC says:

          ok I get it- To the restaurants!

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