2012 NFL Mock Draft: NEPD Commentator Edition

NEPD’s annual commentator’s mock draft is back! Take part in a one day 3 Round interactive mock draft right here on Saturday April 21st. This is chance for all the faithful fans and readers of the site to participate in a live interactive mock draft right here at NEPD.

The NEPD commentator mock draft will start Saturday April 21 at 9:30 am, beginning with the Indianapolis Colts selection. There will be a strict time limit of ten minutes between selections. If you do not have your selection in on time, I will make the selection for you and you lose the privilege to make the remaining selections. I want this mock to be fun, but I also want to move it along. I want to stress that if you are unsure if you will be able to follow the draft and be able to interact on the site during Saturday, then let someone else manage the pick.

Sign-Up: To claim a team you must post your first and last name along with your twitter handle (must have twitter to participate) in the comments section below. Whoever claims the team first gets it. I will post the name of the manager besides the team name once the team is claimed.

Once a manager is selected for the team, the manager needs to e-mail me at mashpee54@yahoo.com with their name, email and twitter handle so a reminder about the draft and their pick can be sent.

Rules: The standard draft order will be used. We are going to keep the draft to three rounds to start. Picks may be traded, but only picks in the first three rounds. Players and picks outside of the first three rounds will not be traded. I want this to be more about the draft than about fantasy like trades.

How to make the pick: On draft day an Open thread with the draft order will be created. To make your selection owners will post their selection with a brief explaination of their pick in the comment section. I will then post the pick and the next owner is on the clock. We will use the hashtag #NEPDMock on twitter to discuss picks and trades with each other. I will serve as commish and GM one team, we are trying to limit this to NEPD readers, so sign up quickly!

I just want to stress one more time, if you aren’t prepared to follow the draft throughout the day and won’t be around to make your picks for the sake of speed and sanity, please let someone else handle the team. Finally have fun and enjoy the NEPD Commentator’s mock draft.

**The actual Draft will be held on this website, not on Twitter. Have the Twitter handles so you can talk trades or remind others of when the person is on the clock**

Draft Order and Owner:

1. Indianapolis Colts -Charles Gustkey, @CGustkey
2. Washington Redskins
3. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Carney, @MattCarney4
4. Cleveland Browns (Mike Loyko , @NFLDraftXpert)
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Dan O’Brien, @DanOB963
6. St. Louis Rams – George Pappageris, @GPappargeris
7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Casey Harris, @TruJagsFan
8. Miami Dolphins – Jim Reynolds, @studio_jim
9. Carolina Panthers – Jaron Foster, @jlfoster10
10. Buffalo Bills – Matt Wincherauk, @TheMattyWin
11. Kansas City Chiefs – Jason Madson, @Jason_Madson
12. Seattle Seahawks – Dean Barker, @DPBNE
13. Arizona Cardinals – Michael Kelleher, @MikeyKelleher
14. Dallas Cowboys – Thomas George, @omarsshotgun
15. Philadelphia Eagles – Dan O’Brien, @DanOB963
16. New York Jets – Jamaal Riggins, @JamaalRiggins
17. Oakland Raiders (No Pick Until 3rd)
18. San Diego Chargers – Derric Cordova, @__japhyryder__
19. Chicago Bears – Rich Falls, @FallsRich
20. Tennessee Titans – Drew Cohen, @DrewCohen1
21. Cincinnati Bengals – Andrew Smith, @ Smitty3533
22. Atlanta Falcons – Will Harrigan, @willthebeastt
23. Detroit Lions – Daniel Becker, @Shasta_Otter
24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Zane Penton, @ZaneTOP
25. Denver Broncos – Geno Seumalo, @TeamMamba24*
26. Houston Texans –  Dominique Edwards, @Nick_Fury99
27. New Orleans Saints (Don’t pick until 3rd) – Tommy McCormick, @Tom_Mack34
28. Green Bay Packers – Alex Mullen, @AlexMullen63
29. Baltimore Ravens – Chris Field, @Doctor_Field
30. San Francisco 49ers – Tim Dwyer, @everydayimfumbn
31. New England Patriots – Quandell Roberts, @QRB27
32. New York Giants – Sam Rincon, @BigBlueisBack

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43 Responses to “2012 NFL Mock Draft: NEPD Commentator Edition”

  1. Will Harrigan says:

    Name:Will Harrigan
    Team:Atlanta Falcons

  2. Tommy says:

    Name: Tommy McCormack
    Twitter: Tom_mack34
    Team: New Orleans Saints

  3. Charles Gustkey says:

    Name: Charles Gustkey

    Twitter: @cguskey

    Team: Indianapolis Colts

  4. Matt says:

    Name: Matt Carney. Twitter: @MattCarney4. Team:vikings

  5. Jim says:

    Name: Jim Reynolds
    Twitter: @studio_jim
    Team: Dolphins

    I’m a Pats fan but am fascinated by what the Dolphins are going to do.

  6. Dean says:

    Name: Dean Barker
    Twitter: @DPBNE
    Team: Seattle Seahawks

  7. Michael says:

    Name: Michael Kelleher
    Twitter: @MikeyKelleher
    Team: Arizona Cardinals

  8. Rich Falls says:

    Name: Rich Falls
    Twitter: @fallsrich
    Team: Chicago Bears

  9. Daniel B says:

    Name: Daniel Becker
    Twitter: @Shasta_Otter
    Team: Detroit Lions.

  10. Casey Harris says:

    Casey Harris

  11. Tim says:

    Name: Tim Dwyer
    Twitter: everdayimfumbln
    Team: San Francisco 49ers

  12. Mark says:

    Hail Mary give me strength…I just figured out the real NFL draft isn’t this weekend…please excuse me, i’m going to vommit now.

  13. Zane Penton says:

    Name: Zane Penton
    Twitter: @ZaneTOP
    Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

  14. GSeumalo says:

    Name: John Elway
    Twitter: @TeamMamba24
    Team: Denver Broncos

  15. drew c says:

    whoops meant @drewcohen1

  16. DrewC says:

    Drew Cohen
    Tennessee Titans

  17. Jaron Foster says:

    Twitter: @jlfoster10
    Team: Carolina Panthers

  18. OmaR says:

    Name: Omar Gómez
    Twitter: @NFLDraftNerd
    Team: Tampa Bay Bucaneers

  19. @Jason_Madson says:

    Name: Jason Madson
    Twitter: @Jason_Madson
    Team: KC Chiefs

  20. AlexMullen4180 says:

    Name:Alex Mullen
    Team:Green Bay Packers

  21. George Pappargeris says:

    Twitter: @GPappargeris
    St. Louis Rams

  22. Dan O'Brien says:

    Name: Dan O’Brien
    Twitter: @DanOB963
    Team: Philadelphia Eagles

  23. Andrew Smith says:

    Name: Andrew Smith
    Twitter: @Smitty3533
    Team: Cincinnati Bengals

  24. Jamaal Riggins says:

    Name:Jamaal Riggins
    Team: New York Jets

  25. Matt Wincherauk says:

    Name: Matt Wincherauk
    Twitter: @TheMattyWin
    Team: Buffalo Bills

  26. Derric says:

    Name: Derric Cordova
    Twitter: __japhyryder__
    Team: Chargers

  27. Sam Rincon says:

    Name:Sam Rincon
    Team:The Superbowl Champ New York Giants

  28. Dominique says:

    Name: Dominique Edwards
    Twitter: Nick_Fury99
    Team: New Orleans Saints(pick owned by NE) #27

    • Dominique says:

      Name: Dominique Edwards
      Twitter: @Nick_Fury99
      Team: New Orlean Saints(pick owned by NE) #27

      • Mike Loyko says:

        Just want to make sure you know you own the Saints.. you don’t get to pick at #27, is that ok with you? If not feel free to grab another team

  29. Thomas George says:

    Thomas Georg@omarsshotgun -Cowboys

  30. Quandell says:

    Name: Quandell Roberts
    Twitter: @QRB27
    Team: Patriots

  31. Quandell says:

    Quandell Roberts @QRB27 i claim the Patriots

  32. Chris Field says:

    Name: Chris Field
    Twitter: @Doctor_Field
    Team: Ravens

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