2012 NFL Draft Superlatives + Bold Predictions

Quinton Coples Patriots NFL Draft

Could the Patriots trade up for this elite prospect from UNC?

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

For the last post of our pre-draft coverage, I figured I’d have some fun and throw out some random predictions and superlatives.

Feel free to use my questions and fill out your own draft superlatives in the comments section.

Dream pick for the Patriots: Quinton Coples, despite possible defensive alignment questions.

No. 3 pick in the draft: Matt Kalil

Crazy prediction player that slips into first round: Ron Brooks

Odds that Justin Blackmon winds up the best WR in the draft: 6:1

Best fit for one certain team: Shea McClellin, Chiefs

Player that falls further than expected: Dontari Poe

Player that gets drafted earlier than expected: Stephon Gilmore

Favorite sleeper QB: Russell Wilson

Least favorite sleeper QB: Kirk Cousins

Surprise Patriots first round pick: Brandon Boykin

Random Patriots draft prediction: They won’t pick a safety

Projected first rounder out of the league in three years: Dontari Poe

Most overhyped player: Chandler Jones

Most under the radar player: Alameda Ta’amu

Most versatile player: Brandon Boykin

Most one-dimensional player: Bruce Irvin

Potential future BenJarvus Green-Ellis/Arian Foster: Jewel Hampton

Late round/undrafted WR sleeper: Junior Hemingway

Player that could look the most different in three years: Kyle Wilber

Player with the most upside: Dontari Poe

Player with the highest floor, lowest ceiling: Luke Kuechly

QBs drafted in round one: Four

WRs drafted in round one: Four

Trades in round one: Four

RBs drafted in round one: Two

Chance that the Vikings accidentally skip their pick: 100:1

Who will wear the best suit: Not Andrew Luck

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15 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Superlatives + Bold Predictions”

  1. AM says:

    Number of Jets’ picks booed by their own fans: all of them.

  2. Mark says:

    QBs: 3
    Best Suit: M. Claireborn

  3. BPF says:

    Definitely agree with this one —-> Most under the radar player: Alameda Ta’amu

  4. Mark says:

    The most unhappy player drafted tonight: Who ever the Jets draft in round 1 – (how would you want Rex for your coach, this his last year in NJ. -all that hot air yet the balloon don’t rise)

  5. Mark says:

    The number of women who come forward to claim thier child is Janoris Jenkins after he signs his contract: 5

  6. Mark says:

    The number of times Tom asks Gisselle to pass the popcorn: 7 (she keeps hogging it)

  7. Mark says:

    The Number of times MJP yells at his TV for BB to friggin draft Malick Jackson: 117 (MJP – you are going to have to keep track for us…we’ll have to trust your count…)

  8. Mark says:

    The Number of Bong hits Janoris Jenkins does tonight before he is drafted: 21 (I figure he is going to average one every 2 picks so this has him drafted at 42)

  9. Mark says:

    The number of times Goddell gets booed tonight: 32

  10. Mark says:

    Cases of Sam Adams cooling on ice at NEPatriotsdraft.com headquarters tonight: 12 (and 4 large bottles of Yaeger Miester).

  11. Ratzalot says:

    David DeCastro falls to the early-mid 20’s and the Patriots trade up to snag him.

  12. Lipper says:

    I’d prefer that Bill trades up & selects Richardson,Barron,Brockers or Coples! If not BB needs to stay put & select best player available in McClellin, then Smith! For us as diehard Pats fans, I hate to say it, but if we had Clay Matthews or Brooks Reed all of whom Bill passed on, we would have won 1 of the 2 Super Bowls against the Gmen! We are just a few and I mean few 2 or 3 playmakers away from becomming a Super Bowl Champion again! In Bill we TRUST, but please move up or stay put & draft the best player available, and not so much focus on acquiring picks or mortaging our teams future! Now Bill Please

  13. John Courtney says:

    Picks I would like Pats to pick if available.
    #27 Dont’a Hightower
    #31 Michael Brocker
    #48 Janoris Jenkins
    #63 George Iloka

  14. Truth Speaker says:

    Potential future BenJarvus Green-Ellis/Arian Foster—There’s alot of talent separating Lawfirm & Foster. Just stating the obvious, of course.

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