2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade Up for Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones NFL Draft

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

With the 21st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Patriots have selected Chandler Jones (DE, Syracuse). The Patriots gave up their 3rd round selection in the 2012 NFL Draft to move up from the 27th pick with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jones projects as an “elephant” linebacker or a defensive end in either odd or even fronts. I think he struggles a bit in space, but certainly has a ton of upside. If he bulks up Jones could contribute as a 3-4 end, but his most natural position right now is at 4-3 end.

One of Jones’ biggest strengths is his size. He has enormous 35+ inch arms and came in at 6’5″ / 265. Those are the measurables that Belichick loves to see out of his edge players.

Jones was certainly not dominant during his time at Syracuse, but has risen up draft boards lately due to his projection as an elite defensive player, even garnering the honor being Mike Mayock’s best draft prospect. Jones totaled 38 tackles, including 4.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss, during the seven games he played in 2011.

Here is our scouting report on Chandler Jones.

For those of you scoring at home, I had this pick nailed in my last mock draft.

The Patriots still have the 31st pick in the first round. (Update: The Patriots traded up and selected Dont’a Hightower with the 25th pick)

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34 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade Up for Chandler Jones”

  1. iceman says:

    Jones only played in 7 games. That is why he only had 4 sacks. He is a physical freak along the lines of a JPP. Once he learns some technique, he will be a stud.

  2. John says:

    Okay guys quit complaing about the draft pick of jones why you be *****ing when we all ***** about we need pass rusher. since we got 1 be glade BB even decied to work with the D fornt line

  3. Liam says:

    Wasn’t high on jones AT ALL going into the draft based on completely unproven production. I absolutely trust Bill as a talent evaluator though. Really happy we took some shots at front 7 difference makers this time.

  4. Rick says:

    Last year everyone is crying about not getting any pass rush, now the patriots draft 2 pass rushers in a row, and everyone is *****ing.
    I think BB is much better at player evaluating than all of us, so just wait and see what happens.

  5. Big Dan From Maine says:

    For everyone *****ing about 40 times, when was the last time you ever saw a 40 yd sack. Ive been watching football for a long time and most sacks are under ten yards. Who gives a rats ass about 40 times. You should be looking at 10 yd splits and the short shuttle times. Also look at Power and Explosion numbers. Quit listening to Mayock and Kiper and read some real evaluations and or actually watch some tape like I do.

  6. Ken W says:

    Belichick has a very good % on players he takes in the 1st round, I think something like 7 of 11 have been good players and starters.

    Chandler Jones was #9 on Mike Mayocks top 100. I view him as one of the better player evaluators, and says this guy still has his best football ahead of him.

    Should be able to force a lot of fumbles and strips on the qb from off the edge with those long arms.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Mayock is an idiot. Dont go by anything he says. Lots of better talent evaluators out there then him

  7. Dave Hunter says:

    I live in Syracuse,NY and had a conversation last week with a pro boxing/MMA trainer who recently had Chandler Jones working out in his gym. He told me that Chandler demonstrated raw power like he’d never seen before and that without any formal training he was sending 150 pound heavy bags flying around with his punches.
    This trainer works with professional fighters and knows all the top guys in MMA, including Chandler’s brother MMA Champ Jon “Bones” Jones. He was blown away by the physical potential that Chandler has, and wished he’d been able to train him as a fighter as opposed to being a football player.

    • warren schrader says:

      Good he can choke out Eli cause he hasn’t actually sacked anybody.

      • Dave Hunter says:

        Warren Schrader, what are you a Jets fan or a troll? Awful negative for someone who’s supposed to be a Patriots fan.This is a night any real Pat fan is celebrating about the team being aggressive and going after targeted guys who can help our team sooner than later. After years of trading back and accumulating picks you’d think everyone would be on board with tonight’s first round.

        • big w says:

          If you noticed we lost the last superbowl and the one before that , picking a guy because he might lok like JPP doesn’t make him JPP. Moving up up to pick stiffs is for Dallas and the Jets.Our beat players are 6rd and a UFA bonehead

  8. warren schrader says:

    This isn’t interesting it’s brutal, nobody between where we picked Jones and our 27 pick would any team have sniffed at taking Jones and we blow a 3rd round pick to get him. Bill isn’t much of a poker player in the draft because he just got bluffed big time by all the hype on this kid. Should have sat still picked up Jenkins and Curry or Worthy or Still.Guys like Billy Winn are ten times the football player Jones will ever be and we would have some extra picks left over.

    • Tyjax says:

      how do you know, have you been in other teams war rooms?

      • warren schrader says:

        Look at the teams tell who needs a 4 sack guy at 20 in the draft

        • Tim says:

          Hey I wqil take a guy that can get 4 sacks in only 7 games played. He is a power guy and under BB’s tutalige will be an elite soon!!!!!!

    • SeanyB81 says:

      Houston would have snatched Jones for sure. Hence the trade up. A 3rd rounder is what your bitching about? Both Jones and Hightower would have been off the board. 2 solid defensive picks that can make and immediate impact. Versus what? A backup OL or fly by night DB?? Pay attention.. Look what’s out there.. Best case scenario is decent depth. They picked up impact players. A 3rd rounder lmao.. What a joke..

      • warren schrader says:

        Teddy mid 2nd Assante 4th koppen 4th gronk 2nd hernandez 4th oh and that waste of time 6th rounder Tom FRICKEN Brady. There is atonne of talent in the mid rounds and thats where it take talent and brains to find it.

        • munchkin says:

          So Bill did a good job evaluating that talent but dropped the ball with Jones? Get over yourself already. What year was it that he picked Bruschi, Samuel and Koppen? This is the 2012 draft; he needs to draft players based on his board and needs today.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Warren, you my friend have no talent evaluating talent.

      • warren schrader says:

        No because playing in syracuse against lawyers mechanics and doctors should maybe get you more sacks than your safety who isn’t even going to get drafted.Hey sean what Impact has Jones ever had please tell me and I think teddy was a 2nd assante a fourth and Tom was he a sixth thats right putz

      • warren schrader says:

        No I guess evaluating Teddy in the 2nd Assante in the 4th Koppen in the 4 Volmher late2 and that Brady kid in 6 doesn’t take talent but picking a guy with all do respect had less sacks than the safeties he played with and all those allpro tackles in the big eight is

        • Kyle says:

          Jason Pierre Paul didn’t have very good numbers coming out of college either. Colt McCoy is a legend at Texas but doesn’t have the physical tools to be a star in the NFL. Jones is the exact opposite. Make sense?

  9. MJP says:

    At least we didn’t draft Nick Perry, who wants someone who can actually play 34 OLB and threaten the edge with speed and power.

    NAH! BB will take the guy who runs a 4.9, plays too high and can’t play in space….he better be a 5-tech convert and 4-3 DE in sub-packages because he’s not an OLB.

    Wonder what Green Bay is up to these days.

    • Dxl says:

      I agree with Chandler, but that being said BB very rarely screws up these picks

    • AM says:

      Perry would have been a waste–he’s a workout warrior who won’t be able to perform in a 3-4, even Green Bay’s “attack” 3-4. Jones isn’t much for an OLB, but if the team stays in the 4-3, he could be a killer end. Alternately, if he puts on 15-20 lbs., he could play end in the 3-4.

    • SeanyB81 says:

      They picked up jones at 21. Hightower is a stack and fill guy for run.. They got their edge rusher 4 picks before. Nick perry is a very poor man’s Clay Matthews Jr. Won’t be making much of an impact anytime soon if ever.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      MJP, everyone called Nick Perry a “one trick pony” I am GLAD we did not pick him. I like both of the Pats picks and glad they moved up to pick them. Look at a little film, dont listen to idiots like Mayock

      • Big W says says:

        The tape on Jones will show u a guy whose 2 of 4 sacks this year came after the quaterback was hit by some one else on Syracuse’s line and who is often blocked by just a tight end.

      • Liam says:

        Uh, Mayock was highest of anyone on Jones.

  10. Dxl says:

    I liked Upshaw or Mercelus better. They need pass rush, and ths kid doesn’t seem like he will be a double digit sack guy. His 40 time isn’t very impressive also

  11. Justin says:

    I will be the first to say I did not see the Jones or Hightower picks coming let alone the Pats trading up for both. Pretty interesting.

    • SeanyB81 says:

      Exactly. This draft took in a mind of its own. Then BB sees 2 highly ranked Players still available and within striking distance, so he struck. I think they really had an eye on Bruce Irvin in the mid/late 2nd round. But when he came off super early ahead of almost all draft boards they jumped.

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