2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade Down in 5th Round

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Patriots have traded their 5th round pick, acquired yesterday from the Packers, back to the Packers.

In exchange for the fifth round selection, the Patriots received a 6th (197) and two 7th (224, 235) round picks.

With the glut of wide receivers and defensive backs on the board, New England must feel that they can get good value later on in the draft.

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12 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade Down in 5th Round”

  1. big w says:

    It is time to think about a real Gm in New England I’m sorry this ebner pick just proves it with a few good players like Chris Polk on the board we pick a guy who plays rugby.New England All Blacks

  2. big w says:

    Nate Ebner another highly sought after safety not even ranked with lLucas Nix sitting there and Chris Polk or Minnifield this is a real joke. Are we actually paying scouts for this.

  3. Jim R says:

    That means a Kicker a punter and a long snapper. Good value there. Ha Ha. He has already done his damage. Very happy with the first 2 picks. The rest of these guys will be bit players.

  4. Jim Keddy says:

    Correct Eric or mght end up on Buffalo’s or Dolphin’s rosters.

  5. Joey NL says:

    Those picks wasted on Ocho and Fat Albert are hurting us now.

    • Morten says:

      “Those picks wasted on Ocho and Fat Albert are hurting us now.”

      Thank you Captain Hindsight!

  6. kdog says:

    (insert Tavon Wilson joke here)

    • Mark says:

      One time…at training camp…coach stuck an unknown in his lineup.

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      When one of the Pats coaches wanted the football he said …get the Wilson. Unfortunately, the drafting team heard him and thought it was the next pick so we got Lavon (Wilson).

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        What, no reply. Come on this is down right hilarious. When He Haw comes back it will be right up there in the first half of the show.

  7. Eric says:

    Yeah buddy let’s beef up that practice squad!

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