2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Alfonzo Dennard (CB, Nebraska)

Alfonzo Dennard NFL Draft

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

With their first 7th round pick #224 overall the New England Patriots selected Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska. Dennard has to be considered great value at this point in the draft, as he was once projected as a first round pick. Continue reading for more on the selection.

Read our full scouting report on Dennard.

In typical Patriots fashion they roll the dice late in the draft and take highly rated Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard. Dennard is 5’10” 204 pounds and was a standout for three seasons in Nebraska’s secondary. Dennard is known for his physicality and loves to come up to the line and press wide receivers. Dennard was a second team all-american this past season and was named the Nebraska Defensive MVP.

The reason why Dennard slipped to the 7th round is because it was reported he was arrested this past weekend for allegedly punching a police officer in the face during a bar room dispute.  If not for the recent arrest Dennard likely goes in the third round of the draft.

There are concerns about his ability to turn his hips and run with receivers, but at this point in the draft it is a tremendous value pick. I personally had Dennard ranked in the top 75 players in this draft.

Bill Belichick held a coaching clinic at the University of Nebraska last month and worked out Dennard personally, so he must be comfortbale with what he saw.  I expect Dennard to come in and fight for a roster spot and should be highly motivated.

Much more on the selection coming later.

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24 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Alfonzo Dennard (CB, Nebraska)”

  1. bauzzy says:

    could be the best value pick since Brady

  2. Dano S says:

    Everyone that has gone to college has some things they wish they never did.So you take it as a lesson and move on from it.He has a great character and I beleive he was the steal of this draft I also very much liked the Tackle from Iowa and Fortson free agent DT.I give BB and staff a A for this draft.It took alot of guts to pass on Reyes,Still and
    Worthy and take Illinois safetybut if he is another Harrison it was well
    worth it.

    • painter33 says:

      “Everyone that has gone to college has some things they wish they never did.” – Not me or hundreds of thousand of college student/athletes.

  3. edward0383 says:

    Best pick they made so far (as far as value) This completely makes
    up for the whiff in that guy they took in the second round. What is his name again? Don’t get me wrong our first round was great. Although, I liked the hightower pick better than Jones. Regardless, we picked a DB in the second who should have gone in the 5 or 6 round, but come back
    and get in the seven a DB who should have been picked in the 3 or 6. I think Al Davis got in BB’s head for that 2 round pick as payback for all th draft picks we stole from them.

    • Ryan says:

      Nobody has any idea what they’re talking about when it comes to the draft and how players are going to work out. The safety from Illinois could be phenomenal, who cares where anyone is projected. Where was Ryan Leaf projected, where was Rick Mirer projected. Also, did anyone think Terrell Davis was going to amount to anything, what were the projected hopes for Roger Staubauch, who thought Tom Brady would be a Super Bowl QB. It’s ridiculous to make predictions about anything with players talent/ability. Just let it go and give Tavon Wilson a shot to prove himself.

      • Dano S says:

        That the fun of the draft.But if you work at it you can see who the great players will be.Thats the fun of it.There was a huge following to the draft.A day most guys enjoy very much.If Wilson from Illinois turns out to be another Rodney Harrison it was a great pick.

        • Ryan says:

          I agree, 100%. I enjoy the draft very much and look forward to it every year. My point however is it is ridiculous to make bold statements/predictions that you obviously can’t know. Who is anyone to say anybody made a mistake on a draft pick the day after they were drafted. Wait and see what he does is my point. The fact that he was a starter in college and was even being looked at by any NFL team obviously means he’s gifted and a hard worker. His character makeup and ability to adjust to a playing field that essentially has an “all American” at every position will define his NFL career, not us.

  4. Smarty says:

    If you’re worried about the Tavon Wilson pick, this pick should put your mind at ease makes up for it.

    With Dennard the Pats drafted 2 DBs and have breathed some new life into the secondary. Combine that with the 3 top picks for the front 7, and this draft addresses the Pats’ needs very, very well.

    Of course, there’s the issue of Dennard’s arrest. Heck, no wonder he slipped in the draft — it only took 4 cops to bring him under control. 🙂

    Seriously, it’s a 3rd degree assault charge, the cop breaking up the fight at the bar which Dennard hit had only a minor injury, and bail was posted at only $5k. That doesn’t spell major crime.

    What it spells is a hot-tempered youth (as does his ejection for fighting in one game with a receiver) with a streak of stupidity. I guess we’ll see how deep that streak runs. In the meantime, the Pats have a good player for a trivial 7th round pick.

    It’d be a waste of money and a jail cell to lock this kid up for an extended period of time — we have plenty of real criminals.

    • N.T. Lane says:

      It should really be a combine drill. How many cops does it take to subdue a player. I’m thinking 8 for Dontari Poe.

  5. Dan says:

    This is pretty amazing…sums up this whole mock draft cottage industry. For months this guy is penciled in as a late first round pick.

    He goes to the Senior Bowl and looks terrible…can’t move, can’t cover…plays stiff, and has short arms, and is a 4.55 (or so) guy…now he’s a 7th rounder.

    I realize he just punched a cop in the face…that played a big role in his drop, but he wasn’t not going in the first 3 rounds on his ability; so end the delusion that he’s a steal and a starter. He was most likely a 5th or 6th rounder and dropped to the 7th. Keeping in mind that the entire league is looking for guys who can cover and take all kinds of troubled players…he was completely passed on until the Pats took him.

    He’ll have a tough time making the team, and my guess it’s not at corner…it will be at safety because he’s just way too stiff to play corner.

    But, now that he’s coming to our camp I want him to succeed and be a steal, but I’m not counting on him making the team. I didn’t see it from the first practice at the Senior Bowl and not much has changed, other than an arrest and serious charges.

    • Dan says:

      “wasnt’ not”…sorry…I type a bit too fast and don’t edit

    • Tony D says:

      You’re wrong, he is a late 2nd or early 3rd round talent. That’s a consensus, look anywhere. Now he may have slipped into round 4 at worst but it is all about the off field stuff. He has a court date on May 15th and may go to jail for a while. That is the ONLY reason he went in round seven.

  6. NEtyson says:

    Love the dernard pick in 7th rnd…..would have been good value in the 5th-6th…..i had him on my pats “mini” board but scratched him out after he decked the cop lol

  7. psw says:

    Dennard should have no trouble making this team, provided he doesn’t go to jail. As for Ebner, I’m actually not that upset. A lot of teams are looking for cross sport athletes whose physical make up translates to the NFL. Look at all the basketball player TE’s coming into the league, and top college wrestlers have helped O and D lines in the past.
    Rugby players are fast, quick, high stamina, and very physical hitters, this could actually work out well. And if it does not it’s only a 6th rounder.

  8. Big Dan From Maine says:

    I agree with taking this “flyer” this late. A report i just read on him says he hasn’t even gotten out of jail yet. Can anyone confirm or deny that, or when he is supposed to get out?

    • Smarty says:

      Bail was $5K, he posted $500 and is out of jail. His next court appearence is May 15th. He’s charged with 3rd degree assault and the draconian max penalty is up to 5 years and a $10K fine. Who knows what the judge will do.

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        Can we get a team out here in L.A. We can call them the L.A. Jailbirds made up of all the bad boys, chemically dependent and recent prison releases. Bet this team would be better than most expect. With what has been going on lately in the coaching and executive realm, there could be a complete team of nonconformists at all levels. Problem is if they ever made it to the SB and lost, they’d have to change the name of the team to the L.A. Terror(ists).

  9. qwerty says:

    best value ever for 7th round

  10. tomb says:

    who is Ebert, Jeremy? is he suppose to fill the roll of welker?

    i love the dennard pick in 7th rd dude is 2nd rd talent that we got in the 7th round. hope his legal issues clear up and he can contibute on the field.

  11. Justin says:

    Not gonna lie I am definitely feeling this pick. Dennard will make the roster he is easily an upgrade and will probably be asked to play multiple positions. Kind of disappointed we did not get a receiver though

    • Jimmy says:

      We got one, Jeremy Ebert from Northwestern. Don’t know if hes any good though.

      • mark says:

        He was one of there go to reciever. I guess suppose to be a wes welker type player

        • Justin says:

          Yea I wanted Criner or Childs but once they were gone I thought they should have taken Dwight Jones. He is a big target at 6’4, could have stretched the field and would have definitely been a steal in the 7th round. I believe he was supposed to go between the 3rd and 5th rounds

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