2012 NFL Draft: Patriots First Round Nightmare Picks

Why doesn't Doug want the Patriots to trade up for this Alabama safety?

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

No one wants a remote control sized hole in their new HDTV.

That’s what I’m trying to prevent with this column. I have players who I consider worst case scenarios. I’m going to highlight the reasons why I don’t want them in the first round, but I’m also going to throw in a silver lining. That way, when these are the picks, I can read this column over and over again to make myself feel better.

Trade Up For Michael Brockers (Scouting Report)
My Rank: 27

What I don’t like: I don’t think its worth the waste of extra picks to take a player who will only contribute against the run early in his career. I love the pick at 27, I don’t love it if it means losing the extra first round pick.

Silver lining: Brockers has elite length and is a prototypical 5-tech end. He’s the exact kind of player Belichick typically looks for in a defensive lineman and will be an improvement over Brandon Deaderick.

Trade Up For Mark Barron (Scouting Report)
My Rank: 29

What I don’t like: Barron is the best safety in the class, but that’s not saying much for a safety class with almost zero top shelf talent. His game is far too reminiscent of current Patriots SS Patrick Chung and they can’t both play inside the box covering RBs and TEs in man. The Patriots should be targeting a centerfield-type free safety. There’s no way Barron falls to 27 at this point, so to me it’s not worth the wasted pick.

Silver lining: He might be better than Patrick Chung, so if we’re going completely based off roster improvement, its a good pick. He or Chung would also likely be a better FS than anyone on the roster currently.

Whitney Mercilus (Scouting Report)
My Rank: 36

What I don’t like: Despite contrary opinions, I don’t see Mercilus as a stand up pass rusher. His lack of fluidity/change of direction makes him strictly a 7-tech who can rush with his hand on the ground situationally. In the Patriots hybrid defense, I don’t see that garnering enough snaps to warrant the first round pick.

Silver lining: He has a ton of upside and racked up 16 sacks despite his raw talent. Getting that many sacks no matter how it was accomplished is impressive. He’s also better than anyone that Patriots currently would have rushing the passer standing up or with their hand on the ground.

Chandler Jones (Scouting Report)
My Rank: 48

What I don’t like: I’m not sure if he can contribute right away. His upright play, stiffness and overall awkward athleticism scares me in many ways. If you’re expecting a stand up pass rusher or even a double digit sack guy with his hand down, you’ll be disappointed.

Silver lining: He has tremendous length and is only really starting to learn how to use it. He could be a very good strong side DE and is an underrated run defender. He won’t get the same pass rush production as Andre Carter, but in the Pats defense, if you bulk him up 20-30 pounds he could play the “big” DE role in a 4-3 or he could eventually be a 5-tech. It could take years, but I see eventual Richard Seymour upside in Jones. Chandler’s brother Arthur is a 300 lb. DT for the Ravens.

Mike Adams (Scouting Report)
My Rank: 51

What I don’t like: Doesn’t have the killer mentality that you like to see out of an offensive lineman, he also lacks strength despite having elite size at 6-8 320. The fact that he failed his drug test at the combine, knowing the test was coming, is scary as well. Tackle is also not a major need for the Patriots despite Matt Light’s reported retirement.

Silver lining: If anyone can coach up a tackle, its OL-guru Dante Scarnecchia. He has tremendous upside if he can build more strength in his upper and lower body.

29 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots First Round Nightmare Picks”

  1. Liam says:

    There will be TV damage inflicted if Jones is the pick in the first.

  2. Tom says:

    1st Round: BRUCE IRVIN

    2nd Round: AKIEM HICKS

  3. Ralph says:

    These guys on D this year all have flaws, BB must hate to have a 1st rounder, even these top DL have a chance to bust.

  4. Ralph says:

    you guys think Malcolm Williams from TCU will be good enough to play?
    ditto for Markell?

  5. Ralph says:

    I don’t get all the ” use all the 1st rounders” movement. By having that chip we basically get a free pick every year. Its like earning interest on your money, or in my case not earning interest lol

  6. Lipper says:

    I would only trade up for 4 players! 1st Barron ( Rodney Harrison) 2nd Brockers ( Richard Seymour) I see Barron as thee next Ed Reed also! 3rd Id trade up for Cox, also a Pass Rushing Beast! 4th which I think we can get him in the 2nd round is Reyes (Vrabel) Please BB surprise us by trading up this draft or sit pretty and stay put & use both our 1st and 2nd round picks! I’d be happy with a homerun Wideout also in the likes of Wright or Sanu! I still feel that if we drafted Clay Matthews or Brooks Reed we would have WON 1 of the last 2 Super Bowls we lost! Please BB we trust you of course, as you are the best coach period, but this year take thee best player available on the board, not worry as much as gaining pics or lookin ahead into the future! I’d be SOOOO happy if we came out of the draft with sure hits on a Pass rusher, Safety or Corner, Wide receiver and a Guard or Lineman! That would make my day period

    • NEtyson says:

      Not to nitpick but kendall reyes isnt nothing like mikey vrable…..reyes is a penetrating DT when vrable was a LB…..reyes could play DE but deff not OLB

    • Nuf Ced says:

      Why does everyone want a WR???

      We have Welker, Lloyd, Branch, Chad, Stallworth, Edelman, Gonzalez and Slater – only 6 of these guys are sticking and who among that list is a mid-round WR going to bump? Its like a wasted pick.

      Welker, Lloyd and Slater are locks; I can’t see a mid round rookie outplaying any of the remaining 5 guys… UNLESS someone falls, and falls far

      With that said I like Joe Adams… I think he could be a younger Branch w/ return skills. But with that said I would rather make 6 defensive draft picks

  7. cash says:

    You forgot another nightmare pick… trading back or out till next year!!!! I’ll lose my mind if they do

  8. Doug Kyed says:

    I forgot one:

    Derek Wolfe
    My Rank: 98

    What I don’t like: Tires throughout games, can’t seem to keep his weight up, very inconsistent first step. He’d only be a situational player in the mold of Jarvis Green, Mike Wright, Myron Pryor.

    Silver lining: Can be extremely disruptive, Patriots need another interior rusher, maybe he can keep weight on with NFL training programs?

    • Dave says:

      I would love to see the Pats draft Wolfe. Reminds me a lot of Mike Wright. Both were built the same and were Cincinnati alums. Ideally they would get him at the end of the 3rd rd. If they have to spend the their 2nd rd 2 pick on him I wouldn’t hate it. Besides that I wouldn’t want them to use a higher pick on Wolfe.

    • Mark says:

      A possible topic: How Early Will the Common Predictions Fail: Ryan TaneHill or Trent Richardson goes #3 by pick or trade. What are the consequenses?

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Wolfe in the 2nd or 3rd round would be a good fit. With the rotaion of D linemen that we use, a guy like a Mike Wright would be great at teh end of the game. Wright was always able to get a good push up the middle and what i am hearing about Wolfe, mind you i have not seen him play, is that he is the same kind if player.

  9. Bill says:

    This will a draft you can be patient with Its a crazy draft. You rate Jones #48, Mike Mayock has him @ #9. Obviously eye is in the beholder. The free safety pick is touchy. I think you need one with speed and length, and I like Trumaine Johnson, but I also like Markelle Martin. I like the big 12 players, and he’s a good one. Everybody says 20 -50 are all 2nd round players, and I like Cam Johnson as well as a lot of those DE/OLB rated a lot higher. And lets get a RB. WEre leaving too much to chance going with Vereen and Ridley alone.

    • Jim R says:

      20-100 there is not much drop off. They will get 4-5 players in that area that should contribute next year. They should also be able to pick up something for next year and in the back end this year.

  10. Rickey says:

    jones ingram n upshaw show not much burst or a knack 4 getting 2 the qb.vinny from marshall orjake buquette have just as much chance of making n impact as those 3 jones looks awkward shows no real power or elite burst. ingram n upshaw r power rushers whi i dont c beating nfl lineman on power alone. branch n perry have potential if they can add some power without bulking up n losing speed. i mentioned mercilus n mccllelins potential. irivine has raw talent but is a yr or 2 away from n every down edge rusher. bb missed the boat on edge rushers last yr. nobod this draft could compare 2 kerrigan quinn miller or smith. our next need is dt n there r a couple worth trading up 4 espeially brockers

    • Alex says:

      And all 4 went before our first pick, which given our injuries last year, and possible retirements this, as well as his very encouraging play, we are all glad that he spent on Nate Solder.

  11. Rickey says:

    i would trade upp 4 cox or brockers both r elite dt’s we havnt had in a while n the defense is sorely lacking.ingram upshaw n jones so not have elite edge rush talent. mccllelin n mercilus have elite rush ability but only if they work really hard in the weight room with n elite trainer along with n agility n stretching program so they can drop 10-15 lbs of bodyfat while adding 6-8 lbs of new muscle. both players r a lil fleshy 4 athletes at th highest level. especially mercilus, he has a rep 4 not being dynamic changing direction. me being somebody who has trained ndieted i know what the difference in movement skills r with just n xtra 12-15 lbs.u can certainly blame his supposedly lack of change of direction skills on his xtra bodyfat. most elite athletes naturally have very low bodyfat n ripped physiques but he n mccllelin dont. BUT that can b a good thing cuz 2 players who hav a knack getting 2 th qb have much room 2 improve if they r willing 2 put in the work!! think how much quicker n more flexible they would b dropping that excess bodyfat, adding a couple lbs of fast twitch muscle n doing a stretching n agility routine. mercilus would b a regular pro bowler n mccllelin right there with’em!! clay matthews takes pride in his hard work in the gym training n stretching n dieting. he flexes after every big play n admits he would not b nfl caliber without it. mccllelin should get in touch with matthews n his team trainers n nutritionists n whitney should b on the same path.same could b said 4 a gu already a patriot. CUNNINGHAM!! good player who doesnt look like the rest of the top edge rushers

  12. AFL says:

    I agree trading up would be a big mistake but I might want to take Mercilus at 31, i think he’s got a lot of upside. As you said, better than anyone else the Patriots have rushing the passer right now- without Anderson & Carter, who saved the D last year in my opinion. Jones is an impressive physical specimen but to me needs a lot of work on positional play. If he’s around late in the second, OK. My other nightmare picks would be Bruce Irvin, Vontaze Burflict & Jared Crick. Irvin is fast but I don’t see any moves except around the outside, unless he can convert to OLB will get eaten up in the NFL. Burflict takes dumb penalties, that is not going impress BB. Crick is just not really addressing a need.

  13. Rickey says:

    cox or brockers is the ONLY Players i would trade up4.brockers has elite suh kinna talent n will likel go after cox as well. if we seriously want him however we must trade into 10-15 range. with his rawtalent i wouldnt b surprised 2 c him gone by 10. i dont like jones ingram nor upshaw. neither have elite edge rush talent. n lack the power 2 beat nfl lineman on that alone. i like mercilus better than either of them. i also think bruce irvin will add some bulk n develop into a double digit sack artist. remember he hasnt been playing that long n his raw explosiveness n agility n good instincts 4 a guy new 2 the game cant b taught. he will b unavailable by end of rd2!! ill finish talkin mercilus n mccllelin. the both can b elite edge rushers BUT ONLY if they work really hard in the weight room get on a good agility n fleibility program n commit 2 a strict diet 2 trim off 10-15lbs of fat n add 6-8lbs of new muscle. i saw their phsiques n both r a lil fleshy.

  14. Rob says:

    Other than Barron I’m not sure I want any of these guys anywhere in the draft. Give me McClellin(olb) in the 1st,Trumaine Johnson(s) in the 2nd Jay Howard(dt) in the 4th, and Ryan Miller(ot) in the 5th over these guys

    • Tom says:

      I think McClellin will fall with his concussion history. I am not sure I would be thrilled with the selection anymore because of the concussion history.

  15. Kemicol says:

    Agreed if we trade up for any of these guys it’s just wasted picks

  16. Jim says:

    Any of these picks would scare me if we trade up for them. I would trade up for Ingram or Cox, that’s it. If we got these guys at 27 or 31 without trading up, I’m fine with it. They can be coached up by BB and his staff

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