2012 NFL Draft: Patriots 3rd Day Aftermath

The Patriots got a steal in the 7th round with this talented, but troubled Nebraska CB. (Photo: USPresswire)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

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It was another interesting day to be a Patriots fan in April today.

The Patriots took one no name, one big name and one… moderate name with their three late round picks following a trade down from the fifth round.

Overall, the Patriots wound up with five defensive players, one special teamer and one offensive player. Bill Belichick knew what positions he wanted to address: pass rush and secondary.


After a trade down from the fifth round, Ebner was the major wildcard pick in this draft. He was a college Rugby player who actually never played football in high school, but walked on at Ohio State to play defensive back and special teams.

Ebner had some impressive measureables at his pro day and projects as a special teamer in the NFL. Ebner is 6-0/202 and ran a 4.55 40, put up 23 reps on the bench, 39″ vertical, ran a 4.04 short shuttle and had an insane 6.59 3-cone.


Dennard was a great pickup for the Patriots. He’s a premier press corner who was projected as a first rounder early in this process. During his junior season, he looked better than Prince Amukamara often.

Dennard struggles with his speed and size and had a tough start to the Senior Bowl week before he left due to injuries. Dennard got arrested for punching a cop just a week ago, which obviously severely hurt his stock.


The Patriots picked up another slot receiver in Ebert late. Ebert showed off great athleticism at his pro day and showed off shifty skills on the field, which lead to great production in the Big 10.

Ebert gives the Patriots depth leading into training camp for Wes Welker, Julian Edelman and Anthony Gonzalez.

My best players available for UDFA:

Chris Polk
Chase Minnifield
Mike Brewster
Leonard Johnson
James Brown
Brandon Lindsey
Lucas Nix
Micah Pellerin
Donnie Fletcher
Dwight Jones

26 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots 3rd Day Aftermath”

  1. Tom says:

    Because of his arrest two weeks ago, Dennard is being labeled as a troublemaker. Are there any other events in his background that supports this idea?

  2. andy says:

    I must agree with the fan base and draft experts that BB once again put his ego ahead of the team by drafting a DB in the second round that is unfamiliar to most of us. At some point the lack of success that he personally and the organization has endured over the last ten years will cost him dearly!!!

    • Darren says:

      Are you kidding me. You are clearly bias and I don’t have a problem with that for the most part. After all it’s inherent to football in addition to being a byproduct of having a favorite team. However to be basing on a coach who has rivaled the top 3 coaches in NFL history with regards to wins at this point in their career…shrugs shoulders…really? Friend you should feel privileged that you are witnessing football history that may not be repeated in a long time. What next? you want to base on them for not winning the Super Bowl. Dude there are still 5 teams in the NFL that have never been to a Super bowl. And they still rule their division, it’s all Bills fault! 🙂

      • andy says:

        your a dummy!!!!!!!!

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        Maybe, maybe not. Consider first, BB without Brady…hmm…under .500 win pct., then 3 SB wins with Brady AND a top notch defensive coordinator. Take away the defensive coordinator and even with Brady developing into a HOF QB, zero SBs. From a math perspective BB only needs to be equal to the previous defensive coordinator minus the improvement in Brady to win SBs, yet not happening. Seems that BB is not the main causative factor for victory you claim. Although he screams team, team, team, when it comes to management he tries to do it all himself. You want to change my mind, give facts not media hype. Looks more like the Pats win “in spite of” and not “because of” BB. BB needs to get a defensive coordinator so he can spend more time overseeing the building of a champion instead of being in the trenches which steals time and perspective. I don’t doubt he WAS a great coach when he knew how to deligate, but since he took over the defense, I just don’t have the statistical data to prove he is a “guru” and the one who should get the credit to the extent he does. It is a wise coach who deligates so he can maximize the overall productivity. He did that by employing Romeo Crennel, but since he took over as defcoord, with 12plus years experience as a defensive “guru” the best he can do is 31 out of 32. Funny how no SBs when he tries to run the whole show himself. He has spread himself out too thin. I can’t recommend more strongly that with his targeted skills (which I believe are considerable) delegation to a defensive coordinator, and a systems mgmt guy to assist with maximizing draft point utilization (some draft classes are gone just a few years later) and a military tactical/strategy expert, the Pats could bypass the leagues elite. Baseball even moved to metrics, so its only a matter of time before someone in football figures it out. Why not the Pats, or is teamwork only for the players?

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        How do you measure a great coach, wins? What about a guy who just happens to be in the job at the time when a great QB joins the team? Consider Lombardi…great Green Bay team as long as Starr was QB, yet Lombardi could never reproduce winning without him (never hear the press mention this because sports need heros whether they really are actual heros or not). Not saying Lombardi wasn’t a good coach, just that he had great players and his methods created a synergy that worked with them (these same methods didn’t result in victory with others). Don’t mean to be sacrilegious with emotional fans, just stateing the facts. Lombardi at least didn’t screw it up, and at best was very, very good. I reserve GREAT for coaches who can duplicate the victory process with different players. Then consider Gibbs…every SB victory was with a different QB and set of teammates. This man defines what a great coach is because he can win by molding what he has into victory. Where does BB fit concerning these guys. Clearly he’s only won with Brady/defensive coordinator. I’m not suggesting he get rid of Brady to prove he is a great coach, but couldn’t he at least get a defensive coordinator to improve his chances of another SB? Not getting a defensive coordinator has screwed it up. The meda will always speak of him as great, they need someone to write about and sell the sport. Why not work smart instead of just hard, win a few more SBs with Brady AND a defensive coordinator, then find out if he can duplicate winning after Brady retires. In doing so he will elevate himself from being great in he eyes of the media and those easily swayed, to being the great coach everyone already gives him credit for being. Sorry, sometimes the Jack Webb in me just slips out…just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

  3. psw says:

    I liked day one.

    Bequette saved day two for me.

    Day three I like. We got a willing kamikaze special teamer, a troubled but talented db, and a taller faster version of Welker.

    The pass rush got a huge infusion of talent, the defensive backfield not as much but still some, and a potentially useful wr. Not too bad.

  4. DJ says:

    I think the pats had a pretty good draft. Jones and Hightower were great picks. Wilson in the 2nd? If BB likes him that much, I will wait to see him play. Bequette in 3rd, good player. 10 sacks in SEC is not easy to do. Ebner in 6th ST guy hard nosed type of player. Dennard if he stays out of trouble could be starting by the end of the year. Ebert is another slot reciever to and to the mix.

    The trades up to get Jones and Hightower, took away the pats ability to make decent trades later in draft. But, BB got the players he wanted in first so that is the price he had to pay…..

  5. Arthur12 says:

    I like what they came out of this draft with…the two first round picks should compete for lots of playing time…the third round pick looks like he should play some as a rookie…and the developmental players area at the right positions. I have no idea what to expect from the 2nd round pick, and I’d rather they’d gone with best player on the board, but maybe that’s what they had him rated…who knows. I did like the trading down of the 5th round pick for 3 picks…Dennard could be the steal of the draft. All in all, he took care of the positions we all knew he needed to, and let’s see if they drafted the right players.

  6. Joe Blake says:

    We should have drafted a DT in round two with the first pick. Reyes or Still. We are vulnerable if Vince gets hurt. Sure its a spread formation league, but BB may have outsmarted himself (again).

  7. Lundahl says:

    Get Leonard Johnson, Mike Brewster and Chris Polk immediately !

  8. BILL says:

    A brilliant 1st day, where he successfully maneuvered to get the players he wanted.
    A luke warm second that could be a disaster, and at best will be OK.
    A 3rd day that can only be described as “well after Thursday we had no picks anyway, so its no worse”
    It says enough that after Saturday, people are more excited about undrafted players than the 3 picks we got in rds 6-7? Whats that about?

  9. MilitStrat54 says:

    When they say the draft has an ebb and a flow to it, is that an Ebert or an Ebner?

  10. Chris says:

    This punk is the real deal. A heckuva football player. If they can keep him from getting tased by the POlice.

    I doubt Tavon Wilson plays ahead of this guy. Anyone who watches Big Ten football knows Dennard is a stud.

    Great, great value in this pick. This helps redeem their draft to my way of thinking. How ’bout you?

    • qwerty says:

      Dennard pick did a lot to redeem this draft. Dennard excels at man to man coverage but less so in the zone. Davon could be a little better adapted to the zone but way less talented than Dennard. I hope BB doesn’t rationalize cutting Dennard for this flimsy reason. If BB waives Dennard, he is gone to another team and a wasted pick and talent.

  11. Jim R says:

    Can’t believe they got Nate Dog. Awesome.

  12. rmp5322 says:

    i think the second round ‘reach’ is going to be a future pro bowler.team captain and solid college player overlooked by nfl scouts and draft gurus.sound familiar???

    • qwerty says:

      based on film – i don’t see it. he may turn out to be a little above average. that’s all he really needs to be.

  13. edward0383 says:

    Best pick they made so far (as far as value) This completely makes
    up for the whiff in that guy they took in the second round. What is his name again? Don’t get me wrong our first round was great. Although, I liked the hightower pick better than Jones. Regardless, we picked a DB in the second who should have gone in the 5 or 6 round, but come back
    and get in the seven a DB who should have been picked in the 3 or 6. I think Al Davis got in BB’s head for that 2 round pick as payback for all th draft picks we stole from them.

    • qwerty says:

      Al Davis possessed BB during 2nd round.

      • Elvi says:

        Hah! If that was the case, at least we would have an overpaid, speedy WR that could return kicks as opposed to the next coming of Chris Canty (DB, not DL).

    • Ty says:

      Yes it makes up for the Wilson pick, and if you just swap those players picks in your head it kinda makes sense. Love the Dennard pick! I do like Wilson after researching him and think he’ll turn out to be a valid pick.

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