2012 NFL Draft Open Thread: Patriots Dream Draft

Courtney Upshaw Patriots Draft

Courtney Upshaw would be a dream pick for many Patriots fans. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

We’ve already gone over our nightmare picks for the New England Patriots. Thankfully, we are free to have positive dreams as well.

Read on for my own dream draft and post your own version as well.

I’ll have a full Patriots mock draft up Wednesday night, so I’ll just talk in generalities here.

For my dream draft, the Patriots add a DT/DE as well as a DE/OLB on day one. Day two, they target a CB/FS and a coverage linebacker. Day three is all about the best player available, be that a wide receiver or an offensive lineman.

If the Patriots are able to come away with three-four starters from this draft class, as well as some solid depth, I’ll be ecstatic.

What would your Patriots dream draft look like?

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93 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Open Thread: Patriots Dream Draft”

  1. Ty says:

    1a S Mclellin
    1b traded to cleveland for 2013 1rst rd and 2012 2nd rd.
    2a(cleveland) J. Jenkins
    2b(oakland) D Still
    2c B. Irving
    3 traded to KC for 2012 4th and 6th rd picks
    4a(kc) A Dennard
    4b. V. Burfict
    6. L. Nix

  2. Rickey says:

    other than brockers,cox jenkins barron n a couple wr’s not much in this draft can help us. i just looked at tape several hrs n this drafts edge rushers r nowhere close 2 last yrs draft. thank bb 4 missing that boat. draft doesnt excite me anymore after watching bb draft average rb’s instead if trading up 4 n impact edge rusher n passing on talent like geno atkins last drafts edge rushers connor barwin n repeatedly drafting bustafter bust i dunno if he even knows what he is looking 4. the guy isa great coach bbut his draft authority should b removed. he isnt interested in coaching up a young rusher like kerrigan or quinn. n truth b told we dont have the talent 2 match sf gb giants houston n several other up n coming teams steadily building impact players. he traded outa spot that oulda had us matthews britt or nicks in 09 2 draft 3 busts butler brace n tate n thats just all 2 typical.solder n cannon were good picks gronk n hernandez but he picked3 times amount of busts in first3 rds

  3. Jimmy Freeze says:

    IF we are dreaming…

    1A Luke Keuchly LB
    Too vanilla for most of the league…150 tackles per yr for the next 10 years for the Pats

    1B Jonathan Martin OT
    Backfill for Matt Light + insurance against Vollmer’s bad back

    2A Kendall Reyes DT/DE
    BB dives into the UConn pool again for Dline depth

    2B Janoris Jenkins CB
    Best man corner in the draft, and a smoking buddy for Hernandez.
    All of Jenkins’ kids can have playgroup with Brady’s new nephew.

    3 Ryan Broyles WR
    Allows BB to trade the recalcitrant Welker, for #1 pick in 2013 + save 10 million/yr on the cap over 3 yrs.

    4 Donta Paige-Moss DE/OLB
    Somebody crazier than Gronk…

  4. Rickey says:

    bb should b ona mission 2 get brockers he has haynesworth suh raw talent.however he wont make it past 15 garunteed. he has more raw talent than cox. im not crazy over any of this drafts edge rushers. perry has potential if he gets stronger without having 2 add 2 much bulk 2 do so. mercilus also has potential if he sheds that 12-15 lbs of excess fat he has while adding 6-8lbs of new fast twitch muscle. it will help him change direction quicker n fluidly. i really think his tight change of direction has 2 do with the xtra fat he is carrying that most rush olb’s dont. an nfl conditioning program should change that. he is a dedicated player who will do what it takes 2 succeed in the nfl. anyways we should trade 27 n 48 2 get brockers n 31 on randle mercilus perry or jenkins whomever is available in that order or try 2 trade 31 4 a veteran passrusher 30 or younger. given the lack of rush lb talent in this draft im shocked bb didnt go after a free agent edge rusher like wimbley or abraham or at least retain carter n anderson. the vikings r rebuilding, would they trade allen? could allen drop in coverage? he is athletic n explosive. actually i wouldhaveliked 2 c bb go after one more wr in free agency along with n edge rusher since lloyd is geeting older. he cant seem 2 draft any no matter how many picks he accumalates!! he wasted 2 picks on average rb’s last yr.y would anybody waste early pickson rb’s? they r easy 2 aquire in trades or free agency n even later rd’s. all this rambling ill close with saying bbrockers is our must have player he has as mucch raw talent as suh and haynesworth so bb lets do something right 4 a change

  5. chuck says:


  6. Bob Shannon says:

    Patriots Dream Draft: Trade with Philly for Picks 15, both second round picks for Pats 27, 31 and 1st overall next year…..With the 15th overall pick Fletcher Cox DL
    Second Round 42. Bruce Irwin OLB 46. David Wilson RB 51. Whitney Mercilus 62. Janoris Jenkins 93. Markelle Martin 126. Jared Crick 155. Levi Adcock 180. Audie Cole 220. Jayron Hosley
    Patriots address needs in 5,6,7 rounds for additional picks….
    Need to package Brian Hoyer up for 3rd & 4th round picks take the best available QB & OL

  7. chuck says:


  8. chuck says:


  9. AFL says:

    1. Shea McClellin

  10. psw says:

    Rd1. Brockers or Still
    Rd1b. We might want a player, we’ll get a trade.(I’d wan’t Brockers or Still or McClennin
    Rd2,2,3 Jayron Hosley, Casey Hayward, Josh Robinson. The safeties after Barron suck. Just grab the three best corners you can and convert one full time s and one part time cb/s utility back.
    Rnd 4 WR or OL

  11. Bruschi54 says:

    1a. Michael Brockers
    1b. Stephon Gilmore
    2a. Mychal Kendricks
    2b. Bruce Irvin
    3. TY Hilton
    4. David Molk

  12. chuck says:


  13. chuck says:


  14. Kevin says:

    Doug, what do you think of Akiem Hicks of Regina…former LSU player?

  15. Mark says:

    I had a dream – by Spearhead:

    Cox or Brockers or Barron falls to CIN 21 -BB makes the 27+95+future 4th to trade and grab’em.

    Atlanta will want to trade up and grab Reif/Adams/Konz/Glenn if any of them are there. PATS 31 = ATL 54+3rd rnder.

    Combine 48+ALT 3rd rnder to trade with anyone from STL 33 down to STL39 to nab Shea McConcussion.
    @54 J. Crick DE
    @63 Best avail S or CB or WR – Marcelle Martin?
    @127 Best avail S or CB or WR

    • Mark says:

      I had an Icky Dream – By Spearhead

      27 Dre’ Kirkpatrick CB
      31 Brian Quick WR
      48 J. Crick DE
      63 Mychal Kendricks OLB
      127 Terrence Fredrick S? or a Flyer on Burfict!


  16. NEtyson says:

    Unless an offensive players (OG,OC,WR,OT,RB) value overwelms BB…..i see no reason why he wont spend the 1st 3 picks on D….asuming he trades away 1.(1st Rnd_ Pick 31)
    If it was me…and its not,i would go………….
    Pick#27-Michael Brockers,DT,LSU
    Pick#31-Traded to (……………..) for 2012 2nd Rnd Pick and 2013 1st Rnd Pick
    Pick#48-Andre Branch,OLB,Clem
    As long as we go DT-OLB/OLB-DT with the 1st 2 picks ill be happy…..even if its some mix of..(no order) nick perry,vinny curry,harrison smith,trumaine johnson,josh robinson,dre kirkpatrick,kendall reyes,devon still,Janoris jenkins,shea mcclellen,whitney marcilus…..
    Whatever player BB grabs ill be confident in….the guy has got us to 5 SBs after all….he sees things in talent that we cant and knows whats best for our team
    as long as he drafts a pair of these dudes within the 1st 2Rnds ill be happy….and patting myself on the back lol

  17. BILL says:

    27 Chandler Jones
    31 Harrison Smith
    48 Vinny Curry
    62 Mychal Kendricks
    93 Robert Turbin
    126 Phil Blake

  18. Dan M says:

    1a-Mark Barron
    1b-Courtney Upshaw
    2a- Mike Adams
    2b-Janoris Jenkins
    3-LaMichael James
    4-Ryan Broyles

    Top pick would be Barron because he would really upgrade the Pats weak secondary. Upshaw can play in multiple sets and positions and has underrated sideline to sideline speed. With Matt Light set to retire they will need an extra lineman that has had plenty of experience in big games. Jenkins could be a headache but that has never stopped Bill before. Take away his off the field mistakes and he would be a top 20 pick this year easily. James could be the return threat the pats need and given space can produce long runs that the pats lacked last year. Broyles could eventually be groomed into Welker’s slot spot. Good hands, smart, and good route running are all advantages. Would be a lock in the second round if not for the injury his senior year.

  19. Justin says:

    Idk why everyone wants Upshaw. Nobody knows what position be plays and anyways in the Patriots defensive scheme he is way too undersized. Quite frankly he is overrated.

    • Mark says:

      In MY dream, BB is not BB. She’s Angelina Jolie. And she’s very adaptive and flexible and knows what she wants and how to get it and…oh wait…you did say “positive” dream….sorry…

  20. Dave says:

    27 Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama
    31 Devon Still DT Penn State
    48 Lavonte David OLB Nebraska
    62 Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt
    93 Brandon Taylor SS LSU
    126 Danny Coale WR Virginia Tech

  21. Ken W says:

    1. Shea McClellin OLB
    1. Devon Still DE
    2. Jayron Hosley CB
    2. Joe Adams WR
    3. George Iloka S
    4. Tauren Poole RB

  22. Bobthebuilder says:

    Scenario 1:
    1a. Whitney Mercilius
    1b. Shea McClellin
    2a. Jerel Worthy
    2b. Zachary Brown, Lavonte David or Bobby Wagner
    3. Greg Childs
    4. Dequan Menzie or Brandon Taylor

    Scenario 2:
    1a. Donta Hightower
    1b. Shea McClellin
    2a. Nick Perry
    2b. Derek Wolfe
    3. Greg Childs
    4. Dequan Menzie or Brandon Taylor

    Scenario 3:
    1a. Traded up to 13, Fletcher Cox
    1b. Traded
    2a. Nick Perry
    2b. Vinny Curry
    3a. Zach Brown
    3b. Jared Crick
    3c. Greg Childs
    4a. Dequan Menzie or Brandon Taylor
    4b. Ryan Broyles

  23. Phil Drach says:

    1a. Shea McClellin
    1b. Devon Still
    2a. Mychal Kendricks (playing Will linebacker in a 3-4)
    2b. Trumaine Johnson/Casey Hayward
    3. Jared Crick (if not on the board, then Jaye Howard.)
    4. BPA

  24. qwerty says:

    I see too many people sucking up the hype on players.

    • Jimmy says:

      i agree, we should just get J. Jenkins fron N. Alabama and hope to god he starightens out. Also pick up mercilus at 31 instead of trading it, oh wait that wont happen hahaahahaa

  25. John M says:

    I’m thinking that the Patriots should use all of their draft picks this year without trading any of them. Since this seems to be a strong class compared to other years, does it make sense to do our usual stategy this year? Unless another team is willing to give up a ridiculous amount for one of our picks, I say keep them . Except if it improves are position in this year’s draft.

    • AM says:

      The strength of this class is an interesting question–I feel like this is a strong class in the late 1st-round/2nd-round range, which would support using all four of the early picks. But outside of heavy depth at WR and CB, I don’t get the impression that this is a top-notch class overall. I’m really curious how GMs around the league view it.

  26. big w says:

    27 shea Mcclellin olb
    31 janoris jenkins cb
    48 Brandon Thompson dt
    63 Billy Winn de
    95 Ron Brooks fs
    124 Wylie, Fresno State slot wr/kr
    FA mitchell osu ss, Armstead dt/de usc

  27. Ryan says:

    1a. D. Hightower
    1b. P. Konz
    2a. K. Reyes
    2b. T. Johnson
    3. C. Hayward
    4. Bernstein (have to gain a pick)

    1a. Brockers
    1b. P. Konz
    2a. L. David
    2b. T. Johnson
    3. T. Streeter
    4. C. Minnifield

  28. prime says:

    1a. Chandler Jones- DE/OLB Syracuse
    1b. TRADE for 2012 2nd and 2013 1st
    2a. Kendall Reyes- DT/DE UCONN
    2b. Marvin Jones- WR CAL
    2c. TRADE for 2012 3rd,4th 2013 2nd
    3a. Brandon Taylor- SS/FS LSU
    3b. Nigel Bradham- OLB/ILB Florida State
    4a. Joe Adams- WR Arkansas
    4b. Ron Brooks-CB/FS LSU

    • Ty says:

      Mabey we should draft all wr’s and sign a few more wr’s, if we could have brady playing with a C and 9 wr’s he would have so many targets it would rock huh.

      • AM says:

        This is the deepest WR draft in years, if not ever, so the team would be well justified in picking at least one. There are needs on defense that absolutely have to be addressed, but there is a very real possibility that Branch, Welker, Ochocinco, and every receiver they signed this offseason outside of Lloyd is gone by next year. That leaves a 1-2-3 WR corps of Lloyd, Edelman, and . . . Underwood?

        Either Jones or Adams would be a great acquisition. If it broke down that they were the two best players at the spots available, the Patriots should absolutely pick them both, as long as the other picks were dedicated to defense.

  29. Ty says:

    I even think could even trade our 2nd 1st round pick to cleveland for their 2nd and 3rd or 4th picks and get about the same value with clevelands early 2nd round pick.

  30. Ty says:

    1.a Barron
    1.b Jenkins
    2.a Still

    • Ty says:

      2.b Irving/Jones/Crick
      3. Potter
      4. Burfict

      • Jim R says:

        You know I like that knucklehead Burfict in the 4th. What the heck roll the dice. Out of 6 picks 2 will be projects anyway.

        • Ty says:

          I’m thinking with barron, Jenkins and Still you would have 3 solid starters. then any 2 of Irving Jones Crick and Burfict you would have developmental players along with Potter developing as a G.

      • Larry says:

        Burfict would be a wasted 7th round pick…………………He has no motor at all…………….If you take achance on him you sign him as an undrafted free agent only……………….

        • Ty says:

          I disagree, He was mocked top ten before this season and it wasn’t a motor problem so much as a hesitation to make a questionably illegal hit. He was a heat seeking missle before this season and it wasn’t even his bad season that screwed him as much as his bad combine. Great 4th round pick, I would even pull the trigger on him in the 3rd.

    • Ty says:

      Love the idea of either Barron, H. Smith or Illoka with chung and Mccourtney Jenkins Dowling. How awesome would our backfield be!

    • Jimmy says:

      hell yeah perfect draft right there

  31. Kemicol says:

    27 Courtney upshaw
    31 Kendall Reyes
    2-1 Harrison smith
    2-2 Sean spence
    3 Mike martin
    4 Keshawn martin

  32. Nick says:

    27. Janoris Jenkins
    31. Trade for 2012 2nd and 2013 1st
    48. Kendall Reyes
    62. George Iloka
    2c. Josh Robinson
    93. Trade for 2013 2nd and 2013 6th
    126. Bruce Irvin
    6th. Oliver Vernon

  33. kdog says:

    Dream #1:

    Trade 27+31 to get Fletcher Cox.
    48 Andre Branch
    62 Boykin
    93 Ron Brooks
    126: trade for a 5th and a 6th, get development projects for OT and WR

    Dream #2
    Trade 27+93 for 23 + a 5th
    23 Dont’a Hightower
    31 Kendal Reyes
    48 McClellin
    62 Boykin
    126 + 5th, get development projects for OT and WR

  34. Dave says:

    1a. OLB Shea McClellin

    Trade 1b for 2013 1st and 2012 2nd.

    2a. CB Janoris Jenkins
    2b. FS Trumaine Johnson
    2c. DT/DE Derek Wolfe

    3. WR Marvin Jones

    4. LB Tank Carter

  35. Noah says:

    1a. Michael Brockers – DE/DT
    1b. Nick Perry – DE/OLB
    2a. Alshon Jeffery – WR
    2b. Trade down for a 3rd, 4th & 6th
    3a. (from Trade) Jared Crick – DE/DT
    3b. George Iloka – FS
    4a. (from Trade) Josh Chapman – NT/DT
    4b. David Molk – C
    6. (from Trade) – Donte Paige-Moss – DE/OLB

    With potential free agents Junior Hemingway (WR) or Jordan White (WR)

  36. Bruschi54 says:

    1a – Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB
    1b – Donta Hightower LB
    2a – Kendall Reyes DE/DT
    2b – Brandon Boykin CB/KR
    3 – Markelle Martin FS
    4 – Greg Childs WR

    • Jim R says:

      Sign me up for that one. Freakin grand Slam

    • kdog says:

      Nice job. Similar to my dream #2, except I had Hightower necessitating a trade-up (I think Pitt will pounce, otherwise). I also had McClelling dropping, presumably on health concerns.

      BTW, how do you expect to line up? I had envisioned DH as my SOLB on early downs, and SM as a nickel player to start (and comp for Nink).

      • Jim R says:

        Flex mayo to SOLB Hightower WOLB Upshaw and Spikes in the middle. Damn that would be disruptive

    • Rob McCarthy says:

      Teddie you have it nailed! You should be the official reference person hired by the Patriots that has a major voice in this case and game plans/half-time adjustments. You are the man!!!

    • Graham says:

      Is Martin enough to shore up the safety position? I really like Boykin, could also see them looking for interior O-line depth. I would love to see this draft as a fan though.

  37. Bob A says:

    1a. Trade for no.1 in 2013 1b. Whitney Mercilus 2a. Kendall Reyes 2b. Trumaine Johnson 3. George Iloka 4. Juron Criner

  38. cash says:

    Im hoping Upshaw drops to us. I have no interest in Harison Smith, seems like a good kid but dont see him beeing more then a special teamer and backup. As for Mcclelin, every white linebacker that comes around people always want to believe is the next Vrabel, Just saying

  39. AM says:

    Presuming no trades (however unlikely that may be):

    1.A. Shea McClellin–if he clears medically, he’s well worth the pick. If Whitney Mercilus is still here, he would be a very good alternate pick.

    1.B. Kendall Reyes–doesn’t have Brockers’s physical presence, but can still hold his ground while rushing well from DE.

    2.A. Harrison Smith–he may not last this long, but run to the podium if he is.

    2.B. Mohammad Sanu–I know he isn’t the down-the-field burner everyone loves, but he will still be an excellent possession receiver. Branch and Welker may both be gone next year (Branch possibly sooner), and I just don’t buy Edelman as a #1 WR.

    3. Chase Minnifield–vastly underrated corner with conversion potential at free safety if he doesn’t pan out at CB.

    4. Markus Zusevics–quality developmental lineman with potential at tackle but more likely to end up a guard.

    Later possibility: Tauren Poole–aggressive runner with starting potential.

  40. Justin says:

    1: 27. Shea McClellin 31. Devon Still 48. Harrison Smith 62. Bruce Irvin 93. Greg Childs or Juron Criner 126. Janoris Jenkins

    2: 27. Michael Brockers 31. Shea McClellin 48. Whitney Mercilus or Vinny Curry 62.Brian Quick 93. Janoris Jenkins 126. George Iloka

    3: 27. Michael Brockers, 31. Devon Still, 48. Harrison Smith, 62. Brian Quick or Juron Criner 93. Jared Crick 126. Janoris Jenkins

    All 3 of these Patriots mocks are my ideal draft scenarios

    • ANB says:

      It’s very unlikely that Jenkins will last into the 4th round

      • Justin says:

        Jenkins is not a 1st or 2nd rounder either. He definitely slides into the 3rd- early 5th round range especially with all the reports coming out where he apparently still smoked marijuana while at North Alabama. He basically lied to everyones faces at the combine and said he stopped and changed his ways. It just shows you he still hangs out with that rough, wrong crowd. Me personally I do not think marijuana show be a big issue but it is. His draft stock will take a severe hit and when he slides I think the Patriots pounce on him. Whether he did continue smoking or not the reports themselves will hurt him considerably because that was probably the final straw for most teams to completely remove him from the first two rounds on their draft boards.

        • qwerty says:

          I also think Jenkins will fall further than many people think. Just look at how far Hernandez fell and he was the top talent at TE position. The draft will also be interesting to watch especially where all those hyped players actually get picked.

  41. Matthew says:

    1st – Shea Mccellin
    1st – janoris jenkins
    2nd – andre branch
    2nd – joe adams
    3rd – george iloka/bruce irving
    4th – de wolf or OG

  42. Andrew says:

    1. DE/DT Michael Brockers
    2a. G Kevin Zeitler
    2b. OLB/DE Vinny Curry
    2c. CB/S Trumaine Johnson
    3. CB Casey Hayward
    4. WR Joe Adams

  43. Andrew says:

    RD 1:
    Michael Brockers (27)
    Nick Perry (31)

    RD 2:
    Janoris Jenkins/Brandon Boykin (48)
    Brian Quick/Reuben Randle (62)

    RD 3:
    Brandon Taylor (93)

    RD 4:
    Bruce Irvin (126)

  44. Dan says:

    My dream draft by Dan
    (read that like it was “what I did last summer…”)

    All serious now…trading up and getting Cox in the top ten (or if he’s somehow falling, which I doubt…he’s in the top 10), or going up to get Barron wherever they have to…in the low 11, 12, low teens etc…

    After that, I would like Harrison Smith, Branch, Mercilus, Randle…in no particular order…I like them all…bring in one and then do your best with the rest of the draft.

    • Dan says:

      oh, I love McClellin also…but, if he has a serious, confirmed, issue with head injuries then it just wouldn’t make sense…he’ll fall. So, if he’s taken we’ll know that he passed those medicals. No team is foolish enough to take a player who is ready to be forced to sit because of head injuries with the new rules and new reality with this game.

    • NEtyson says:

      I dont think BB would trade up to 10 for fletcher cox…..i wish but theres atlease 3 other teams that would have that same thought on moving up to grab cox….i think its more possible that we trade up a couple spots to grab michael brockers,LSU
      Theres gonna be some teams that wanna snatch him up in the early 20s like the bangals at 21…the steelers at 24,broncos at 25…..i have a feeling theres gonna be a run on DT starting at 20 after cox and poe are off the board so brockers,devon still and kendall reyes will all follow and it would be in wise for the pats to slid up and get him ….then trade 31st and get that elusive OLB in rnd 2….i say trade are 2nd 1st rnd to a team that has a very early 2nd rnd pick to ensure we still get one of these OLB….whitney mercilus,andre branch,shea mcclellen and vinny curry….i like all of them as early 2nd rnds who can come in to rush the passer on 3rd down and work on becoming an all-around everydown player…except for mcclellen who i think can start right away

  45. Rob says:

    Shea McClellin, Trumaine Johnson, Joe Adams, Ta’Almeda,Brandon Taylor,Ryan Miller, Ryan Broyles, plus adding 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2013

  46. Truth Speaker says:

    Brockers, Wagner, Curry, Brooks/Taylor, Ronnell Lewis, T.Y. Hilton

  47. Jim R says:

    If they come away with 2 starters on defense and 2 more who are part of packages that works for me. I think a slider lands in thier lap at 27. Couples, Upshaw, Kilpatrick, Hightower or Brockers.

  48. steve says:

    Chandler Jones, Peter Konz, Harrison Smith, David Lavonte, Broyles from Oklahoma and Chris Rainey.

  49. NEtyson says:

    Spent 95% on d and 5% on offense

    • Truth Speaker says:

      How do you do that, moron. Public School system fails another one.

      • AM says:

        Take a deep breath–I’m pretty sure it was just a metaphor.

      • kdog says:

        Adding up the values on the draft chart, what do you get?

        I get 2158.

        Without any trades, if we used pick 93 (128 points) on offense, that would be 5.9% of the total value. With trades, we could easily get even closer to 5%. . .

        When you go to the store, do you count every bill in your wallet as equal? Just wondering.

      • NEtyson says:

        Get off my _foot_balls

      • NEtyson says:

        Ok….your a little slow gettn it….let me say it a little clearer………BB should spend 95%(draft picks) on defense and 5% (draft picks) on offense…all but 1 of our picks going 2 defense…..im not trying to teach math here….it was just an example smart ass so get off my foot…..balls

    • Lundahl says:

      Do you work for ESPN ?

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