2012 NFL Draft Game: Play The Draft

We’re inviting our readers to compete against us at NEPatriotsDraft.com to see who knows the most about the value each prospect in the 2012 Draft class holds.

First Round Exchange, with the help of Mel Kiper Jr., have created a game that treats the NFL Draft like the stock market. They have brought us here at NEPatriotsDraft.com as analysts and have invited our readers to participate as well.

Read on for how to play and instructions for signing up.

You’re given $12,000 to spend and buy up to fifteen players. What you’re looking for is players that you like more than everyone else, and think will be drafted higher than the their consensus ranking.

For example, I have Quinton Coples as my 6th ranked prospect. According to Play The Draft, Coples is the 10th overall rated prospect, so it would make sense for me to spend the $2,174 to “buy” him.

Players will rise and fall based on expert rankings, so it’s possible that players you used to be “high” on, you should possibly now sell if they’ve met your perceived value. Players will be worth more money the higher they get in the overall rankings, so just like the stock market, it makes sense to buy low and sell high.

During the draft, you’ll be able to see how well you’ve done based on where each player is drafted. If you’ve bought Coples at $2,174 when he’s ranked 10th and he winds up going 6th, he’ll finish worth around $2,720, so you’ve “made” ~$550.

One key thing to know, is that you’re only given value for players if they’re selected in the first three rounds. Any player taken after the third round is valued at the minimum $425.

Want to show us what you’ve got? Sign up now and play the draft!

Click on the link above, click register now, fill in a valid email address and you are set go!

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