2012 NFL Draft: Patriots 2nd Day Aftermath

Jake Bequette NFL Draft

The Patriots are certainly improving their defense through the 2012 NFL Draft. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

If the first day of the draft was an A+ for the Patriots, the second day receives a very generous “meh.”

Read on for our full thoughts on day two of the 2012 NFL Draft.

We saw the Patriots take a major reach in Tavon Wilson, a safety out of Illinois and another minor reach in Jake Bequette, defensive end out of Arkansas. If you had told me the Patriots would take four defensive players with their first four picks, I never would have believed it. The last time they did was 1970.


Wilson was a projected 6th or 7th round pick by most draft analysts and may wind up looking like the biggest reach of this entire draft. While watching Illinois games and especially Whitney Mercilus, Wilson never flashed too much on tape.

He can play that vaunted centerfield position that all Pats fans wanted, and he should match up well with Patrick Chung, if he cracks the starting lineup. The pick was reminiscent of other second round reaches for the Patriots like Jermaine Cunningham and Terrence Wheatley.


Bequette was a very productive player at Arkansas gaining 23.5 sacks over his career as a co-captain. He gives the Patriots a third pass rusher after taking DE Chandler Jones and LB/OLB/DE Dont’a Hightower. The Patriots obviously saw a need and filled it by drafting heavy at that position.

Bequette has the size to play the elephant position for the Patriots, and flashed an incredibly 6.9 3 cone time at the combine. I didn’t see that fluidity and change of direction on tape, but hopefully it flashes in the NFL if he’s asked to stand up.


The Patriots have just one pick tomorrow in the fifth round at pick 162 after they traded no. 62 for 90 and 163. The Browns actually got better value out of their 67th pick grabbing 87 and 118.

My best players available:

Brandon Boykin
Marvin Jones
Chris Polk
Alameda Ta’amu
Joe Adams
Alfonzo Dennard
Lamar Miller
Jared Crick
Josh Chapman
Chris Givens


Biggest reaches:

Wilson – 48 Patriots
T.J. Graham – 69 Bills
Bryan Anger – 70 Jaguars
Josh LeRibeus – 71 Redskins
John Hughes – 87 Browns
Lamar Holmes – 91 Falcons
Nick Foles – 88 Eagles
Devier Posey – 68 Texans
Brock Osweiler – 57 Broncos
Ronnie Hillman – 67 Broncos

Best values:

Devon Still – 53 Bengals
Janoris Jenkins – 39 Rams
Cordy Glenn – 41 Bills
Peter Konz – 55 Falcons
Lavonte David – 58 Buccaneers
Jamell Fleming – 80 Cardinals
Jayron Hosley – 94 Giants
Brandon Thompson – 93 Bengals
Mohamed Sanu – 89 Bengals
Rueben Randle – 63 Giants

It was a rough day to be a Patriots fan, especially with that Tavon Wilson pick. I wasn’t the only analyst who hadn’t spent a lot of time on Wilson. Greg Cosell tweeted out that he hadn’t done film study on him and Greg Bedard from the Globe also tweeted out that several NFL Scouts didn’t have much knowledge of him.

Like yesterday, there are a lot of great players available, but the Patriots proved today that it’s doubtfult that they’ll take the guys at the top of your board. I would have preferred to trade down again from 90, but it’s doubtful they had offers. If the Patriots decide to trade down again tomorrow, they may not get much for 163 and will likely have to trade players or future picks to acquire extra picks.

Until tomorrow, what did you think of today’s haul?

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68 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Patriots 2nd Day Aftermath”

  1. Dave Hunter says:

    On Tavon Wilson from the always thoughtful and non-reactionary, Mike Reiss:

    “But others might look closer and learn that Wilson had seven teams that brought him in for visits (Buccaneers, Texans, Cardinals, Falcons, Colts, Ravens, Chargers), while Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio and director of college scouting Jon Robinson — along with another club — worked him out privately.”

    “So while draft analysts might have missed the mark on Wilson, it’s not like other teams in the league were sleeping on him and the positive traits that made him a desirable prospect. In recent weeks Wilson was a “travel guy” in scouting circles, the player who has a high volume of visits as clubs attempt to gather more information on him before setting their draft board.”

    • MJP says:

      Reiss is a suck up, to put it nicely.

    • Chris says:

      Mike Reiss is being extremely diplomatic and even charitable.

      Yeah, Bill’s no doubt right that this kid has more value than the draft gurus thought. But in trying to poke people’s eyes and get a good chuckle, Bill did in fact take a player at 48 who is not a good value.

      Mel Kiper is right this once. Bill reached to prove a point

  2. Jeff says:

    Love the DE pick out of Arkansas. Sounds like a guy you want on your team. As for Wilson…well Volmer wasnt invited to the draft either so we will have to trust BB on this one. Volmer worked out im hoping Wilson does as well.

  3. brett says:

    I know that tavon wilson looks like a reach, but Butler was considered a steal when they drafted him a few years ago. I am going to give this guy a chance he could turn out to be a good player, how many can’t mis players have been busts lots of them.

    • qwerty says:

      saying your going to give this guy a chance is completely missing the point of what people are saying

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      A buddy says to praise BB for not trading up and taking Wilson in the first round when he really wanted to.

  4. Jim R says:

    After Thursday Bill could not resist. You knew something strange would happen. Things were going too good. Have to give the kid a chance. I like the Bequette pick. Maybe not there but he will see some time this year on sub packages. All in all I am happy that they have gone all in on Defense to this point.

    • qwerty says:

      nobody is criticizing the selection of Tavon. people are criticizing selecting him so high when he there is extreme high probability he could be gotten in 3rd and 5th.

      • Andy F says:

        “there is extreme high probability he could be gotten in the 3rd and 5th.”

        Please explain. I’ve heard that the Falcons, Ravens and Bucs were interested.

        • big w says:

          They called u and if they did take him it would be their screw up not ours you don’t reach this far draft rule 1.

  5. Liam says:

    Picks that BB has taken in the past that were considered major reaches include Sebastian Vollmer, Logan Mankins, Devin McCourty, Jerod Mayo and Stevan Ridley. I think this presages good things for Tavon Wilson.

    Also guys, chill out. Over the last 10 years objective studies have shown (Peter King did one, and there was one on the Cleveland Plain Dealer website) that the Pats (read Bill Belichick) are the best drafters in the league based on drafted Pro-bowlers, All-pros, average career length in the NFL etc. Dude knows what he’s doing.

    • Kevin says:

      Ok, we know Bill is a great evaluator of talent for future success in his system. Here is my gripe with him: he drafts players who would not even be considered by other teams several rounds later in the draft. In a draft like this where they had very few later round picks due to trades on day 1, shouldn’t Bill trade down and take Tavon Wilson in 5th or 6th round? If Logan Mankins was a 3rd round pick, and we draft him in the 1st, we have given away value. I just wish Bill would take better advantage of his vastly different value chart compared to the competition. Let’s congratulate Bill for drafting pro bowlers, but hold him also accountable for Maroney, Chad Jackson, Darius Butler, Bethel Johnson etc…

      • Liam says:

        Hold him accountable sure, but Maroney, Jackson and Butler were considered steals when they were taken. Call me naive, but I’d rather end up with the best players than the best ‘value’.

    • qwerty says:

      mccourty, mayo or mankins don’t even come remotely close to the level of reach wilson was

  6. Jack says:

    The Wilson pick was just stupid. Obviously the Pats thought they saw a diamond in the rough. But, couldn’t they just have traded out? Someone else was going to grab him? Really? These draft analysts are not complete morons. They hear about who teams like. The fact they barely knew who this dude was is telling. It was a really deflating pic. Especially when so many guys who had been potential first rounders were available.

    Then in the subsequent the trade down, and they didn’t even get proper value for it.

    For as good as the first round was, the second round was an incredible downer. I would’ve been so happy if they just grabbed Devon Stills or Hosey or anyone of those guys. Someone I could at least look at some film on.

    All I can think is Bill just got lazy. Couldn’t trade out, liked the dude, had no later round picks to use, so went with his gut. This guy will be lucky to make the team.

    • qwerty says:

      lot of talent bypassed for a nobody who could be gotten later

    • Andy F says:

      “These draft analysts are not complete morons.”

      How about semi-morons? Partial morons?

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        Not fair to use the moron name tag. Upper management hired these guys and were obviously content with their skills otherwise they would have hired others in their stead. W. Edwards Deming identified that over 80% of a units problems are caused by upper management even when the problem emerges at the lower levels of the organization. I won’t go into the details, just surprised that the Pats being a Big Business, use state of the art equipment to train, practice, communicate etc. and win games yet when it comes to maximizing the draft they are still in the dark ages in the analytical field (draft system analysis). Had the Pats hired a systems management guy to analyze the draft (not the players, the system) they could have ended up with Jones at 25 not 21, Hightower at 27 not 25, saving their third round pick (critical because it means the Pats wouldn’t have had to trade out of the second round). Likewise had they done a little intel (instead of being played by SD) OR had they not committed the cardinal draft sin of falling in love with a draft pick (Wilson) they might have known to trade back 8-10 spots into the sweet spot of the draft to recoup the points they lost on the first round trade up from 31 to 25. Here they could have picked up any two of Lavonte David, Vinny Curry, Casey Haywood, Trumaine Johnson, Josh Robinson, Brandon Taylor or Rueben Randall and still had their third round pick and either a late round third or early fourth round pick from the trade back in the second round. In effect, the Pats could have still gotten Bequette, Wilson and Denard due to the stash of draft points on hand had they not (1) thrown them away by moving up prematurely, (2) gotten taken by SD, and (3) not recouped their first round lost points while still in the sweet spot of the draft. Bottom line is the Pats could have ended up with everyone they got, in addition to Lavonte David and Vinny Curry (my personal choices from the list above). Don’t get me wrong, relative to all the other teams the Pats did quite well. It just bugs the crap out of me to see teams evaluate the draft outcomes relative to how other teams did instead of what a “perfect” draft would look like. I’ll bet Brady and BB wouldn’t be satisfied winning 3-0 or 51-48. They would be screaming at the deficiencies in the offense on the one hand and the defense on the other. Why should it be any different when it comes to the draft process?

  7. MilitStrat54 says:

    Don’t be upset that BB took Wilson, be upset that he wasted 420 draft points on a kid who doesn’t show up on anyone’s draft boards until the sixth round. With all the talent on the defense this year right when they needed it, it was the perfect time to trade down or at least stand “pat”. By waiting on Wilson in the fifth round with a trade down, the Pats could have traded with Cincy (just an example) giving up the 420 point second round pick for their later second round pick at 370 points plus either two fifth rounders or a fifth and a sixth. End result…still get Wilson a round before he was suppose to go with 29, 25, or 24.6 points from the fifth round and use the 370 points from the Bengals second round pick #53 on Devon Still, DT/Vinny Curry, DE on defense or Peter Konz, C/Mike Adams, OT on offense (all were still available). Could even have had Reuben Randall, WR to stretch the field for Brady. Could it be that BB in an effort to help some of the chemically challenged (he cares about the youth) may have spent too much time with one of them and the second hand reverb affected him? Attempt at humor, need something to get this foul taste out of my mouth.
    I would have done a packaged deal so that when the first trade-up took place with Cincy the second deal above was a requirement. Somebody in NE had to know they needed to trade out of the second round to get more picks if they were going to trade up with only six. Even if that trade fell through…so what… Pats get Jones at least four picks later and save a minimum of 80 draft points (120 if they didn’t leapfrog themselves by trading up twice instead of only once with 31 to Denver
    P.S. anyone else notice that between Jones and Hightower selections only players taken were on the offensive side of the ball, strongly suggesting the Pats took Jones at least four picks too early wasting at least 80 draft points if not more. that’s at least a fourth AND fifth round pick lost. coupled with the lost 400 points on Wilson, that’s almost 25% of the Pats total draft points. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…what’s the definition of genius again.

    • qwerty says:

      good points

    • Andy F says:

      “what’s the definition of genius again”

      It probably has something to do with winning record over the past decade. Has anyone performed better as a coach, year in and year out?

      • big w says:

        When he still had some of parcells picks he won superbowls with him and caserio it hasn’t been that good whole draft years gone 2 years after the fact.

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        The winning is due to Brady making the difference. Didn’t win with Bledsoe, didn’t win with Cleveland and won’t win after Brady unless he changes his ways. Don’t get me wrong, BBs a great guy and a very good coach, but he lucked into a pick#199 that just keeps on giving.
        Kind of like Clinton, country did well in spite of him, only BB is a better guy. Imagine what could have been if only we had leaders who really ran the country like their life depended on it. I digress…

    • Adam says:

      terrible point about thinking the pats picked jones too high because the few picks after were offensive players. did you ever consider that those teams might have taken him if he were available, but failing that went to their next highest available?

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        On the surface you’re right but if you dig juuust a little deeper (which is what I expect the Pats to do) you’ll find that the 3 teams were Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. Everyone knew Cleveland was going QB or have no hope for another year(s). Detroit has two great young defensive linemen in Suh and Avril who just got a big payday and a glaring need on their offensive line with a legit top ten pick in Reiff available at #23 as well as a legit top 15 pick in DeCastro, and Pittsburgh had a ginormous need to shore up their offensive line and a near top ten pick in DeCastro stairing them in the face if Detroit goes with the higher rated Reiff (proven by Pittsburgh not taking Hightower the choice they had as number one unless somebody fell) … this situation was reasonably clear and freed up not only Jones but Hightower as well. What’s not to figure out. NE only needed to jump Baltimore to retain Hightower. Cleveland was already nervous trading away three picks to move up one spot unnecessarily to secure Richardson and wasn’t about to trade #22, neither Detroit nor Pittsburgh would throw away a chance to shore up their biggest need with great picks to take a reasonably valued pick for a position of less than great need. Instead of paying attention to the facts Pats may have gotten nervous. If so they are in the wrong business. Hope this clears things up for you.

        • Adam says:

          that’s assuming those picks aren’t traded.

        • MilitStrat54 says:

          Obviously you missed something. Read it again. Near the bottom of the comment starting at Cleveland was already nervous. There was no way Cleveland, Detroit or Pittsburgh were going to trade out of their perfectly placed positions because of their needs and players available.

  8. Joey NL says:

    Wow! So much value in that 2nd and 3rd round and we came away with this! Stunned…..no other words.

  9. JDW says:

    You know what – if Bill had a history of AWESOME draft picks, I’d respect these “sleepers”. But he has traded down for nearly a decade to obtain more picks every year and has done VERY LITTLE with MOST of them. For a “defensive guru” his defenses suck. Perenially! His second and third round picks were befitting Corky from Life Goes On. What JUNK picks. Total throw-aways. Why trade up for players NO ONE WANTS!?? What a freakin’ waste. They trade up and give picks away only to draft players no one is interested in. NO ONE! So optimistic after the first round only to see them throw the rest of the draft away. Bill’s drafts, in total, have sucked!

    • Andy F says:

      “Why trade up for players NO ONE WANTS!??”

      Wait, are you complaining about the Jones and Hightower picks? Christ!

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      Not so OB1. Only the media thinks Bill is a genius (and those foolish enough to trust the media). In fact, it was Romeo Crennel his defensive coordinator who was the genius with Bill getting the credit. Since Bill has taken over the defensive reins (even with a great offense, that had not yet developed with Romeo aboard) zero SB wins, yet with Romeo at the defensive reins, 3 SB wins in, what, five years. Time to face the truth. Bill works his butt off but needs to find a defensive coordinator. For those who disagree and point to his time with the Giants as defensive coordinator, realize then it wasn’t Bill picking the groceries. The Big Tuna was. Again Bill busts his butt and is a great guy but makes some less than quality decisions that have cost the Pats a few more SBs. Sad to think what might have been. Kind of like how this years draft was (wasn’t) managed. Pats have other internal problems too. Ever wondered why Peoli and Romeo teamed up again just not in NE and are now trying to rebuild what was a dismal KC franchise? Or why the Big Tuna and Robert Kraft had a falling out? Compare Dallas and NE since Romeo Crennel left. You might be shocked at some of the similarities. Notice Dallas hasn’t won either. Bottom line…the guy who makes enough money to own the team should never build or run the team, the management group with the strategic vision to build the team should never run the team, and the coaches should stick to the tactical concerns of the team. Lines of communication need to remain open but lines of authority should not be crossed. When the Pats get this right and pay appropriately they will retain quality execs like Peoli and return to the winners circle.

  10. qwerty says:

    BB will be judged by all the talent he missed with that 48th pick

  11. BILL says:

    At 48 the pats could have had CB /Safety type available:
    Trumaine Johnson, Josh Robinson, Brandon Taylor, Brandin Hardin, Casey hayword. It will be interesting to see where they all sugar out. Wilson was a 3 year starter on a big 10 team, and has good measureables. BB gets a we’ll see on this one. Also markelle Martin has yet to be drafted. Also Lavonte David would have been a very intereswting and versatile coverage LB/ SS

    Bequette was a leading player in hte best conference in country, so mI’m hopeful his versatility will prove him more valauable than taking a bunch of big men at 48 and a cb/safety @ 62 and not trqading down

    I get the feeling tonight could have been better

    • Tom says:

      It is interesting that Wilson was a three year starter at a major conference school but no one had heard of him.

  12. Dan says:

    I will add this also…the fact that they didn’t take any of the DT’s is telling, and I do believe they like what they have, and they’ll probably pick up a few cast-offs to round it out. But, the front seven is so much better right now…young, long, talented, mean, big…etc…
    Fanene…can’t forget about this signing…Hightower, Mayo, Spikes…with Jones & Bequette fighting to get to the QB.

    And(!)…Jones has instant competition…in his own draft class…Bequette will push him hard, and may be a more ready player than Jones. I like this…

    I can’t wait for the real games…December games…when BB gets his defense playing every year…pulling together what he has. I want to see how this defensive backfield looks if they are knocking QB’s down regularly, and I believe they will.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      With no DT taken and 2 4-3 DE’s taken plus what he has done in Free agency, isnt it obvious to everyone that we are switching to a 4-3 more as a Base defense than a scheme defense.

      The Jake Bequette pick is AWSOME value. Mark it here, remember my words, he is a STUD.

      Guys, our Awsome offense cannot do anything against the Giants. The Giants have an OK secondary at best but they get after the passer with their front 4, dropping 7 into coverage. Now we have the tallent and players to do a similar thing. Against a pass happy league this is what needs to be done.

      I have nothing on the Tavon Wilson (or what ever his name is) Pick. Does look like a colossal reach.

  13. Dan says:

    I’m at a loss for words really…just like the rest of you…what can be said about the Wilson pick? I always want to know the Pat’s board…for over a decade now I’ve followed this draft pretty closely, and from a Pats perspective…as a fan, and as a fan of team building etc…But, this pick has to have an amazing story behind it, and I’m hoping someday it comes out.
    Maybe it was a hoax…the same kid who called Sanu…snuck in and changed Troy Brown’s card? Maybe it was the same people who gave the oscar to Merissa Tomai? Now urban legend….
    Did Belichick hear this kid’s story and just melt…decide to make this guys dreams come true???
    Anyway, all joking aside, he played big-time ball, has measurables, has all the motivation in the world, and I did like to hear what Gruden said about Zook and how he really believed in the kid.
    The Pats play a system…BB sees something special in him, and the kid seems like a real good guy; so he’s now a Patriot and I’m going to pull for him in a big way.

  14. Nick says:

    Marvin Jones, Jared Crick, and Chase Minnifield would be ideal if they fell to the Pats, but all three will probably be out of reach at 162. If no moves are made for more picks, it hink Chris Rainey would be the pick. He can play RB/WR and is a great return man. Hope the Pats make more moves tomorrow

  15. psw says:

    I saw 2 second round picks, we need db’s. T. Johnson, and J. Robinson are just sitting there. I figure we can get one or both. If the team didn’t like either them ,there were plenty of other db’s just waiting to be snatched up. Then I hear Tavon Wilson. Who! What! M—– F—— S—!!!!!!! What just happened. Then we get to 2nd rounder number 2, still plenty of db’s on the board. Then trade, WTF, I thought we needed a corner and a safety, instead I get mystery meat under stink sauce and a third and a fifth. The pick of Bequette not so bad, actually good, I like it, it makes me happy enough not to go get jihadi training to hunt BB down like a rabid dog, then do my self ugly. But after this does anyone think our secondary is gonna be any better. The DL and LB yes the rush yes but the secondary still sucks.

    • Bob Shannon says:

      BB The Trust has left the building…..Your Fired…..Coach the damn team and stay the hell out of the draft room……Can anyone tell this guy he’s being an IDIotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Anyone???????

      • MilitStrat54 says:

        For Bob Shannon,
        You’ re on target. Bill should just coach. Additionally he should get the first top level defensive coordinator that becomes available. Ever notice how when they had defensive coordinators the Pats won Super Bowls, but since Bill took over the defense, it’s more like Jerry Jones of Dallas is in charge. I don’t believe that the Pats will win it all until they get a defensive coordinator and/or have someone else shop for the groceries. Exception, their Offensive Coordinator retred may be energetic enough and independent enough to out gunfight the other gunslingers this time around if Brady stays health and hot. Funny how Bill became a genius when Brady got there. Does that mean he quits when Brady retries so nobody figures it out. Bill is smart alright but only to a degree.
        They even have problems with clock management at the end of games. Would like to see the Pats with the lead running the clock out instead of hoping the other team doesn’t figure our how to score for a change. Bill is great tactically but strategically he seems a mess. Maybe he has taken on to much or doesn’t know how to deligate, has too much to do and time is wearing him down. Organizational structure and strategic planning need a boost (it’s been almost ten years).

    • MilitStrat54 says:

      To psw,
      I haven’t laughed so hard for so long in quite a while. Sounds like you hang around the military. Haven’t heard about mystery meat and stink sauce since I was on base years ago. Keep it up, laughter may not b the best medicine but it is up there. Many thanks.

  16. big w says:

    I just want Bill to answer the question why he even bothers with the draft, trade picks for guys in the NFL , trade the 5th to Dallas for Jenkins and put away your suit forever.

  17. MP says:

    I’m fine with it. If he busts then we can complain more. Honestly I would rather have Tavon Wilson at 48 then John Hughes at 87

  18. ANB says:

    Hoping that Adams, Givens, or Marvin Jones slips to Pats although it’s unlikely. They have to add someone who can return punts and kickoffs. Also, I’d like to see them be aggressive with UDFAs. I think there will be some good players left there.

  19. Ty says:

    Really like Bequette, not sure about Wilson. I was super mad about it at first but i was just telling a buddy that the thing i like about the pats in the draft is that they swing hard. Guess i’ll just have to trust the system and hope for a better day 3. Tons of talent still out there at this point.

  20. @59russo59 says:

    I think of today’s haul as decent enough, considering yesterday’s haul. Now, if they had taken an offensive lineman and run stuffer yesterday, my TV would have ended up through my window after today’s fuckery.

    However, any Pats fan has got to be happy that we have just invested our first 4 picks solely on defense, in areas of need.

    • Bob Shannon says:

      Today’s picks would of been rookie free agents…..Today should of been DT/s or CB/s with talent……Even the trade he game away ten dollars for six dollars, if he got the 3, 4, and 5th that might have been even…..Worst display of not giving a rip that I have ever witnessed in a draft……Kraft get someone to explain this one to you, you might have napping when this all went down…..

      • Big Dan From Maine says:

        Bob, Bequette NEVER would have made it to Free agency

        • big w says:

          True bequette is a hell of a player but he is a 4-3 d end not a olb so where does that put the value of a nt on the pats making 8 or 9 million. Chandler is also only a de no olb ability also.

  21. Tommy G. says:

    The Tavon Wilson pick just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but chances are that somebody else wanted to pick him (I heard rumors that the Ravens were very interested) and the Patriots wouldn’t risk it. I also heard Illinois has a very very poor coaching program, and that can make players look very poor if they’re playing in an uncomfortable position. So maybe this could turn out for the better, but who knows. Still bitter. Would’ve loved to get Trumaine or Boykin or someone, but the Patriots draft team obviously knows better than I do. I’m just a fan at home and they get paid to do this professionally. Just gotta trust in your team and BB.

    The Jake Bequette pick was nice. I was hoping for more secondary, but this pick is great for DL depth and adds another competent pass rusher. Sure we gave up a ton of yard last year because of the secondary, but the lack of pass rush is just as much at fault. If QBs are constantly pressured, they won’t make the best throws most of the time regardless of the coverage.

    All in all I agree, a meh day for the Patriots. It’s really hard to tell what’s going to happen. All we know is our pass rush has significantly improved, and hopefully Tavon Wilson will be able to produce like the Pats seem to think he will.

    I expect the Pats to trade in a player for some more picks. I just can’t see them sitting happy with one pick in the last three rounds. Hoyer’s a big possibility, MAYBE just maybe Ochocinco.

    • psw says:

      Oh, Gawhd , puh-leeeeezzzzz, let it be ocho cinco, and use that pick on a cb for goodness sakes.

    • DJ says:

      OK guys, I’m reaching here, I know it.

      But as a Michigan fan who watches a ton of Big Ten games, I can attest to Tommy G’s take: Zook is a great recruiter and a terrible coach. So it’s possible that Wilson has a ton of undeveloped talent.

      I guess.

      But it does seem incredible that he was the highest on the Pats DB board with Johnson, Boykin, Robinson, Hosley, etc still up there. And I wonder if BB could really have thought that the DLs wouldn’t have made the roster (over the likes of Brace and Warren and Deadrick): Still? Worthy? Those guys made plays, even if there were question-marks. Curry? Reyes?

      I keep looking at the NEP roster and seeing replaceable guys (Barrett, Brace, White, Koutovetes), and wondering why we don’t replace them with rookies who seem to have higher ceilings.

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