Open Thread: Patriots Roster Projection

Matt Light Patriots

Is Matt Light going to be a Patriot in 2012?

We launched a new feature here on NEPD last week, predicting the makeup of the 2012 Patriots roster while including the picks from our latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Check out the Patriots Roster Projection and the 2012 NFL Mock Draft, then join in the discussion below.

Some topics to discuss…

Will Matt Light retire? I think he might stay around for one more year given the team that is being built.

Is the OLB position the weakest on the team? Can Markell Carter contribute in 2012?

What running back can fill the Law Firm’s shoes?

Can Chad Ochocinco somehow make his way back into Brady and Belichick’s good graces?

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62 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Roster Projection”

  1. MaineMan says:

    “Can Chad Ochocinco somehow make his way back into Brady and Belichick’s good graces?”

    I have my doubts that Chad was ever OUT of TFB’s and BB’s “good graces” (or those of BO’B, for that matter).

    Chad worked almost exclusively on outside routes and “deep”, at least relative to the rest of the pass-catching corps (his average catch was 15 yds downfield, double the distance of the next “deepest” passing target). Even Branch worked between the numbers about half the time (at least in the first 2/3 of the season), and when he worked outside routes, he wasn’t often targeted. And why would either of them be targeted on the outside? Those are much lower percentage throws (50%-60%, on average) than over the middle, and the three guys who worked there – Gronk, Welker and Ahern – were catching at an average rate of over 70%.

    Those three accounted for 419 of Brady’s 611 targets (and Branch added another 90) in what was an undeniably phenomenal passing attack. What would Brady bother to throw anywhere else? Why would O’Brien (and BB and Brady) bother to make a low-percentage outside route part of Brady’s early read progressions very often?

    I don’t believe that Chad had fewer targets (or even snaps) because he was playing poorly (he wasn’t) or had somehow “fallen out of favor” (which would require some serious mind-reading skills to be able to claim as “fact”), it was because, quite rationally, his role in the configuration of the 2011 passing attack was made relatively irrelevant by the incredible success of Welker, Gronk and Ahern and the over-the-middle attack. I mean, Brady didn’t even throw to RBs in the outside flat nearly as much as he had in the past – mostly because his read progression never got there (not because Woodhead’s route-running or receiving skills had diminished). Gronk, Welker and Ahern were almost always his first three reads and one of them was nearly always open.

    The fact that Chad agreed to a contract restructure very likely had nothing to do with his 2011 performance, IMHO. I believe that it was simply part of an overall economizing strategy (Brady restructured, too). Whether that’s leading up to “something big” – who knows? It’s just good budget management in the cap era, regardless.

    Finally, looking at the Pats free agent moves (FBs, WRs, another run-blocking TE) in combination with McDaniels taking over as OC, it seems only reasonable to speculate that the passing attack and the offense overall may be substantially different in 2012. It may include more running; it may include more outside/deep throws (which may actually expand Chad’s role, assuming that he out-plays Stallworth, Branch, et al in camp).

    This “good graces” thing and the “figuring out the offense” thing are both way overblown.

    • Adam says:

      MaineMan, are you the same MaineMan on Reiss’ ESPN Boston blog?

      I’ve been pretty down on Ocho since it became clear he wasn’t going to contribute (week 4 or so). While your argument has swayed me a little bit we can’t forget those mental lapses that occurred far too often. There was that time when Ocho made a catch and then accidentally stepped out of bounds when he had 10 yards of space in front of him and a bunch of times when TB threw behind him because he expected an out while Ocho was running an in-cut. Fact is, considering how few targets Chad saw this season, I think the percentage of targets to miscommunications with Tom was significantly higher than any other receiver on the team. The Pats are a precision offense. You need to run the route the defense gives you and you need to see the same thing that Brady sees. When you need to run 8 yards and cut, you need to run 8 yards. Not 7, not 9.

      I didn’t see any evidence that Chad had the precision needed to produce in the Pats offense and I expect Belichick to show no hesitation in cutting him if he is beat out in training camp.

  2. MaineMan says:

    “What running back can fill the Law Firm’s shoes?”

    I don’t think it’s going to work quite that way.

    BGE was almost exclusively a between-the-tackles power back who rarely ran outside (and not often successfully when he did) and who didn’t run many pass-routes. Woodhead was almost Yin to BGE’s Yang. He ran mostly (and most successfully) to the outside and a variety of pass routes.

    I really haven’t seen enough of Vereen on an NFL field to judge what he might be able to contribute, but Ridley seems like he might be a solid combination of the best attributes of both BGE and Woody (assuming he fixes his insecure ball-carrying habits). Between this and the sudden inclusion of THREE fullbacks on the off-season roster, I suspect that the configuration of the ground attack will be significantly different in 2012, mainly in that it will offer a lot more variety from each RB. IOW, I think BGE is kinda taking “his shoes” with him – the specific role he played may no longer exist in the same way.

  3. TD says:

    My roster Projection is as follows:

    53 man roster 1st game,
    4 guys/week will get released off 53 man roster,
    4 guys/week will get put on 53 man roster,
    2 guys/week will get dropped off practice squad,
    2 guys/week will get signed to practice squad,
    2 guys/week will get signed off the street,
    Ventrone will be released/signed 10 times.

    Nick Casserio and his staff will ask BB for a raise and BB will release 3 of them and sign 3 off the street.

  4. MaineMan says:

    “Is OLB the weakest position on the team?”

    I think there may be an open spot for a guy who can set the edge and play solid run-D, cover a bit, and who has at least some pass-rush chops to play the stand-up position opposite Ninko in sets that use 4 LBs. Trevor Scott may have the ability to hold that position, but a draftee (and not necessarily and 1st or 2nd rounder) might be in the cards.

    All we really know about Markell Carter is that he won a lot of practice jerseys for helping the team prepare for their next opponent. This implies that he played a role on the scout team for the offense to practice against and that he played that role very well. Since most of the defenses the Pats faced featured 4-3 DE pass-rushers rather than standup OLBs, it might be fairly assumed that Carter may be able to handle that role – but not necessarily that of standup OLB.

  5. Bill says:

    With all the picks the Pats have , every mock scenario looks good. With all the passing going on in the NFL, and the game being opened up so, we really need more speed at LB. Cunningham is way too slow and Spikes is a 2 down LB.
    Sign Louis Castillo as a FA DE
    1A Devon Still or Kendall Reyes as 3-4 DE .
    1B draft Vinny Curry as OLB
    2A Harrison Smith or Trumaine Johnson as FS
    2B Mychal Kendricks OLB (weak side)
    3 WR Greg Childs OR A J Jenkins
    4 Phil Blake C/G

    4 C/G

  6. Noah says:

    1a – Peter Konz, OG/OC, Wisconsin
    1b – Mark Barron, S, Alabama
    2a – Alameda Ta’amu, NT, Washington
    2b – Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska
    3a – Mike Brewster, OC, Ohio State
    4a – Olivier Vernon, OLB, Miami
    Late round pick trade / undrafted FA – Donte-Paige-Moss, OLB, UNC and one of Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama / Junior Hemingway, WR, Michigan / Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan

    BB always goes O-line, D-Line or DB with higher picks regardless of fans begging for a pass rusher.

  7. John M says:

    I know that I’m bringing up a totally different topic but since the Jets are in the Patriots division, it’s important. Is it dangerous that the Jets added Tebow to their offense or is it going to “blow up in their face”. I NEVER thought of Tebow as a legitimate QB, but if they bring him in for certain situations, he MIGHT do O.K. I could see defenses doing a lot of substituting players when they switch from Sanchez to Tebow or vica versa.

    • qwerty says:

      i joke about tebow and drama around him but all kidding aside, he has proven himself to be a good football player with ability to win. i’d give his qb another one and a half years to get up to snuff. if he doesn’t, use him as a utility player for special situations.

      as far as using him as back up QB to mark sanchez, that is really pushing it unless he improves enough fast enough. jets need to carry three QBs with tebow. it does have potential for disaster if sanchez goes down.

      personally, i’d rather not be playing against tebow nbecause he can make things happen. i wish he was in another division.

      • Noah says:

        Tebow playing for the entire game might give 3-5 good plays, 3-5 decent plays and 15-25 terrible plays. So I think by putting him out there for only a couple plays each game you are going to see less and less of those good plays.

    • td says:

      The Jets bringing Tebow in is going to create so much drama and distraction on a team full of it already. Sanchez out by game 7, Tebow in and Jets go 7-9. Goodbye and good riddance to Fat Rex and Tannen-bum.

  8. Guilherme Oppitz says:

    I’m making a mock draft with some friends (each one picks a team e makes the decisions on picks/trades).

    I have the Pats and until now (middle of 3rd) my picks are these:

    1a – Devon Stil DL
    1b – Traded to Seattle (1st 2013, 3rd 2012)
    2a – Jared Crick, DL
    2b – Trumaine Johnson, DB
    3 from Seattle – Brandon Taylor, DB
    3 from Pats – Im looking for Ron Brooks/Marvin McNutt

    I know probably the most needed position is a edge rusher, but the way the draft unfolds I wasnt really in a good position to add one. And I think this is the type of draft thats gonna make us feel like “WTF?” on draft day, but when you looking better at it I really liked.

    • Mark says:

      One trade scenario I like is PATS trading both seconds to HOU for pick 26.
      There will be a lot of talent right there at the end of the first for a team with 3 picks – 2 in a row. If ever there was a year in which high value players drop because of teams reaching for needs, this looks like it. Netting 3 of them would be insane.

      • Mark says:

        Another is this, Trent Richardson is rated the best player in the draft by some. If he is there at JAX’s 7th pick, would they trade their first 3 picks = 1500 trade value chart? If he is rated #1 then the PATS are getting twice their value in pick.

        How valuable would a kick butkus run game be with all new playbook?

        • qwerty says:

          patriots are RB by committee. let’s say trent richardson is a super star. do you really want to end up paying thru the butt another prima donna after his rookie contract. i’d rather spend the money in the trenches and for depth.

        • td says:

          More to the point: BB is not going to take the ball out of Tom’s hands to run it when he can throw to Welker, Gronk, Hernandez, and the logjam that is the 3rd wr.

      • Jim R says:

        3 picks in the first round. Never in your lifetime.

        • Mark says:

          YEs I agree. But I like looking at the range of their flexibility. Let’s face it, they could trade all of their picks this year and still be a superbowl contender next year with what they already have done in free agency but that ain’t gonna happen either.

          The scenario I favor is for them to trade down where ever they can and try to gain picks for net year and try to accumulate 4 picks all in the second round this year by dropping down with one or both 1sts. Hopefully one of the backup QBs will earn a pick too. Each year it seems more first round talent spills over into the second round. Isn’t this year exceptionally deep because of the uncertainy of the league surrounding last year’s draft?

    • Jim R says:

      Good job. Love Crick and Johnson in rd 2. Would love to see them end up with Shea McCelliln too. Third round reciver is Greg Childs.

  9. Matt says:

    All the players i listed in my mock are slated to go in the round in which i put them. Not saying they fall to the patriots in that order but a man can hope right?? No one knows how the draft board is going to fall.

    The reason i say i think BB needs to take that plundge and double dip in DE/OLB is the fact that the pass rush last season was pretty good. 21 sacks from Carter and Anderson. OH WAIT, anderson is gone and Carter could be too given his injury and his age. Next leading pass rusher was nincovich with 5.5 sacks. The secondary really isnt as bad as we think. It could def. use upgrades dont get me wrong but they are a young improving secondary. The saftey position is a much higher need than the cornerback position in my opinion.

    The pats are gonna need 6 good DB’s on the field if they have no one to rush the passer. D-line needs help but is solid against the run and they use a plug and play system. Linebackers are solid but could use more playmakers. The DE/OLB position is pretty much nonexistent and losing anderson and carter and not bringing in people to help in getting after the passer will once again be the downfall of this defense. JPP was a one hit wonder and look how that worked out for the Giants. He’s a young long athletic player learning the game. Just like whitney mercilus and andre branch. Your gonna miss 100% of the shots you dont take. And where their is a rookie wage scale and u have 2 picks late 1st round where those players r slated to go. I say pull the trigger!!

    FYI: Cunningham is yet another 2nd round bust. Taking cunningham 1 spot b4 star teamate carlos dunlap. One of BB alltime bonehead moves in the 2nd round on defense. Even urban meyer who coached cunningham at florida told BB he didnt see him as the type of player to be a difference maker on that side of the ball. Cunningham is gone and unless trevor scott is our hope and savior we as pats fans could once again be in big trouble on the defensive side of the ball this season… sorry for the rant hahah

    • DWE 2012 says:

      Big oop’s on Cunningham as well is correct. & many actually thought that at the time.
      Might not be a good time to mention that it was Scott Pioli who had the dealing’s to bring in Seymore, Wilfork and Warren, Not Bill Belichick.
      Once Pioli left, it’s been a little disoriented with the defence draft wise?!?!

      Maybe a good time to mention that it’s high time we brought in an actual D.C. so there was another opinion around…….

    • qwerty says:

      rookie wage scale changes really just affect the first 10-12 picks.

      cunningham had a good first year. whether they ultimately keep him is dependent on how much new talent they bring in at his position thru draft.

  10. Dan says:

    Question: Who knows the new cap numbers with Ocho now taking less and what will it be if Light does retire???

    • td says:

      I read elsewhere that Light would free up $8mil and that BB may be looking to extend some guys now, such as Gronk, Hernandez & Chung rather than sign a big name like Wallace.

  11. Dan says:

    The one thing about the draft is that if I were BB, I wouldn’t touch Mercilus in the first round. The guy only has one year of production and is only a good pass rusher. To me, he screams of 3rd down situational pass rusher, and that is not the type of player you use a 1st round pick on.

    • qwerty says:

      exactly. you don’t draft situational or one down players in first round.

      • Dan says:

        Yes, and I would think Branch would be the better athlete to bring in. And, that’s not the way BB likes to deal with this position….to much speculation already in the move from college to pros, DE to OLB in the pros, and his incredible complex and high standards. He did it with Cunningham with a 2nd round pick and you can see how that is going.
        Most of his guys come in from other teams because they have film on them flashing potential in the league…lessoning the risk etc…
        It’s just a big gamble for him and he hasn’t shown the desire to want to gamble with 1st rounders. Maybe he’ll change that now a bit with the increased need to simply rush the passer (last season becoming an all out air show), and the more reasonable rookie salary numbers, especially at the end of the round where we are.

    • Dan says:

      This isn’t me “Dan” by the way. I don’t think I blacked out and wrote this last night, but I do kind of agree with it.
      How about differentiating names here…what if this dude goes off and says stupider stuff than me???

    • AM says:

      I think Mercilus can make the transition to a full-time OLB–he’s obviously better at playing the pass than the run, but he has the size, strength, athleticism, and (word is) intelligence and attitude to adapt to the new position.

      But even if he can’t, and I think he can, he might be worth the pick. In any other year I might agree that the first-rounder isn’t worth it for a “situational” player. At this point, however, a relentless pass-rusher is the team’s one glaring weakness, free safety notwithstanding. The idea that you need a three- (or four-) down player out of a first-round pick is an ideal, but it matters more to teams with lesser talent and skill. Put another way: if Mercilus comes close to being the kind of pass rusher he was this past year at the college level, why should it matter if he only plays 50% of the downs? Sacks are sacks, pressures are pressures, and as long as there is someone else (Ninkovich, et al.) to pick up the slack on the early downs, it doesn’t really matter when they come.

      As to the one-year wonder label, it is certainly a risk, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. Every player is a risk to a certain extent–obviously two years of production would be better than one, but one is better than none. The concern is always that you are overdrafting a player based on limited production, but there are two aspects to that. The first is financial–are you paying him more than he “deserves” because of a higher draft slot. In that respect, I don’t think there is much fear here, because Mercilus at 27 or 31 doesn’t hurt the team financially much more than he would at 47 (where I think he would be a value by any standard). The second concern is comparative–are you passing on a better player because you are overvaluing one year of college production? Certainly the team should stick to its board, but the NFL is littered with one-year wonders who went on to sterling careers and three-year starters who flamed out. There are probably fewer players in that orientation than vice versa, but it is an inexact science either way. And again, given the narrow but deep deficiencies that the Patriots have, a little risk taking may be in order.

      All that being said, I’d rather have Shea McClellin. But I wouldn’t say no to both.

  12. Matt says:

    1(27) Michael Brockers DT/DE
    1(31) Andre Branch DE/OLB
    2(48) Kevin Zeitler C/G
    2(61) Harrison Smith S
    3(92) Jarius Wright WR
    4 Chase Minnfield CB
    5 Terrance Ganaway RB
    6 Mike brewster C
    7 Derek Wolfe DT/DE

    BB will find a way to pick up a pick in each round.. I could see Brace,Ocho and a handful of others being traded for a late round pick

    • Ken W says:

      Like the middle of your picks Harrison, Wright, Minnfield. Not sure if Minnfield will last that long and the same with Brewster and Wolfe. They will be more middle round guys then late.

      Not sold on Branch either, from what I have seen I wouldn’t draft him late first early second. A bit of a twinner so late 2nd early 3rd if he was still there I wouldn’t mind the Pats going for it.

      • Dan says:

        Yes, this looks like a draft where you’re the only team drafting, yet you have to take a player graded for each round, approximately. I agree on Minnifield…he probably won’t last so long.
        Pretty good though…I’d be very happy with those picks for sure.

  13. Ken W says:

    I would love it if the Pats got a DE, OLB, S, and CB with their first 4 picks but the Pats draft the best available player. They drafted Mallett in the 3rd because he was the best player on their board not because they needed a QB.

    Same thing happened with Solder in the 1st. Pats had much bigger needs then OT and there were some good prospects on the board when they picked like Prince Amukamara CB, Cameron Jordan DE, Cameron Hayward DE, Mark Ingram RB. They went with Solder because he was the highest rated player on their board.

    So if a good OL slips or a player they have rated high is there then they will take him. It’s the Pats so VALUE VALUE VALUE!

    • td says:

      Actually, they had a huge need at OL last year before they took Solder. Light was a free agent and Neal retired. After the draft, Light signed and they picked up Waters.

      • Ken W says:

        If Light wasn’t signed yet then yah they had a need there but they could have had Vollmer play LT and fill in the right side. So there would have been a need there but Im saying there were bigger needs else where like on the defensive side.

  14. Matt says:

    They have doubled up on a certain position each of the last 2 years and if that trend continues i think it is a neccesity that they go for rush DE/OLB this year.

    I would love to see a combination of andre branch and whitney merciulus with our 2 1st round picks. The team has solid depth on the Oline, WR QB and RB. In a draft that is very deep at WR & CB, i think u grab those positions later in the draft.

    Pass rush and safety should be the the only thing they target in the 1st 2 rounds.

    • DWE 2012 says:

      That’s essentially what I’m hoping for: a Double dip on the DE/OLB and a Double dip in the Safety department.

      If we can trade a Hoyer for example, that releives us some thought’s on another pick naturally.
      & I’d plan on trading the 4th this year along with the 7trh next year for a good move.

      • AM says:

        I’m not sure if this year’s class warrants a double-up on safeties. I can see Harrison Smith in the second or third, and maybe George Iloka (or Aaron Smith in a later round if the team acquires a late-round pick), but beyond that, I don’t know if there is anyone worth it. I don’t really think that Barron is worth the pick. Chase Minnifield or Alfonso Dennard could be potential conversion projects.

        Definitely a lot more potential at pass rusher–a Mercilus/McClellin combination would be fantastic, especially with Reyes or Crick in the second round. Either way, not sure if the team would trade a future pick for moving up, even a low one–can’t remember them doing that in a while.

        • DWE 2012 says:

          The Tim Tebow deal included the use of a 6th or 7th rounder…. Same thing IMO applies here. Toss it in for good measure on almost any deal be it a trade within pick’s, or in a trade with/for a player. It’s somewhat a useless pick unless there is somthing along sdie it.
          & Yes Harrison HSmith and GIloka are the two I’d target without question, I’s straight up take them both.
          Barron is an absolute NO GO regarding his double injury.

  15. Dan says:

    Sorry, I’ll make this my last entry…don’t want to clog things up, again.

    I also think Hoyer could be gone…another draft day trade or whenever before the season. I like him, and he did sign the contract, but that means very little. The bigger issue is this team needing that roster spot and Mallett being able to act as a back up now; which I feel he can do.

    And, I wouldn’t fall off my chair if they were overwhelmed and dealt Mallett now, and kept Hoyer. This is a QB league, and it’s just too obvious that teams would be asking about him. Brady will be here a while longer, it’s different than the Farve/Rogers situation…Brady isn’t threatening retirement every other month for a decade. If they’re offered a nice pick they may just decide to cash in that chip and move on with Hoyer as the back up.

    Look at what Washington gave up to get a QB…a rookie, running QB (who can throw also…nice prospect). I couldn’t imagine being an NFL owner/GM or coach and not wanting to bring in Mallett over some of these other guys; especially after he kept very clean this year and learned under BB/Brady etc…and with one of the best arms in the league.

    • McTash says:

      You feel that Mallett can be the back-up now? Based upon what? Must be a feeling or you have special access to practices and inner workings etc. because there is absolutely no evidence to support your feeling.

      • qwerty says:

        Mallet played at a high level in preseason games.

        • Dan says:

          Yes, he executed, and he showed the ability to see the field, run through his progressions; and he showed off that cannon of an arm with great accuracy. He was far from perfect, but it was impressive to see him hang in there and do what he did so soon, and I’m sure with limited snaps in practice and a shortened off-season.
          Let’s just say he looked like he belonged and has some great promise (here or elsewhere…I’m not too sure he’ll, or his agent, will want to wait 4-6 years behind Brady).
          Can’t wait to see how he looks this preseason.

          My guess is we will NOT be carrying 3 QB’s again…I’ll stick by that prediction.

      • Dan says:

        Really? I watched him in the preseason and I’ve watched Hoyer. Mallett is clearly the better prospect and has an amazing arm, this we all know; not to mention he came from a pro-style offense.
        Most importantly, I’m not sure how many back ups are ideal; there’s usually a known massive drop off if the #1 goes down. Basically, if Brady goes down for the season I’m thining the season is in rough shape. That being said, I’m sure that BB does want his back up to be able to carry the team…to run things well enough, especially for a short-term injury to Brady…keep them in games etc…
        Don’t act like Hoyer is some proven star in the waiting either…he’s looked ok, but is limited, and the rest of the league knows this and just proved it by not scooping him up for a simple 2nd rounder.
        Mallett was said to be a 1st round talent, because he has that kind of ability; but he had character issues. I stated the simple fact that he has kept clear of anything and has seemed to have done a very nice job of moving along. I’m speculating that he’s progressed, grwon up, and would now be a much better prospect for another franchise.
        Ask yourself one simple question: If you’re an owner or GM and you need a starting/franchise QB tomorrow which guy are you taking or trading for??? If you pick Hoyer you’re an idiot, if you have choosen the Mallott you win the steak knives and have a chance to actually have a stud QB…notice I said, “chance”. Nobody is a sure thing.

        • qwerty says:

          Mallet was very poised when he played preseason games. I agree. Until a QB actually gets out there and plays regular season enough, one can never be 100% sure. Even if he turns out to be greatest QB ever, injuries could derail him. There is a certain amount of luck involved. The two QBs Mallet has studied the most before he was drafted by the Patriots was Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. I think it is great he doesn’t have to worry about starting right away. He can take a few years to learn the play book, adapt to the speed of the NFL and work on any flaws in his mechanics. I think Hoyer is definitely fit to be an excellent back up QB at the very least. The main advantage with him getting traded is that he opens up an extra roster spot and frees up more cap space.

  16. Dan says:

    I really like the projection above…can’t argue with much…the speculation on the draft picks is reasonable.

    I obviously want Barron more than I wanted any other player in years. Last year I was hoping for Robert Quinn, but I was realistic in my hopes because I knew he was a top tier guy and would be long gone. This year my guy could be there….thanks to his wonderful double hernia surgery coupled with teams really needing to reach for impact players.
    So, he could slip down, but, I would hope they scoop him up at 27 if he’s there and not play around. He changes that defense straight away by filling a pathetic hole at safety…Gregory or no Gregory.

    I prefer the Blake at center…from Baylor…he seems to have more upside and size…a lot to work with and develop.

    I’m not sure who will push Cunningham, but I’m speculating he’s not making this team…he’s done nothing. He better be doing “everything” to get stronger and in shape because he’s ready to start his fall from this league if he doesn’t make the step up.

    • Dan says:

      I’m also like Curry on this team…seems like what we need and a special talent. I haven’t seen too much of Still, but I figure we’ll end up with some D-lineman they like in the first 3 picks. So, he’s as nice of a projection as the others I gather.

    • qwerty says:

      last year, robert quinn was rated slightly higher by the patriots than soldier but another team plucked him

      given all the talent at other positions, picking a safety like barron in first would be a waste.

      cunningham played well his first year. this past year, there were too much veteran talent. when your loaded with talent, even someone talented will find it difficult to get playing time

      • Dan says:

        I hope you’re right on Cunningham…we could use him to emerge. I just would have hoped he could have been at least like Anderson and shown the basic ability to rush the QB, but it seems he couldn’t even do that, or at least not as well as Anderson.
        I’m not holding out hope for him…
        Barron, we agree to disagree…I see a serious football player, and at a position that we desperately need help at. I’m not saying he’s Berry or Reed…pure FS super stars, but he’s a safety who can play the game at a high level; certainly a big upgrade for us, and I would say well worth the first round pick. I wouldn’t use a first on Smith this year.

        • qwerty says:

          patriots will pick the best player available in first round whatever position that may be. we don’t know who will fall down the draft board so targeting a specific player is reaching. if jenkis jainoris falls, the patriots should swoop him up.

  17. Dan says:

    I do think Light is serious about retiring, and judging from Kraft’s emotional response it may seem a reality coming soon. But, I wonder what may by going on behind this; meaning, more than Light just thinking it’s time to walk away. I’m not trying to stir the pot and guess, but I feel that the team may feel they have 3 starting tackles, and Light is by far the most expensive. He’s coming of a great season and I’m not sure he’s willing to cut that pay (if they asked, or had a discussion).
    So, the Pats may be asking him in the most professional way to renogotiate, or….Solder is ready…no doubt; Vollmer is healthy, and they have the back ups also.
    On Carter, I would love to hear something from anybody (not hearsay please…1st hand, eyeball stuff) on how he’s progressed. Does he look like a player, and what are his strengths and weaknesses??? So, I have no idea if this kid is any kind of answer or if he even has a shot to remain the practice squad, nevermind play in the league as an OLB in BB’s system. Need some help here…You guys see him at practice, or hear anything? Film would be great also
    Last year I felt that LeShoure was the top back in the draft…ahead of Ingram, and he was still there (if I recall) when the Pats drafted Vareen, so this spoke loudly to me. They obviously love this kid.
    I can see him playing some big role this year, he has great hands, is a top athlete with amazing stength, speed & quickness. Not that this is any big secret…we all know his story…he got injured and was caught in a rookie’s numbers game on the depth chart. Now is his time….get ready because he can play.
    I just don’t see them allowing Ocho back onto this team…I see them unloading him well before any kind of training camp…maybe a draft day give-away…for a 6th or something…don’t let the door hit you in the ass! The guy is a clown and he’s no a distraction; I’m not listening to any of this nonsense of him picking up the system now.

  18. Mark says:

    Matt Light can simply play a back up roll unless he is just tired of the routine of the season and wants out. I hope he at least opts for that or leaves the door open incase of serious patriot need due to injury.

    I think Ridley should do fine. Incredible combo of explosive power and seeing the hole. Vareen we need to see healthy but should develope nicely. Woodhead is solid, opponents can’t find or bend down low enough to grab him. I’m not sure we need a veteran 4th. I think BB looks around in the draft picks up more O-line and another rookie RB and pounds the ball more to give Brady some relief in the pocket as he ages.

    LB and DE definitely need to be addressed in the draft and there should be plenty to chose from. However in 2011 the main issue was the secondary – due more to injury than lack of talent or reasonable depth.

    We like the Chad, but he needed and needs to do his homework and learn the routes and the signals. He did ok at staying out of mischief.

    A request – can you update the team needs lists by red inking the positions that teams have addressed?

  19. Andrew says:

    1a. DE/DT Devon Still
    1b. S Mark Barron
    2a. OLB/DE Vinny Curry
    2b. CB Casey Hayward
    3a. WR Joe Adams* (B. Hoyer Trade)
    3b. WR A.J. Jenkins
    4. C David Molk

    53-man roster prediction:

    QB: Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett
    HB: Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead
    FB: Spencer Larsen
    WR: Brandon Lloyd, Donte Stallworth, A.J. Jenkins, Matthew Slater
    WR: Wes Welker, Joe Adams, Julian Edelman
    TE: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Daniel Fells, Danny Aiken
    LT: Nate Solder
    LG: Logan Mankins, Robert Gallery
    C: David Molk, Dan Connolly, Ryan Wendell
    RG: Brian Waters
    RT: Sebastian Vollmer, Marcus Cannon

    DE: Devon Stil, Brandon Deaderick
    NT: Vince Wilfork, Kyle Love
    DE: Luis Castillo, Jonathan Fanene, Myron Pryor

    OLB: Vinny Curry, Trevor Scott
    LB: Jerod Mayo, Dane Fletcher
    LB: Brandon Spikes, Tracy White, Niko Koutouvides
    OLB: Rob Ninkovich, Jermaine Cunningham, Markell Carter

    S: Patrick Chung, Steve Gregory
    S: Mark Barron, James Ihedigbo

    CB: Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington, Sterling Moore
    CB: Ras-I Dowling, Casey Hayward, Marquice Cole

    • Jim R says:

      Nice job. The draft picks look solid. I do think that they will only use 1 first round pick. They will also draft a fatty in the first 3 rounds.

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