NFL Free Agency Fallout: Tim Tebow to the Patriots?

Tim Tebow Patriots

How would Tim Tebow look in a Patriots uniform? (Photo: Icon SMI)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes is over – Peyton Manning is going to be a Bronco. Now that is settled, where will Tim Tebow end up?

John Clayton reported on ESPN Radio that there is a rumor that if Manning winds up on the Broncos, the New England Patriots are the favorites to land Tim Tebow in a trade.


That’s right, and it might actually make sense on a few of levels. It was widely reported that the Patriots were interested in Tebow prior to the 2010 season. Tebow spent a couple of days in Foxboro, working out with the team and meeting with Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio.

The inclusion of Josh McDaniels, the man who traded up to draft Tebow back in 2010, makes this even more interesting. Tebow may not have started any games while McDaniels was head coach there (he was fired prior to Tebow’s three starts), but McDaniels did use him as a goal line option, scoring three touchdowns in twelve rushing attempts.

Finally, we’ve seen the affinity Bill Belichick has for former Florida Gators. In the 2010 draft alone, the Patriots selected TE Aaron Hernandez, LB Brandon Spikes and LB/DE Jermaine Cunningham. Granted, I’d probably rather add Cam Newton, Chris Rainey, Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Mike Pouncey, Maurkice Pouncey, Carlos Dunlap, Joe Haden and Janoris Jenkins from that 2008 National Championship team over Tebow, but that connection is still there.

So where does Tebow fit in with the Patriots? Would he be the new future under center? Would he be a goal line option? A fullback? Another tight end? Merely a backup?


There’s a lot of layers here. If Tebow was looked at as the future QB of the Patriots, then I would expect either Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer to be moved this offseason. With so many teams carrying just two quarterbacks last season, there would be no reason to carry four.

The logical move would be to trade Hoyer, then essentially have a competition between Mallett and Tebow for the role as future QB. The Pats will be able to get more for Mallett in a trade, but there’s also a reason for that, he holds a better future.

Some may say it wouldn’t make sense to bring Tebow in for goal line situations, not only does it take Tom Brady off the field, but Brady is also one of the best QB-sneak artists in the league. I agree with all of that, but the less hits Brady takes, and the less Brady has to run between the tackles for a first down or touchdown, the more it may prolong his career.

I can’t imagine Tebow being happy switching positions, but it’s the option I would most prefer as a Patriots fan. Overall, I’m not overly excited by the idea of Tim Tebow, starting QB of my favorite team.

I think there is something about Tebow that invigorates his teammates. The Broncos vastly overachieved last season, and Tebow is Brady-esque in his fourth quarter comebacks. I am not sure though how Tebow will do with his teammates while taking over for a legend like Brady.

The Tebow magic is fun to watch, but it may be more fun to watch from afar, and not in your own backyard every week. I’ve got my hopes up for Mallett as the starting QB.

What do you guys think? Would you be excited for Tebow time in New England?

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54 Responses to “NFL Free Agency Fallout: Tim Tebow to the Patriots?”

  1. Tom says:

    52 comments and counting is why Tebow should not be brought to NE. How many articles on NEPD have half this many comments? How can a player who cannot even complete 50% of his passes become so controversial??? The controversy (good and bad) around this player is too much of a distraction and I do not want to see the media circus come to NE.

  2. Patch says:

    If Tebow is considered primarily a goal line option wouldn’t a more cost-effective solution be to have an RB or even FB on the existing roster take the snap instead?

    In fact, I’d look at Tebow as an RB/FB/QB – he’d be Julian Edelman’s mega-me!

  3. jimmiv77 says:

    I say bring him in, The pats could trade Hoyer straight up for Tebow, Elway hates Tebow and can’t wait to rid the Broncoes of him. Clearly Mallett is Brady’s future replacement but Tebow can play QB (sort of) he can run , block and catch a pass. The Patriots are looking at some great players in the draft like Devon Still DE/ET, Peter Kontz C, Vinny Curry OLB, Jarrell Worthy DT and possibly trading a third round pic to Philly for CB Asante Samuel, that with the recent additions of Lloyd, Gonzales, Stallworth, Gallery, Landry, Scott and Fells this team could afford a project or situation player oh and BJGE will resighn.

  4. Caleb says:

    Come to the browns.

  5. Mark says:

    If you put his religion aside (as you should for anyone in any interview) and see just the footballer Tebow…the yes I would welcome the fact that he can play many skill positions and has intangibles in the form of motivating others. Teach him to hike a long ball too…

  6. TheAdmiral says:

    The Jets should trade for Tebow. Let him battle with Sanchez for starter spot. Whoever wins, the Jets lose.

  7. Larry says:

    Tebow is never going to be a starting QB in the Pats offence…………He does not have the arm to do it and Bellichick is not changing the offence to suit Tebow……………… Let him take his Elmer Gantry show to Gooberville where it belongs………………..

  8. Shasiti says:

    Now that Peyton Manning is a bronco YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tebow should go to a bible belt team. Dallas really needs to get rid of Romo. He sucks under pressure, but weather or not he turns into a decent QB they will love him down there anyway!! Maybe he can play on special teams and in Texas they will still scream out his name! Hahahahah

  9. DJ says:

    Weird that most of you guys aren’t looking at it from a football perspective but an idealogical one.

    Did you really like watching Ray Lewis spear Brady when he had to try a second QB sneak because the Pats had no short yardage game? (And even less if we lose BJGE.)

    Don’t you remember how tough he is to tackle? Ask Nink about that. Tebow is worth a low pick (which is all they’re projecting) and a roster spot just as a short yardage H-back/FB/wildcat. And insurance against the favored anti-Brady strategy of loading up with DBs. DBs bounce off of Tebow.

    Also, when he’s not the starting QB and no one expects him ever to be, the mania will subside. He’ll just be another player. Do you really think the roster is that heavy with talent? Didn’t we just carry Kid n Play for almost a whole year? Not to mention 85.

  10. HDH says:

    hate to see Hoyer discarded in the conversation so quickly. While not likely to achieve to Brady-levels once he becomes a starter I think he shares that special “it” factor that makes him a winner and clutch QB. Maybe that holds true for Mallet as well – just haven’t seen enough.

  11. Dan says:

    And, the word “traded” is being stretched to its limits. Who’s giving up anything for this kid? A 6th or 7th???

    The better work is “unloaded”…

    I want this to end quickly…have him go anywhere but here and be done with the circus for now (I do know it will return at some point at some level).

  12. Dan says:

    I’m pumped for the Tebow mania. A goal-line QB is exactly what we need or a RB that can block. Who cares if he doesn’t like what position he plays? He’s getting paid what he deserves unlike most of America.

  13. Dan says:

    Let him go to the bible belt and sell tickets and stay the #$% away from here!

  14. blendahtom says:

    Doug.. I think the biggest question to ask… Is do we trust John Clayton as a source? .. Would be different if Scheffter or Lombardi made that comment

    Sounds like Denver is trying to use NE to drive up market.. my .02

    p.s. — And I am Tebow fan..

  15. Jason G says:

    I see this as a 5% chance at best, but I could possibly see a trade involving Hoyer if nobody bites on his RFA tender and gives up a second. If no one signs him Hoyer will leave next year as a free agent and the Pats will get nothing. Belichick could see this as a way to get something instead of nothing.

    Have Tebow play in garbage time and rush for a few TDs here and get the ‘Tebowmania’ fervor going again, then flip him for a draft pick when the interest is highest.

  16. JimC says:

    Doug…Are you kidding me? Really?

    Tebow is not an NFL quarterback at any level and he will never be. The patriots would take a giant leap backwards if he would manning the Ark. He is nothing more then a “Run and Gun” QB. John E. happens to know a little bit about football and he has no faith that a resurrection can take place.

    In this case you can’t make wine from water – I don’t care how much coaching he gets.

  17. Jim R says:

    Sure why not, people cant hate us any more than they already do.

  18. mark says:

    Tht man brandon lloyd would feel like he couldnt get away from him.. no do not bring in tebow

  19. Dan says:

    I’m really pissed off about this whole topic. I’ve been rooting for Manning to go to Denver just for the destruction of this Tebow BS and now it’s somehow found its way on to our team???
    Free agency has been going so well…the draft is coming, and now this?

    I want to take the gas pipe!

  20. troll says:

    Cam Newton went to Auburn…just saying

  21. Jim says:

    Gotta have him baby! Kid’s a winner…can’t have enough of ’em on the roster! I’d love to see him reunited with McDaniels.

  22. Ryan says:

    This is not going to happen, ever. Unless he plays RB/FB, or maybe WR.

  23. Dan says:

    If this religious nut is a Patriot I walk away from the sport and never look back. I don’t want the side show or any of the BS that he brings.

    • DWE 2012 says:

      Would he eat up OCHO’s roster spot Doug???

      K. I’d be good with that then !!!

    • Satch says:

      Yup, Dan. This religious nut that lifts people up, brings joy to the downtrodden, gives away his money to those in need and…. just wins football games. A real bad actor. The world needs less of these type of guys.

  24. John M says:

    I had to look at my calendar and we’re 14 days from April Fools Day. We all make mistakes, Doug. Repost this same article in 14 days and then it will make sense!

    • Doug Kyed says:

      When John Clayton reports something, you take it seriously.

      • AM says:

        To be fair, Clayton was just reporting that it was a rumor–he didn’t even claim he had a source, on- or off-the-record. At that point, it is less reporting and more idle gossip.

        Still, it is interesting to think about, if only to think about all the ways it could go terribly for the Patriots.

        • N.T. Lane says:

          When John Clayton reports something, you don’t take it seriously because he’s a tool that will regurgitate anything someone tells him.

  25. DJ says:

    You guys aren’t thinking creatively enough. Tebow would be killer as a HB/FB/wildcat QB. Use him in a package which you pull out when teams put 5 and 6 DBs on the field — which they love to do against Brady (the Jets, e.g.). If they go small, split Brady out to WR and play 10-on-10.

    Tebow isn’t an NFL caliber QB and probably won’t become one, but don’t let that and the hype blind you to his real abilities. He’s the best short yardage QB in the NFL by far. He can run the zone option better than anyone, and the QB draw maybe second to Cam Newton.

    He would be a weapon for the Pats. Not as a “regular” QB but as a slash. Much more valuable than keeping Ocho around or getting a mediocre blocking TE (which is the only kind available in FA or draft). Sadly, probably more valuable than Branch will be next year. Or Gonzo.

  26. AM says:

    The fact that Belichick spent two days openly working out Tebow prior to the draft–and having dinner with him and Nick Caserio in the North End, in full few of the press–more or less proves that the team has negligible interest in him.

  27. qwerty says:

    No future as QB with Patriots.

    No roster space for Tebow with so much talent.

    OK for practice squad if eligible. Maybe convert Tebow to TE.

  28. Cash says:

    Absolutely not. There is so much coverage and controversy around Tebow. Every time brady made a bad pass the coverage would go to tebow. If its short yardage the coverage would go to tebow. Its to much of a circus to have this kid around. plus hes not a good QB

    • Nuf Ced says:

      I disagree a bit on this one… in Denver Tebow-mania is driven by the evangelical wing of the Protestant Christianity, New England doesn’t have a large percentage of that faction w/in the population.

      • cash says:

        Most all the media coverage was National media not just local denver coverage. Hes all they talked about on ESPN and all magazines. People are even suggesting him for the Bachelor

        • Nuf Ced says:

          Yes that media cover was “Tebow the persona”; the Denver media wanted “Tebow the QB”… that would not happen in Boston area.

          I can’t see Shaughnessy writing an article calling for Tebow to be starting over Brady.

          The national media only cares about stories people find compelling enough to read and not turn the tv channel…

  29. Bill says:

    If the Broncos don’t want him waiting in the wings and learning from Manning, why would the Pats.

  30. Jennifer says:

    If BJGE is leaving, wonder if Coach would run Tebow in that position?

  31. TheAdmiral says:

    We don’t need another 3rd string QB. And as a TE or FB, personally, I prefer to use a real TE or a FB.

    I wouldn’t want him for free, let alone giving up something.

  32. Russ, England says:

    Yeah Bring him in, and get him to cover kicks. His size and speed, he would blow people up. Maybe use him as a H-back if he has any hands at all. He might even be able to learn blitz pickup, or at least chip a DE on a pass route on 3rd down. If he ever throws a ball in a NE Uniform, it better be because hes catching warm up balls for TB pregame, and even then, I wouldnt trust him to throw it back straight.

  33. Rickinator555 says:

    Yes, I am a huge Tim Tebow fan, but I want to see him start because I think he can still be a successful quarterback. He should leave Denver but New England would and should not start him over Brady. Put Tebow on a team that will give him a chance to show his stuff!

  34. Condor says:

    As a FB /TE…sure.

  35. Ken K says:

    Yes on one condition … that he is showing measurable progress this off-season with passing. If he improves here, along w/ his low interception numbers and serious running skills, I think he can be a long-term winner. I watched the entire playoff game against Pittsburgh and was impressed.

  36. Phil says:


  37. Ken W says:

    He is a competitive guy and a great leader but not a starting qb.

    He should be the next in line after Brady is done. Has all the tools to be a starting qb for the Pats in the future.

  38. Eric says:


    • JMC says:

      What Eric said-

      It may 9or may not) be time for Hoyer move on- but I’d rather have hime than Tebow for the Patriots-

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