NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter

@TeamMamba24 @DougKyedNEPD If at 27th, for some odd reason, D. Still and N. Perry are on the board, who would you go with?

Hmm, that’s pretty tough. I have Devon Still six slots higher on my big board than Nick Perry, so I do like Still more as a player. Currently, pass rush and interior defensive line are both big needs for the Patriots, it’s possible that outside pass rush is the bigger need right now though.

I think Devon Still is the safer prospect, he still has some issues in his game, notably staying a little to high, doesn’t have a constant motor, had one season of great success, but he was absolutely dominant for series’ at a time this year.

Perry is a little more of a question mark, especially in the Patriots defense. They could either use him as their elephant OLB, or they could pack some weight onto him and use him in a Jarvis Green type role. I question Perry’s flexibility getting around the edge, and I question how he’ll fare in coverage if asked to drop back.

I’ll go with Still. Guaranteed fit, and the Patriots have really lacked at 5-tech since Seymour was traded and Warren got hurt.

@Draft_Hub @DougKyedNEPD Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? #NEPDMailbag

Still stuck in original Macintosh computers.

@59russo59 @DougKyedNEPD Do you see Raheem Brock as a fit with the Pats?

The Patriots typically like their LDE to be a bit bigger than Brock, so I’m not sure it’s the best fit. I also think that Brock will likely be back in Seattle.

He could be an interesting rotational RDE if Andre Carter wasn’t coming back for some reason and if the Patriots are planning on playing a lot of four man fronts, which I’m not expecting them to. I expect the Pats to go back to a base three man front, with a hybrid 3/4 man fronts in sub packages.

@JRPhillips27 @DougKyedNEPD Which position do you see Coples playing best? Possible 3-4 OLB?

In a 4-3, Coples natural position would be 7-tech DE, and he could kick inside as a 3-tech DT on passing downs.  In a lot of 3-4 schemes, he’d be a possibility at 5-tech DE as well. He can hold his ground, he can rush from the inside.

For the Patriots though? It’s not very clear. The Pats like their 5-techs to be over 300 pounds, so unless Coples really bulked up, he may not be a fit there. If the Pats were to use a four man front, he’d line up at 7-tech DE without a problem. There’s also the possibility that you mentioned with him standing up. Once again, he’s pretty big to do that regularly, but it did work with Mario Williams last year. Williams is also the more accomplished pass rusher though.

I’m sure the Pats could find a fit for him, but I’m not sure if I see more than 60% of total snaps for him between playing 7-tech in sub packages and the occasional OLB in the base 3-4.

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27 Responses to “NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter”

  1. Dan says:

    Another thing, or player, that’s come to mind concerning all these “can’t miss” D-lineman is Ron Brace and that draft pick. He was drafted right where he was supposed to be…looks the part, etc…But, he can’t seem to find the field; essentially, and fast approaching, bust status.

    So, who of these d-lineman in this years draft is going to be a bust, or someone just not that good?

    It’s a tricky business…they may have Worthy as their 9th best players and Reyes as a 3rd rounder for all we know. We listen to NFL and others and all these guys are lumped (no pun) together as obvious very good players going forward.

    This just isn’t reality…a long shot that it’s the case.

    For example, is Reyes better than Love, or Pryor (a nice player when healthy)? Is Cox better than Worthy? Is Poe really a top half of the draft player? Will Brokers be a JAG in 3 seasons???

  2. qwerty says:

    I’m big on Brian Quick. I think he could start for Patriots in first year. What do you think.

    • Jeff says:

      Brian Quick and Marvin McNutt would be nice picks in the 3rd round.

      I’m also a fan of Juron Criner in the late 3rd or early 4th round as his size would be very welcome.

      I still think BB is going to go with a WR that has PR/KR ability to allow some pressure on Edelman as well as potentially save a roster spot on game day.

      • Jim R says:

        Childs from Arkansas round 3

      • qwerty says:

        McNutt is another one. Quick is just a tad safer pick but McNutt would be more exciting.

        I don’t think McNutt or Quick will last into the third round. They just seem too talented.

        • Dan says:

          I haven’t seen enough of Quick…just a little watching highlights, and I believe the Senior Bowl. I’ve liked McNutt since watching his highlights a few months ago when I started watching these guys play.

      • Dan says:

        I’ve been thinking BB will be looking for some explosion on special teams…as far as returns. A dynamic player…not going to call him a luxury pick, but close to that seeing how deep this team is getting.
        I see Rainey as a 3rd round option, but that’s just throwing something out there…he has that pure game speed and quicks…position flexibility and Florida connection.

      • Dan says:

        Here’s another reason why I’m high on Randle. We’ve discussed the obvious, that McDaniels seems to have some increased say in who he brings in…couple that with the fact that they (BB) have struck out on trying to find WR’s in the past years…missed big…trying to find value and ended up wasting good draft picks.
        Maybe they see the value, love the player, see the fit, and pull the trigger; also not liking the value of some of the talent lying around at the end of the first as far as D-line, or whatever, or if they kick back to the top of the 2nd, which I could easily see happening.

  3. Dan says:

    I’ll agree with 100% on Sanu….ok?
    I was kind of high on him also, but I don’t see the fit for all the reasons you stated.
    I’m going to go obnoxious now and say once again: my guy is LSU WR Randle….perfect fit…come in with no pressure and learn from the best.

    • Dan says:

      Question: How long can BB mess with Ocho? Meaning, how long can we keep him here and screw with where he ends up next year?
      I’m guessing he doesn’t come back at all, and would be happy to see the team cut him now; but, I would also love to see them string him along the way he screwed things up for us last season…bring him to camp…run his ass off, and cut him right before the season, or keep him inactive the whole season.
      Let him do his self-promotion …no room for clowns on this team.

      • Jeff says:

        I think the way things will work out is that the Pats will keep him until they start making cuts in the preseason since there’s no benefit to cutting him until then. They have the cap, so why not make him compete and allow the young guys to prove themselves also.

        BB has always shown a tendency to allow young players to make the cut over vet’s who think their roster spot is a lock…(see Haynesworth, Merriweather, Sanders)

        • Billy C says:

          and how did the Sanders thing pan out?

        • Dan says:

          I say they simply cut him loose and be done with him sooner rather than later. He’s a waste of space and used this team…put an end to it…cut your losses.

      • qwerty says:

        the Ocho situation will be clarified after the draft.

    • AM says:

      I have to disagree about Sanu–he may not be a burner, but his game speed is much better than what he showed at the Combine (but probably not as quick as a 4.41). Either way, he moves very well, and gets separation with quickness and smarts. Add the height in, and I think he definitely has some potential outside the numbers, even if he isn’t a “deep threat” per se. I’d be very happy to see the Pats come away with him in the second round (though I’d prefer Kendall Wright in the first).

      • Jeff says:

        There are better options for the Pats offense than Sanu, who have less hype coming in, and better speed.

        I like Sanu’s hands…but other than that he doesn’t possess enough skill to be a 2nd round pick. To me he simply would fill the same role of Welker, just bigger. Not the type of player we need to target with Welker, Edelman and Gonzalez already on the roster…and he doesn’t bring any ST’s ability either so there’s limited opportunity to get him on the game day roster.

        • Billy C says:

          Sanu is not a slot receiver. He’s a much bigger threat that can go deeper down the field than Welker.

  4. Dan says:

    If Light & Waters retire I see the line as you do with one slight difference…Cannon stepping in as the RG, with Solder at LT and Vollmer at RT (or vice/versa…no big deal to me). Obviously, Mankins at LG and Connolly at center…Gallery the insurance and flexible player who may have to start the season at LG for Mankins, but I doubt it will come to that.
    I’m with you on trusting in Dante…no need to worry, but the key is Vollmer’s back…if he’s healthy (which I heard he was) we’re ok.
    I’m making a guess that Light is gone…seeing that Mr. Kraft nearly broke down last night on TV when asked, don’t tell him about any surprise b-day parties…but, I’m thinking Waters comes back to try and win a Super Bowl, especially with all these very strong moves in the off season and coming so close last year. If he comes back we’re that much stronger…Cannon can be the first guy off the bench at RG or RT.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      My worst case scenario involves Vollmer’s back injury.

      Also, the Pats view Marcus Cannon as a future tackle. Didn’t take any snaps last season at guard, all at tackle.

      • Dan says:

        I read that what you said about Vollmer and his back…I was just going over it again with my own thoughts.
        I understand Cannon helped out at tackle last year…he looked good; especially considering. I still think he may be pushed inside to guard…he was desperately needed at tackle.
        I don’t think it’s unusual that he move around at the beginning of his career; if he shows he has the feet to be at RT then we’re better off…it’s a more valuable position.
        I’m just speculating…I still see him as a powerhouse guard in the long-run.

      • Jeff says:

        I don’t think the Pats use of Cannon as a tackle last year speaks to what they “see” him as, so much as what he already knew, and what they could use him for in such limited time that he had been healthy and activated.

        The Patriots also “SEE” Mankins as a LG, but he played LT for the first time since College last year because that’s what they needed him to play.

        I still think the Pats will use Cannon as a OT depth option, but what they SEE him as is an OG. What he played last year is as irrelevant as the snaps that Edelman played as a CB or Slater played at Safety.

      • Jim R says:

        Always grab a fatty in the first 2 rounds

  5. Dan says:

    There’s a lot to comment on, but I’ll start with doubting Perry is a big option for BB…I don’t see him taking a USC player, even if there’s some kind of fit and the kid is a special athlete. I think he would drop back or just go with someone like Still or some other big body.


    I don’t like this player. I realize he’s tops on everyone’s rankings at DE, but I hate the fact that he didn’t show up in games and now is suddenly turning it on (payday!). I listened to the kid at the Senior Bowl doing an interview and I wanted to slap him…he’s a goofball. I don’t want a DE who has shown he won’t put in effort during games, comes from the most currupt program in recent NCAA memory (that’s saying a lot!), and acts like a clown.
    Your evaluation of his flexibility is odd also…he’s a straight 4-3 DE…period. He’s nothing else; so, very easy…he’s not a fit here…no way he can play OLB or 5-tech.
    He’s probably a good kid…but, he’ll be long gone probably…someone will take him that plays a 4-3 and maybe he grows up and continues the hard work he’s shown through this important off season.
    Bottom line, there’s no way I see us trading up to get him.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Pats were interested in Everson Griffen a couple years back, Perry is a similar, but better, prospect.

      You may be surprised by some players the Patriots look into…

      He was a good interview for me down at the Senior Bowl:

      • Dan says:

        Good info…thanks.
        I like Griffen myself and was shocked when he slid. (when did he go?); and I wish I knew how he has done in the pros…haven’t followed at all.
        I do think this kid is a huge talent, but he did bag it, and he comes from that UNC mess. They have had more top draft picks in the last few years….they must have been giving out big bucks…pretty obvious.
        And, I was going nuts over Robert Quinn; I thought he was a much better prospect than Coples…far more flexible and athletic.
        I still only see this guy as a 4-3 end, and some top 10 team, and into low teens, will have to make a decision (gamble) on taking him, or going with a stud like DeCastro. I’d go with DeCastro all day long.

        All that bashing aside…watch Coples go on to the Hall of Fame….

        • Dan says:

          When it comes to this position for us I do like Mercilus, but I’d prefer Branch. Branch has the flexibility and speed around the corner… a real athlete, and I think he could learn to drop back etc…I’d go with him and he should be there, possibly.

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