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@DougKyed @nepatriotsdraft Which WR will the Patriots target? Will they pick an “elite” WR?

I’m not sure if he counts as elite, but I think the Patriots will sign Brandon Lloyd, and get one or two WRs in the draft. That’s the best move for me. Lloyd already knows the McDaniels offense and could step in right away across from Welker.

The offense was already so good last year, I can’t even imagine how much better they’d be with Lloyd.

Lloyd does has had some character and effort questions in his past, but he does seem to respect McDaniels, and hasn’t been a problem yet under him.

@DougKyed Based on drafting and bidding styles, which NFL drafter is most similar to each of the 4 main Storage Wars contestants?

This is a perfect question.

According to the show’s intro, Dave Hester is “The Mogul,” Darrell Sheets is “The Gambler,” Jarrod and Brandi are “The Young Guns,” and Barry Weiss is “The Collector.” Let me be the first one to say I don’t agree with some of those tags, but I’ll break it down:

Dave Hester: This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Hester is the Patriots. He’s the constant enemy, none of the other bidders like him, and he constantly wins with a knowing smirk on his face.

The Belichick hoodie is the Dave Hester YUUUUP hat. Dave Hester’s YUUUUP is the Patriots running up the score.

Darrell Sheets: Sheets is obviously the Jets. Darrell talks a big game, but is never really around when it matters. He thinks that Hester is his biggest enemy, but it’s likely that Darrell isn’t even on Dave’s radar.

Sheets is also a big jovial guy, who seems to get on every one’s nerves.

Jarrod and Brandi: The couple just increased their weird thift shop’s size and they constantly seem to be having problems filling it with stock. They’re able to bid more and more each new episode, but they’re still nowhere near able to spend as much as the big guns.

They never really ever get along either, and there’s constantly a power struggle within the group.

That’s why Jarrod and Brandi are the Bengals. They’ve done a nice job of building up their team, but they still can’t fill their stadium, there’s always problems within the organization, and it will take a lot to topple the Ravens and Steelers.

Barry Weiss: Finally, the star of the show, Barry. Barry’s an ex-produce mogul, who has more money than he knows what to do with, so he goes around to storage auctions goofing on other bidders and searching for collectibles. Many times, Barry will buy a storage locker, aimlessly throw all of the items around searching for one gem that he will likely keep, rather than sell for profit.

Barry’s hard to pin down to one team, but I’m thinking the Redskins. They like to overspend on old relics, they’re fun to have around while never being too much of a threat, and their glory days were spent in the 70s and 80s.

@DougKyed Could you see the Patriots taking Branch? He has the perfect measurables that BB loves in his OLB and looked athletic enough

I think he’s a good fit, but until the Patriots take a rush linebacker in the first or second round, I’m doubtful that they’re willing to do it.

If Branch is around with the Patriots first second round pick, I think they’d take a long look at him.

@DougKyed What move in free agency or the draft would be the most surprising? Do you see any significant/surprising moves?

The most surprising move in the draft would be a trade up. I think there’s players like Courtney Upshaw and Fletcher Cox who fit the Patriots perfectly, that they’ll likely need to trade up for.

In free agency, I doubt there’s a huge splash made. Brandon Lloyd is still my big target for New England.

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14 Responses to “NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter”

  1. Dan says:

    I think he’s a good fit, if not great fit, but 3rd round if he’s still around. I like his game, but if he doesn’t improve that 40 time and show he can separate at the NFL level he’ll fall fast.

  2. Nuf Ced says:

    It a crazy thought about taking Zach Brown and making him into a hybrid dime LB/SS type? Doesn’t he have enough freaky athleticism to turn BB into a mad scientist again?

  3. Chris says:

    I’d love Mark Barron in the first, then trade down our second first if the disruptive edge rushers are all gone. I’d love some of those ‘Bama linebackers or Fletcher Cox, but they’re likely gone. I think Belichick knows the traditional best values are in the second and third rounds.

    But I’m increasingly intrigued with moving up to take Poe after his combine. The thought of him saddled next to Vince is like hot cocoa on a cold day.

    An article on the Michigan State receivers for mid to later rounds well worth a look:

  4. Chris says:

    If the Pats trade down and accumulate picks or trade Hoyer, another Spartan product to consider, two actually, are KMart and The Rock, RB Edwin Baker. Both come from the highly respected MSU program and can run in the mid 4.4’s.

    Keshawn Martin has skills eerily similar to a young Deion Branch. Shorter but with excellent quickness and adequate speed to get deep. And KMart would be a big upgrade over Edelman or Welker in returns.

    Think about it.

  5. MJP says:

    Opinions on FS? Harrison Smith, Brandon Taylor, George Iloka…any opinions?

    I think Andre Branch would get serious consideration at 27, he’s the most rounded DE/OLB prospect, he controls the edge well with active hands and has all the athleticism you could ask for. His pass-rush is raw in terms of its versatility and consistency, he’s all athlete right now. If he started using those long arms and strong hands to create more separation he could then set up OT’s for other moves rather than relying on his athleticism, he could be the piece the Pats so desperately need at OLB.

    • AM says:

      Personally, I’d draft Chase Minnifield, and use him as a swing DB. He’s potentially a starting caliber corner, but he could definitely make the transition to FS.

      • Bill says:

        I think he only benched 7 reps. Thats really not pro football level. There are plenty of good corners available with speed and strength like gilmore and Fleming from Oklahoma that you can get in the 2nd round

    • Ken W says:

      Branch doesn’t seem to be worth a 1st round pick. For what I saw of him when he times the snap and gets a great jump he does well but doesn’t have any pass rushing moves. Also didn’t seem like a consistant tackler.

      I think Ronnell Lewis in the 2nd round would be a much better option. Still a little raw but has some moves and hits hard. Plays special teams also.

    • Jim R says:

      I think they will pick at 31 and it will be an Olineman. Glenn or Kunz. Olineman are safe bets

  6. qwerty says:

    good points

    For first round picks

    1) Patriots should not over reach

    2) Should be at least a 3 down player (not situational player)

  7. Billy C. says:

    I look at Barry Weiss as Al Davis (may he rest in peace) and the Oakland Raiders. They have no clue who to draft or bid on and both are always reaching for something that is rarely worth anything of real value.

  8. Joe Blake says:

    First priority: We need help at safety. Get Mark Barron from Alabama or pick up a big time franchise safety.

    • Jim R says:

      Need a FS not another SS. I think Leave McCourty at FS or move Dowling there. There looks to be a ton of Corners in the draft. If TENN. does not franchise Cortland Finnegan that should be our target.

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