A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the NFL Draft

11) While researching players who may fit the Patriots scheme in this year’s draft, I remembered something we learned during the 2010 NFL Draft. In the third round of the draft the Patriots had back to back picks in the third round, picks #89 and #90. The Patriots used one of those picks on Ohio WR Taylor Price (ugh) and then traded the other pick to Carolina (which turned out to be the #1 pick in the 2011 second round).

Right after the draft there was an article on Profootballtalk.com, saying the Patriots were about to pick USC DE Everson Griffen, before the Cardinals offered their second round pick to them.

Why is this important this year? Well if you look at USC DE Nick Perry, his measurables and his production are almost identical if not better player than Everson Griffen was. Both players measured in at 6’3″ tall. Griffen weighed 273 pounds, Perry 271 pounds. Perry has 33″ arms, Griffen 32 5/8″ arms. Perry ran a 4.64, Griffen a 4.66. Both players played similar roles in USC’s defense and entered the draft after one year of big production. Griffen’s junior year he posted 43 Tackles and 7 Sacks. Perry posted 42.5 tackles and 9.5 sacks. It’s absolutely scary how similar their measurables and production are.

With the Patriots ready to pick Griffen in 2010, you have to think just based on the numbers alone that Nick Perry would be of interest to them.

12) I have yet to touch on the Peyton Manning situation and I will touch on it here for the first and last time. I think it’s really unfortunate to see Peyton Manning being treated the way he is by the Colts. Peyton Manning single handily won the Colts a Super Bowl Championship and is the reason why they have a beautiful new stadium. There is no doubt in my mind this whole situation is going to fuel Manning, as he will not want to go out this way.

I see him being released within the next week and signing with another team before the draft. I expect Peyton to have at least one to two more years of big time production and will make the Colts miss him for a little while at least. The team that I think makes the most sense for Peyton is Arizona, as they already have some pieces in place, with Larry Fitzgerald.

Where ever Peyton goes, I could see Reggie Wayne following him. If Peyton Manning goes to Arizona and teams up with Larry Fitzgerald and brings Reggie Wayne with them all Arizona has to do is upgrade their OL through the draft (DeCastro or Martin) and they are instant contenders.

13) Michael Floyd is a player to watch over the next two months as he is the one WR who really helped himself this week. Floyd was the one WR who went through every drill and performed better than expected. Unlike Justin Blackmon, he ran his 40 and ran it fast at 4.42. Floyd could now argue that he is the best all-around WR in this draft. With his production throughout his four years at Notre Dame, his size and now his speed substantiated, he doesn’t have many holes in his profile.

Floyd is someone who could go as high as #7 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and regardless if he goes there or not, I don’t think he lasts much longer than that.

14) The happiest person in the world that St. Louis is trading out of the #2 spot is Vikings GM Rick Spielman. The Vikings more than almost any team in the league need a LT, as Charley Johnson is pathetic.

If the Rams were going to stay at #2, odds are that they take USC OT Matt Kalil, who proved this past weekend that he is by far the best OT prospect in the draft. However, with the Rams trading out of #2 with a team coming up and getting RG3 it will allow Kalil to slip right into the Viking’s arms at #3.

15) Lastly, I just wanted to touch on a couple players I really like in this draft that I feel like are not getting enough love. Louisiana-Lafayette CB Dwight Bentley, who is like a Janoris Jenkins-lite and South Carolina S Antonio Allen. Both are secondary players who I feel like will be drafted in the third round, but can make an immediate impact in the NFL.

Allen may end up being the best SS in this draft class and was really overshadowed on the South Carolina defense. Bentley is a similar type player to Janoris Jenkins and ran a blazing 4.37, Bentley had a good week in Mobile and backed it up at the combine.

* Note: All forty times I used in this article are the “unofficial” 40’s which are the hand times. For some reason this year from people I talk to both agents and other scouts consider the official times very inaccurate. Most teams use their own hand times and average them together to get an aggregate forty time on a player. The electronic timing system seems to start the time on first twitch, so if a player moves there arm or head prematurely their time will be negatively effected, hence the use of the hand times.

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11 Responses to “A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the NFL Draft”

  1. Dave says:

    You’re* not your – get it right.

    That is all.

  2. Chris says:

    Definitely agree on Brockers. I’m an LSU student and big football fan and while he did have flashes, the consistency wasn’t there. He was possibly the 4th or 5th best player on the LSU defense.

    • qwerty says:

      thanks for observation

      what order do you rank defensive players on LSU defense

      • Chris says:

        Our secondary was loaded… I’d put Mo Claiborne, Tyrann Mathieu, and FS Eric Reid all in front of Brockers.

        Eric Reid didn’t get the pub the other two got but he made key plays for the team all year. We lose the first Alabama game without the huge interception on the goal line he came up with.

        Claiborne got the treatment elite NFL corners often get and was rarely tested.

        Mathieu was tested often because of his smaller build (really a slot corner, but lined up outside often) and made big play after big play.

        I’d put Brockers behind all of those guys in terms of consistent play. And just watching LSU D linemen over the years, I didn’t find him to make as much as an impact as Marcus Spears and Glenn Dorsey while they were at LSU and neither of those guys have really made a big impact in the NFL.

  3. DWE 2012 says:

    One of the reason’s I have “almost” alway’s liked the Patriot’s/BB style of manipulating the draft.
    So many team’s have been just raped by a high and expensive pick that just does not work out, so I’ve never been high on taking too many player’s that high in the draft. Many “Expensive Bust” can be mentioned on any number of team’s.

    As far as Dontari Poe is concerned….I doubt that the Pat’s would have a chance, but If he were to drop down a bit lower and he was in reach, I’d jump up for him “ALL DAY LONG”.

    *This team need’s a Vince Wilfork V.2 on this team, and need’s it bad. Poe is huge, raw, powerfull and potential filled. With a guy Like Vince Wilfork tutoring him/coaching him up/by his side as a mentor/teacher….
    There’s no telling just how dominent he’d be in a PATRIOT UNIFORM.

    Just think about if Poe had the consistency of a great strength and conditioning coach, was in the playbook all the time(similar to the way TB12 was early on), as well as having Vince Wilfork to mentor him/coach him up a bit and play beside???

    Poe could actually stand to loose a few pound’s so that he would gain a bit more agility….(this would help him out with being able to make some of the play’s he currently cannot/has not been able to make just due to his size alone and lack of agility becuase if it).

    I’m alway’s weary of taking pick’s high just because of the bust rate and high cost…..But respectively, right now….If I am BB, I conduct a few interview’s with him, I’d get Wilfork’s personal take on him as well, and if it seem’s to be a good fit, I take Poe, even if it mean’s a jump up a bit.

    With a Vince Wilfork V.2 on this team, it’ll only begin too bring out the better of other guy’s on the team, and we’d for sure see an upside and better placement/production out of guy’s like Love/Deaderick, as well as our entire LB CORE.

    At this point, It seem’s obvious that we’d not have the chance at a Dontari Poe, but if there was a slim chance at it…..I’d do it ALL DAY LONG.

    • Tom says:

      It is interesting that you talk about ‘expensive busts’, but think the Pats should trade up to grab Poe. Doug has an interesting piece in this weeks “too long for twitter’ article about Poe having the measurables, but the skill not showing up consistently on game tape. That always seems like a recipe for an ‘expensive bust’ (think Vernon Gholston).

      Personally, I don’t think the Pats will pick in the first round this year. I think there are a lot of teams that will be looking to trade back into the first round to grab a nice new toy (WR) to help their new QB, or some QB needy team like Arizona or Seattle trying to get back into round 1 to get ahead of the RG3 sweepstake losers, or even a team trying to get one of the few TEs that can catch. Regardless, I think BB will hear a lot of offers for both picks, and given the depth that is available in Rd 2, I imagine they trade out. I could see the Pats drafting Cox in Rd 1, but I do not think he will be available when they go on the clock.

      • td says:

        Ahmen! Since all our 1st round picks are at the end of the round, they could be considered early 2nd round picks. Couple that with everyone saying this draft is deep in a lot of the positions we need, I could see BB trading both 1st rounders for multiple 2nd/3rd and/or a 1st next year if he has a dance partner.

        I distinctly remember seeing video of BB in war room trading out of the 1st round because he had a large grouping of players with the same grade and could get one or more of them in the 2nd round.

        Last year, I imagine he had Solder rated very high and did not expect him to be there at #17. I saw quite a few mocks with him going to Dallas last year at around 10-12.

    • Nuf Ced says:

      Agree w/ Tom. Just watch Poe on film he should be dominate but he isn’t… so why is that?

      I believe its that thing that separates the great players from the great athletes… great athletes are born with it, great players work for it. Poe just doesn’t seem to want to work to be a great player.

      Thats my opinion, that and $3 will get you coffee at Starbucks

  4. Dan says:

    Burfict to me is a prime example of how most of these mock drafts go; they’re done by following the leader…plugging in some player with a team that seems to fit, then it goes viral, like most info on the internet.
    (this is a problem that isn’t limited to football mock drafts…everyone takes on the role of an “expert” on the internet, when they could be completely unqualified)
    That being said, back to Burfict, he showed that he’s nothing but a stiff on film, and his attitude showed there also. I believe some thought he resembled Ray Lewis in some way(s) and they lazily plugged him in that slot to complete a mock draft.
    Every year when I start this process (I’m an addict), I look at the mocks and start watching some youtube film, and he was just terrible…lots of talk, lots of running around (slowly!)…just an obvious fraud. Now, I then went to another site that I respect and they had him with a 3rd round grade (4 months ago!).
    So, all these mocks being copied one after the other means so little.
    Another example is Upshaw, he played stiffly, that was the first thing that caught my eye; so seeing him do the same at the combine was no surprise. He’s a good player, but he has that issue. I think he’s the opposite of Ingram who has fluid quickness; yet they have many similarities, and Ingram has the short arms to overcome.

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