2012 NFL Mock Draft: Twitter Draft Analysis

Mark Barron Patriots Draft

Would Mark Barron provide a big upgrade for the Patriots' secondary?

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Last night, the three NEPatriotsDraft.com editors-Mike Loyko, Doug Kyed and myself-took part in a twitter mock draft. I’ll be discussing who the Patriots selected and what could have happened differently.

To see the whole draft, check it out on twitter. If you’re not already, join Twitter and make @DougKyedNEPD, @NEPD_Loyko and @NEPatriotsDraft your first follows.

On to the Patriots picks…

With the 27th pick in #NEPDMock, the #Patriots select Mark Barron (S, Alabama).

I was making every third pick, so I ended up making the Patriots first selection at #27. I had four main targets in my mind: Barron, Michael Brockers, Whitney Mercilus and Dont’a Hightower. Knowing that the safety talent dropped off significantly after Barron—George Iloka is our second-rated safety but he might not be a fit according to Doug.

I took the player with the most positional scarcity and arguably the best player left on the board. In my thoughts, at least one of the front seven guys would be around at 31—I couldn’t say that about Barron.

With the 31st selection in the #NEPDMOCK the #Patriots select Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin).

Unfortunately for Mike, who was making pick 31, Mercilus, Hightower and Brockers went in succession at 28, 29 and 30. If this scenario happened on draft day, you’d have to think that the Patriots would explore trading down.

With no trades being made in our mock draft, Mike made a smart choice and upgraded the future of the interior line. Konz can play both guard and center exceptionally well. An eventual line of Solder, Mankins, Konz, Cannon and Vollmer would be a beautiful sight.

With the 48th Pick in the #NEPDMOCK the New England Patriots select Kendall Reyes (DL, UConn).

Mike is a big fan of Reyes’ game, so it makes sense for him to add a potential 3-tech/5-tech hybrid here at 48. I might have looked at cornerback (Jayron Hosley) or DE/OLB (Vinny Curry), but it is hard to argue with upgrading the defensive line.

With the 63rd pick in the #NEPDMock, the #Patriots select Marvin McNutt (WR, Iowa).

Adding a wide receiver at the 63rd pick seems like the most likely scenario, unless a big-name receiver really starts to slide down the board. There were a multitude of good CB’s available still, but with the depth at that position there will be some good ones available in the third round as well.

I’m a big fan of McNutt and feel like Doug made a good choice here. McNutt has good size and fantastic body control along the sidelines. He makes an occasional drop, but he can make circus catches look routine. His past as a college quarterback—back-up to Ricky Stanzi at one point—certainly won’t hurt his understanding of offenses either.

If the Patriots want to look elsewhere for receivers, Marvin Jones, Joe Adams and Chris Givens were available at 63 as well.

What do you think… did the NEPD crew perform well?

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18 Responses to “2012 NFL Mock Draft: Twitter Draft Analysis”

  1. mark haffenreffer says:

    What a difference a day makes with Gonzales and Lloyd now on board as well as Gregory. Gregory is not the answer but at the very least depth and with Dowling and McCourtey in the fold, drafting another corner, a center and an edge rusher or two with resigning of a healthy Carter, this team is more powerful on paper than last years. The resigning of Waters would help also. They are stockpiling well and sticking to the adage that there are inevitably going to be injuries and you had better be ready to adapt. I actually agree and this fits with BB’s philosophy as he will often go after the vulnerable spot on the other team and having two average players is better than having a great player with a poor one.

  2. Jared says:

    If they dont like Brandon Lloyd or any other established FA-WR then i can see them taking a WR with the 27 or 31st pick. Randle from LSU possibly. I would like to see Gilmore the CB from S.Carolina fall to them but I cant see him falling to 27. If it goes how it usually does most of the guys you want will be off the board by pick 27, so trading into the 30’s with or 40’s with one or both of those picks would make some sense. Bill thinks he can get a guy like Alshon Jeffery WR-SC- with the 48th pick rather than someone he thinks is slightly overrated going it the late first round.

    I think their needs in FA and in the Draft are as follows:
    1. Edge player on defense, DE or OLB
    2. A WR that does his best work outside the numbers
    3. A corner and/or safety, have to make decision on McCourty and go from there.
    4. offensive line depth.
    5. Free-agent starting RB???

  3. Jim R says:

    WR in first round would be a shocker.

  4. TD says:

    The only guys I see worth taking in 1st round for Pat’s that might be available would be:
    Upshaw, LB ‘Bama
    Still DT Penn St
    Gilmore CB SCarolina
    Reiff T Iowa
    Glenn G Georgia
    Floyd WR ND
    Wright WR Baylor

    I’m sure BB has a smaller list, in which case he will be looking to trade for more picks in 2nd/3rd round where we can still get good OL’s, DL’s and DB’s. Also, need to pick up a couple good return men.

  5. Bill says:

    I’m not an expert, but the reports on Barron talk about acceptable but not great speed, and good but not great coverage. If we are going to draft him for his run stopping ability, why not just wait and take Smith from ND, or a really fast LB like Zack Brown. Or take an agressive, bigger CB like Gilmore, who is fast, not draft a safety and load up on LB’s like Ronnell Lewis or Nigel Bradham.
    The league has becoming a passing league, and speedy LB is becoming key to controlling the 1st 10 yds bryond the LOS that really killed the Pats this year.

  6. Jim R says:

    Free Safety is an issue with the pats. I would not draft Barron, Smith or Iloka in any of the top 2 rounds. I see Dowling, Moore, Chung, McCorty and Arrington as a solid core. I would look at McCorty or Dowling at free safety. Address the front 7 and pick in rounds 1/2 at least 3 picks . rounds 3/4 a db and a wr.

  7. TD says:

    From the limited sampling that I have seen of Barron, he is a copy of Chung. I don’t see BB taking him unless Chung moves to the other safety position. More than likely BB gets someone else or moves a CB there and coaches the bejezus out of them.

    Not sold on Brockers, the 2 games I saw him he did squat.

  8. Dan says:

    Mark Barron seems to be exactly what we need in our defensive backfield…for starters.
    I’m not going to say, “if healthy”, because that’s too obvious in football and I realize he’s recovering from a double hernia operation.
    This may be a good thing for us; if our medical team gives him a thumbs up then he may just slip to us. Other teams don’t have the luxuries we do, and they certainly don’t have the double picks in each of the first two rounds (AGAIN!).
    I really like his game, and I do think he’s flexible to play FS or SS in our system.
    He’s was tops on my wish list from day one…still is; but, that’s not saying he’s the top player, just the player I feel could be there and want BB to pull the trigger on.

  9. MJP says:

    I would rather the Pats not spend a 1st round pick on an Center. Instead, why not wait till Round-3 to take Philip Blake from Baylor?

    It will be pretty obvious come draft day whether or not OLB needs to be addressed and chances are that Mario Williams will be too costly.

    That leaves OLB and FS as the top two needs, I don’t mind Barron but I do worry about his ability to be a FS, it’s especially tough when a guy is on a loaded team where he doesn’t get challenged too often.

    I’d rather take someone like Andre Branch and then get Harrison Smith, perhaps allowing us to trade back a bit and pickup an extra 3rd in order to ensure the pickup of Philip Blake.

    I do like Reyes, a lot, but if the Pats wanted to take a WR like Randle or Jones at 48 then I’d take Malik Jackson in a heartbeat at 63….he gave Bama and LSU all they could handle and he was playing out of position at DT the whole season….really like his upside.

  10. AM says:

    Reyes is a great fit, and Konz is a great value at 31 (although I think Ben Jones isn’t much of a drop-off, and can be had substantially later). Barron, on the other hand, seems like a reach–he would be worth the pick in the second round, but even then he is more duplicative of Chung than the quasi-FS type that the Patriots need.

    • qwerty says:

      i am biased towards harrison smith type because he can play both safety positions

      • Billy C. says:

        I agree. Smith can play in the box and roam as a free safety. I don’t think he last past the 45th pick.

        • AM says:

          I like Smith in the second round. If not, though, I’d opt for Aaron Henry in the fourth–he has good developmental potential. Alternately, go with Chase Minnifield in the second, and use him as a swing DB.

  11. Jeff says:

    Give me Brockers over Barron any day of the week.

    Sorry…but Barron is a bit over rated and over hyped from this perspective considering who he had playing alongside him in College on arguably the best defense the NCAA has ever seen.

    Not to dog him, because he is good…but if he were in a draft with Eric Berry and Earl Smith, he’d be going in the 2nd round, which is where I have him rated is high 2nd round. I’d be willing to take him at 31 if you can’t trade out and no one else on the board is better, but Brockers and Hightower would both be more worthy of the pick in my eyes.

    I honestly would rather take Iloka in the late 2nd or early 3rd over Barron in the 1st. Seems like a reach to me.

    Would remind me of drafting Meriweather.

    • qwerty says:

      in a draft where there is a dirth of S position, it tends to make me leery of barron as first round pick.

  12. vegangrummer says:

    I would like to see some high yield 1st round picks traded down, but without trades this is great. I think the need for an upgrade at C is underestimated. Mankins spent lots of time helping C this year which led to him being less dominating.

    Ideal situation…

    1. This draft.
    2. Sign Mario (I know)
    3. Free agent WR
    4. Super Bowl

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