2012 Free Agency: Patriots Sign OLB/DE Trevor Scott

Trevor Scott Patriots

Trevor Scott will be looked to add some pass rush in New England. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

Just minutes after announcing the signing of WR Anthony Gonzalez, the Patriots made another move, adding former Raiders OLB/DE Trevor Scott.

Scott adds some much needed depth at the pass rush position for the Patriots, that’s almost barren without Mark Anderson and Andre Carter. It’s still possible the Patriots add Anderson and Carter, but Anderson may demand too much money, and Carter is still coming off his late season injury.

Anderson mostly played right defensive end in the Raiders 4-3 base and had his best seasons in 2008 and 2009 with five and seven sacks respectively.

In 2010, Scott started ten games for the Raiders, with three of those starts at LB. He still came away with an impressive 19 QB pressures according to Pro Football Focus.

Last season Scott played out of position at left defensive end, and had a much harder time getting after the quarterback with only five QB pressures.

After playing out of position, and not having the same sack totals as he had earlier in the career, Scott is another nice reclamation project for the Patriots similar to Anderson. The Scott signing doesn’t means the Patriots won’t be looking to resign Anderson and Carter and it doesn’t mean they won’t look to pass rushers in the draft.

One particular nice thing about the Scott signing is it could put some pressure on third year player Jermaine Cunningham. Cunningham could be a roster casualty if he doesn’t impress early in camp.

While Scott isn’t even a guarantee to make the Patriots roster, it’s these types of low-risk, high-reward moves that set the Patriots apart. Let’s hope they’ve found their new Mark Anderson.

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7 Responses to “2012 Free Agency: Patriots Sign OLB/DE Trevor Scott”

  1. Joe Blake says:

    Agreed, 2012 will be Cunningham’s last trial year. Lets hope he makes the best of it!. A bit worried about the O-Line but I want more Defensive studs drafted. We need to keep Brady horizontal and unpressured. In all truthfulness, he can’d throw the deep ball that well…the more time he has to hit Loyd, the better. Get O-Line help in later rounds or thru free agency..we still have a lot of needs. amazing how we got to the SB last year!…..keep up the good coaching. Dante still needs to work wonders….

  2. DWE 2012 says:

    Cunningham has just been sub par at best, this signing should as stated put a little pressure on him, and rightfully so.
    Let’s hope they both step up…..

  3. Lundahl says:

    I just don’t understand why Anderson would rather choose more money tan resign a deal with the Patriots. Yo, be logical and stay here.Everyone wants 50 million dollar contracts, it’s insane.

    • Jim R says:

      Every penny you can make you go for

      • NickF says:

        Which is exactly why America is where it is. Money can only buy you security, nothing else. There are many things we take for granted that are much more important than making every penny possible. Those with character and those who believe in leadership understand that. I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with someone who is only looking out for their own A$$.

        • Jim R says:

          Nick, these guys play pro football for a short period of time. Do you fault any of them for earning as much money as they can. How many jobs have you had 1 I guess. Because you are full of character and are a great leader too.

      • NickF says:

        Actually Jim, yes I have had only 1 job in my career. I have had offers elsewhere, but didn’t want to upset my families life and comfort for a few dollars more. Their happiness means more to me than $.

        Pro football players do only play for a short time, but the money they make doesn’t jive with reality in the normal fan. Dollars are ridiculous. There is such a thing as consistency, comfort, family integrity. If someone can find an environment where they can have a level of success, especially in sports, they benefit from staying in one place. Football contracts are not guaranteed, so if you can succeed and win with 1 team you should also be able to maintain a living there too. Anderson is taking a gamble by going after the highest dollar. He could be horrible again in the wrong setting and get cut. Here he can be successful and win and get paid. The balance sheet says here is where he should stay. Chasing money is a losing game. Integrity is a lost art because it has to do with those around you and not making unilateral decision for person gain at the expense of others. It’s called teamwork for a reason.

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