2012 Free Agency: Patriots Interested in LaRon Landry?

Laron Landry Patriots

Would Laron Landry fit in with what the Patriots want to do on defense?

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

According to James Walker from ESPN, the Patriots and Jets, two needy teams at safety, are competing for former Washington Redskins SS LaRon Landry.

Something smells a little fishy to me though.

Landry has only played 17 games over the last two seasons, and 16 of those were at strong safety.

Landry started his career out at SS, but when Sean Taylor was tragically murdered in 2007, made the switch over to FS.

He starred as a FS in both of those seasons, being named a Pro Bowl alternate in his first two seasons. In 2009, he struggled, and was moved back to SS in 2010.

Since making the move back to his natural position, and getting bigger and bigger, Landry’s pass coverage skills have diminished. The Patriots love players who can play both safety positions, and to me, that’s not Landry at this point in his career.

Landry almost plays safety like a linebacker at this point, staying inside the box as a hard hitter and run defender. He’s strong against the run, but will struggle in pass coverage.

To me, this seems like a bit of a smoke screen by the Patriots. It’s rare for information to leak from the organization unless they’re trying to leak it. Landry seems like a classic Jets signing, and perhaps the Patriots are trying to drive up his price to make the Jets overpay.

If New England can get Landry to cut some weight, aka those biceps, he may be able to transition back to a dual role of FS and SS, but if not, I see him as strictly a SS, which is where Patrick Chung plays his best football as well.

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13 Responses to “2012 Free Agency: Patriots Interested in LaRon Landry?”

  1. PatsFanInCO says:

    I haven’t seen Landry play, and it seems from your comments that he’d struggle covering slot WRs, but could he cover TEs and RBs as part of a “big nickel” package? He looks more like a LB from the pics.

  2. MaineMan says:

    Seems to me that BB has been experimenting with bigger, more athletic (and hard-hitting) safeties (who can cover) for while now, almost as if searching for a Rodney Harrison replacement. Josh Barrett, Sergio Brown and even Tarpinian (converted from safety to LB in college) seem to be a part of that and Landry appears to fit in that group more than Gregory does. Not that I dislike the Gregory signing (I do), just that it seems counter-intuitive in that context.

    • DWE 2012 says:

      After almost almost 1/2 a decde……Hopefully he has finnaly has begun to pull his head out of his ars regarding replacing KEY COG’s like a Rodney Harrison. He got rid of Ty Law becuase his big back-end deal was about to kick in and replaced him with Harrison……. Let’s hope you correct in your assumtion and that it continues with a Seymore replacement and a Matt Light replacement as well…….?

  3. Bill says:

    Beyond Barron and Smith, Jamel Fleming and Trumaine Johnson are 2 intriguing CB who are bigger and stronger, and may fit well as a FS. We need guys who have some cover skills. If Barron is gone and Smith is off the board before where BB feels good about taking him, these 2 are pretty good options.
    Every year, once you get by the top 20 or so, its all a crap shoot/ beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing.

  4. Kyle says:

    I would still rather see him in coverage over Sergio Brown or James Ihedigbo. The Patriots need all the help they can get at the safety position.

  5. Tanner says:

    just draft Harrison Smith ou of Notre Dame Bruh. Hes better than this fool

    • Jeff says:

      Im torn on this…I think the Pats NEED another S and Chung has his own health concerns. Just draft Baron!! Even if you have to move up to get him!

      • Jeff says:

        My point Tanner is why draft harrison when you can get Baron.

        • Dan says:

          If they get either of those guys I’d be very happy. I’m not excited about Landry, but if they do make the move it means they are excited about him so I’ll then be excited also. I’ll jump right on their bandwagon.
          Any help/talent on defense is welcomed…can’t deny he’s a dynamic player, even if he doesn’t fit the new FS mold that we seem to need so badly. That may still be McCourty’s role.

        • DWE 2012 says:

          You mean Mark Barron……the kid with the “double hernia” that scream’s RED FLAG-RED FLAG-RED FLAG….PLease waste a top draft pick on me!!!!!!!

      • qwerty says:

        i’d invite many UDFA prospects for safety help

    • Jim R says:

      Speed, Speed, Speed……. We need to get to the ball. Not get a 15 yard penelty for Laying somebody out with a highlight reel hit. Do not draft any safetys…..grab corners and convert them. 2nd round picks

  6. Phil says:

    Why thank you for incorporating that last sentence there about Pat Chung, where as I asked you about his natural safety position earlier on twitter.

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