Patriots vs Giants: Super Bowl Aftermath

NEPD Editor Doug Kyed:

This isn’t going to be nearly as long as my normal reaction columns, but here’s what I can get out right now.

-That opening safety wound up being a huge difference maker, but the Patriots still should have had complete control in the fourth quarter, but they just couldn’t generate any points.
-Gronk wasn’t even close to being healthy. We were all way too optimistic.
-The Patriots proved why turnovers can be a fluke. They lost the turnover battle every game of the playoffs and it finally bit them.
-The Patriots were missing tackles early, cost them seven points at the beginning of the game.
-The Patriots forced some turnovers, but dumb penalties and nice recoveries by the Giants brought them back.
-There were some huge drops there in the last drive and second to last drive. Branch, Welker and Hernandez deserve just as much of the blame as Brady.
-The Patriots defense, like in the first game against the Giants this year and in Super Bowl 42 just couldn’t come up when it mattered.
-I’ve seen some very reactive tweets about what this means for Brady’s legacy. Shut up.
-Taking ten seconds off the clock on the Giants 12 men on the field penalty at the end was huge too. No way of knowing that was going to be the penalty, but they could have used those ten seconds.

I’ll have more tomorrow in my 6 keys column. Don’t worry, I’m just as miserable as you are.

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23 Responses to “Patriots vs Giants: Super Bowl Aftermath”

  1. Lundahl says:

    Proud of our guys and of our season. Allot of good things happened and it was really exciting to play in the SuperbBowl.We came up short, just too bad. We’ll be back.

  2. Y4 says:

    Brady’s left shoulder is hurt. That has to be the explanation. Boomer is right, and he ought to know, he had the same problem. Time will heal all but he is almost done. No doubt the man is going to his sixth superbowl. The AFC is old, Pats are young and about to get 5 picks younger. They get that defense right, and THEY are going to the super bowl next year, too. Who in the AFC will stop us?

  3. soxfann1980 says:

    I totally put this game on the 20 million dollar a year QB. He was directly responsible for 15 of the Giants points with the safety and two turnovers that ended up in touchdowns. I cant tell you the last time i saw him hit a WR in stride on a deep throw. He has to be the worst deep ball thrower ive ever seen in my freakin life. I will agree Welker comes up with that catch 90% of the time, but it was still a bad throw that turned Welker around when he was wide open.

    • PATS123 says:

      You win and lose as a team! You people love to build people up and then you love to knock them down. JERKS! All of you! What other QB has taken their team to the Super Bowl in 5 of the last 10 years. Brady has done more with little than anyone. No Arian Foster or Vincent Jackson and we were in the Super Bowl…Again! Go Tammy Wynette!! Stand by your Team.

  4. Joe says:

    I’m a long time Pats fan. I can remember the seasons when they couldn’t give tickets away, and Jim Plunkett was the QB. That being said: I never in my wildest dreams would hav though they would have waone a superbowl, let alone 3. And as far as last night’s loss goes, it won’t, inmy mind, take away from what they accomplished this year.

    Most important: the defense was a patch together of veterans and cast-offs from other teams. Some of these guys weren’t even in the NFL at the start of the year. So… to win 13 games with that kind of D speaks to the ability of the caoching staff to get the most from what they’re given to work with.

    The offense made some crucial mistakes. I think Brady basically threw it away on the interception. And although he put the ball in Welker’s hands, It still wasn’t a great pass.

    If Spikes hadn’t jumped off sides, it would have been 4th and long instead of third and one.

    In the end, the Giants capitalized on opportunities better than the Patriots, and that’s what set them apart.

    Nevertheless, the loss doesn’t take anyting away from the Pats. In my mind, they gave it one hell of a ride, but just didn’t have enough left to close it out.

  5. Bruschi54 says:

    I think the defense made enough plays for the team to win, Chung & Spikes were flying around the field. They are not a dominating defense but probably played more consistent than the offense yesterday. The drops hurt late, but the lack of a threat to stretch the defense just another 10 yards deeper (same story vs Ravens) makes it tough against a good defensive team. A big time pass rusher has been on the need to have list for a long time, but a speedy WR & dynamic return man are just as big a need. They are just a couple of pieces away from being right back here next season, and in great position with draft picks and cap room to get it done.

    • Billy C. says:

      I was feeling quite miserable this morning (lack of sleep), but your post reminds me that it was a heck of a run and next year looks promising. I agree with all your points and also feel aquiring another safety is critical.

  6. Bill says:

    Well, the Pats lost because the Giants were a better team. But I can’t believe that if a play is replayed because of a penalty, the clock should re-set. And the safety was kind of odd on the first play. But the Pats weren’t going to go down the field and score a TD in 57 seconds.
    They lost because they couldn’t do what they couldn’t do all year, and that was to stop the other team from moving down the field. Hopefully with the draft they can pick up a WR and 3-4 defensive picks in top 100 which wll give some some speed and tacklers and control the LOS
    #27 A 3-4 DT/DE like Fletcher Cox or Michael Brockers
    #31 A 3 down LB like Ronnell Lewis or DE/OLB like Nick Perry
    #46 A FS like Markelle Martin or George Iloki
    #63 A WR like Reuben Randle / Brian Quick / Nick Toon

  7. TD says:

    The game highlights big picture problems with Pat’s:

    -lack of a vertical game/threat
    -no reliable #3 WR
    -not enough good pass rushers
    -special teams still not special

    Still looking for pass rushers after all this time and next year need to sign Welker and a couple of good WR’s-I’d opt for either or both Brandon Lloyd and Reggie Wayne. Branch is too slow and has a gimpy knee.

    Stop the Ocho madness, he cannot get open and is a waste of money on the cap.

    • Dan says:

      Well, there’s ZERO chance Ocho comes back, and I gather they will pick up a WR and maybe draft another. Their shortcomings are obvious…easy to identify; so, this could make it easy to better this pretty good & young team.

      The loss hurts…no doubt, but they should be better.

      I agree with your needs list, and I’m hoping they don’t get cheap. Brady has great TE’s, Welker, but he needs someone like Wayne/Floyd and a rookie who can play. I would love for them to trade up and get a WR.

      • Big Dan From Maine says:

        PLEASE Don”t let the Pats draft a wide reciever. We have cap room bring in a proven Veteran. This draft needs to focus on Defensive help. We have a decent stable of running backs, good tight ends, and a decent O line. We just need a couple of legitimate options at Wide out.

        Dont trade the picks away like usual, USE them. Brady’s window is shrinking quickly. If we are not going to get him some wide out help, and give him a defense that can hold their own and make plays also, whats the point in keeping him?

        Stop trading into the future, and get some help now.

  8. Ray O says:

    Its hard to lose another in the last minute, but looking forward: Was it my imagination or did Brady do a better job with the pressure then he has with the last two meetings. He seemed to roll out and make plays (or try to) and not be quite as rattled as he looked the past meetings. Unfortunately he under threw the pic badly. Was his arm strength down this year? Hope we spend one pick on a speedy talented receiver, and the rest on the D. Just not enough play makers there.

  9. Dan says:

    Here’s my own few thoughts:

    – I’m a huge Pats fan and bigger Brady fan, but I would love to see him play with the same movement & intensity in the first quarter as he does in those final drives. Moving out, digging deeper to keep plays alive instead of remaining flat-footed and simply playing pitch and catch, whether it’s there or not.
    – I was hoping once the Giants got past our 40, or so, we would let them simply score a touchdown with about 3 minutes plus on the clock and before they would have expected such a tactic. We were lucky to even get the ball back…it took a stupid mistake to even get us that last drive. We could have done it earlier and had time. I like the odds of us scoring on a final drive better than us not giving up 10-15 yards for a winning field goal with no time left on the clock…game over.
    – I was looking for more Hernandez…not sure if he was just covered or what; especially after that strong first half, and Gronk clearly at about 50%.
    – These deep balls by Brady need to be erased from his mind, never works out. Moss got him conditioned and he’s never recovered from looking for that big play down field, and it never comes; usually turns the ball over or simply kills a drive at a critical time. It’s inexcusable, especially after doing recently. The guy is magic at moving the ball down field and taking what is given to him…stick with what made you who you are.
    – Sterling Moore can play…he’s no fluke, that’s a big find.

  10. Ken W says:

    yah there should be a rule change for next year that in the final min. of a game if you have a 12 man on the field penalty that the clock goes back to what it was when you hiked it because that actually help the giants. 10 sec. off the clock for 5 yards didn’t penalize them at all it helped.

    We didn’t lose because of that play, we had several chances to close it out in the 4th and couldn’t do it. If Gronk was 100% I think the pats win that game.

    O well! Time to sure up that defense and get have another run at it next year.

  11. rast says:

    I’m a pats hater, but if you think this hurts Brady’s legacy, you’re retarded. He played in 5 SBs but “only” has 3 rings — that’s a reason to keep him out of the Hall?

  12. Phil says:

    Brady is still one of the greatest quarterbacks that has ever lived. Any quarterback will falter with a suspect defense that couldn’t make the stop when it mattered. We had that defense for the first three. I am just looking forward to a productive offseason. It’s ok!

    • MJP says:

      Phil, did you watch the game?

      The defense forced 3 fumbles and forced the Giants to punt after Brady’s idiotic INT on 1st down at Mid-Field….he’ll never live down that throw.

      Remember when Tom Brady was a good Post-Season QB, he managed the game, took what the D gave him which meant throwing the ball away once or twice a game….now he’s trying to win the game on every throw, he’s more Brett Favre than Tom Brady….I want the old Tom Brady back.

      • Phil says:

        I agree with you. But after our second to last drive, and when the Giants got the ball back for their game winning touchdown. That is where the defense needed to play strategic football. I would have let the Giants score earlier. I would not have challenged Manningham’s catch no matter how crazy that may sound The defense did play well but they did not get the stops when we needed stops.

    • Lundahl says:

      Defense played well, but football is real simple: offense=touchdowns. You have to score.

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