NFL Draft: Team Needs for All 32 Teams

Jacksonville Jaguars
Team Needs: WR, LG, RT, QB, DT, PASS RUSH
Biggest Needs: Like a lot of teams, WR and pass rush are huge priorities for the Jaguars. They’re in a good position to get a top player.

Kansas City Chiefs
Team Needs: WR, RT, QB, HB, NT, DE, SS, CB
Biggest Needs: If Brandon Carr leaves, CB will be a priority, other than that RT and safety should be early priorities.

Miami Dolphins
Team Needs: WR, QB, RT, G, FS, CB, DE, SLB
Biggest Needs: The Dolphins need to acquire a QB one way or another, after that, I don’t see a 4-3 SLB on their roster.

Minnesota Vikings
Team Needs: LT, WR, RG, RB, FS, CB, DT
Biggest Needs: LT is the Vikings biggest need, after that, it would make sense to see them address CB with a deep class.

New England Patriots
Team Needs: C, WR, G, FS, DE, LB, PASS RUSH, CB
Biggest Needs: The Patriots need to be looking for help at WR and in the secondary early. They also need to grab some depth in their front seven. If they’re going back to a 3-4, a DE would make a lot of sense early.

New Orleans Saints
Team Needs: WR, DT, WLB, SLB, S, CB, PASS RUSH
Biggest Needs: I’ll bet the Saints wish they had a first round pick this season to address their pass rush, but the Patriots have it. After that, the Saints should grab an outside linebacker.

New York Giants
Team Needs: TE, T, G, C, RB, CB, S, MLB
Biggest Needs: The Giants need to address their aging offensive line, they need players at T, G and C. On defense, they could use a MLB and CB.

New York Jets
Team Needs: RT, WR, QB, RB, S, PASS RUSH
Biggest Needs: Pass rush is the Jets biggest need, they won’t take one early, but QB is perhaps the next biggest need on the Jets. RT and S are other huge needs.

Oakland Raiders
Team Needs: RT, RG, RB, CB, FS, WLB
Biggest Needs: The Raiders have barely any picks this year, but if they did, they should be looking at cornerbacks and safeties. Their secondary was atrcious this season.

Philadelphia Eagles
Team Needs: WR, G, C, MLB, SLB, S
Biggest Needs: Will this year finally be the year the Eagles address their linebacker holes? If not, they need to look for WRs and safeties.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Team Needs: LG, LT, DE, NT, OLB, ILB, CB
Biggest Needs: The Steelers are a good team with a lot of holes, offensive line and NT are chief among them. They’ll be praying one of the LTs or Dontari Poe are still there in the first round.

St. Louis Rams
Team Needs: LT, RG, C, WR, RB, CB, FS, SLB
Biggest Needs: Like most teams at the top of the draft, the Rams need a LT. They also need to seriously address some problems they have at CB. If Brandon Lloyd leaves, they’ll need a WR again this year as well.

San Diego Chargers
Team Needs: T, G, DE, ILB, CB, SS
Biggest Needs: The Chargers have a surprising lack of glaring needs, but they’ll need to grab some help at linebacker and cornerback early.

San Francisco 49ers
Team Needs: WR, RG, CB, S
Biggest Needs: The 49ers are in pretty good shape for next season, but they should definitely be taking at a look at some WRs and CBs early.

Seattle Seahawks
Team Needs: QB, LG, RG, WR, RB, CB, PASS RUSH
Biggest Needs: The Seahawks biggest need is at QB, I’m not sure if they’ll finally address it, but they could have been a legit playoff team with anyone other than TJax behind center. Their defense could also use a better pass rush and they still need some help along their offensive line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Team Needs: RT, C, WR, RG, RB, CB, DT, SS, WLB, FS
Biggest Needs: Getting another big body at DT would be huge for the Bucs, they could also use another small speedy LB and a RB.

Tennessee Titans
Team Needs: C, G, WR, RB, PASS RUSH, MLB, DE, SS, DT
Biggest Needs: The Titans need a lot of help in their interior offensive line. They were pretty devoid of a pass rush last season as well.

Washington Redskins
Team Needs: QB, RT, LG, WR, ILB, CB, S, NT, DE
Biggest Needs: QB is the biggest need for the Redskins, after that they should be looking to shore up their defensive line and grabbing a WR.

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6 Responses to “NFL Draft: Team Needs for All 32 Teams”

  1. bruce says:


  2. Alfred Garcia says:

    The Rams need big play guys at WR.Also they have glaring needs at every defensive position.They were one of the worst defenses in the league.

  3. qwerty says:

    Should reformat list into primary needs and secondary needs. Maybe even tertiary needs. Should list no more than 3 positions at primary.

  4. Jagsman says:

    i think u might want to revise the jags needs list. if u can list multiple wrs do that cuz the wr corps is horrific.

    LG isnt a need with Rackley playing there(3rd rounder lat year).
    RT is a partial need(need a quality backup in case britton isnt healthy).
    DT isnt really that big of a need. u have Potroast and Alualu both of whom are good starters. their backups could be improved to a point but we only truely need is 4-3 NT type like potroast. keep in mind we still have our 3rd round pick for 2 years ago D’anthony smith who hasnt made it pass preseason in 2 straight years.
    qb should be more of a Veteren backup unless the value is 2 much to pass on.

    a position which should be on there is center because it is a matter of when meester gets replaced not if(hes getting real old).

    • DWE 2012 says:

      Agreed on the Will Rackley possition, This was a guy we should have never passed on. A Big Road Grader, and Very Smart as Well!

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