NEPD Radio: 2012 NFL Combine Recap – Day 5

2012 NFL Scouting Combine

Mike and Doug wrap up the first five days at the NFL Combine.

Tonight on NEPD Radio, NEPD Editors Doug Kyed and Mike Loyko recapped the last two days of the combine and were joined by Rotoworld Draft analyst Josh Norris to discuss running backs, wide receivers, defensive line and linebackers.

We’ll be back tomorrow night recapping the defensive backs’ day to shine to at the NFL Combine.

You can call in ask a question or make a comment at (914) 338-1530 or just tune in Tuesday night at 9PM eastern. You can also download all of the NEPD Radio podcasts on iTunes here.

You can listen to or download last week’s episode after the jump.

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12 Responses to “NEPD Radio: 2012 NFL Combine Recap – Day 5”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    Martin of Stanford, Upshaw & Ingram will certainly all be gone before #27 rolls around. I think the fact that Ingram’s production came vs SEC competition, and his strong combine will clearly put him in top 15 picks. I have felt like Upshaw is somewhat overrated and not as much of an impact player as Hightower. I think if they were both still on the board BB would select Hightower. Glenn of Georgia also seems to be moving up quickly and could go 15-25.

  2. Dan says:

    Here’s an exercise for conversation. The way this works is the best players go first…sounds simple, but there are always these moronic need arugments; even though need does play a big role (EX, St. L has a QB, so they possibly will trade out etc..).
    Name the players that are locks to go before the Pats pick at #27. I came up with 15.

    In no particular order, but I can’t help but occassionally follow the obvious order of many mock drafts:

    1. Luck
    2. RGIII
    3. Kahlil
    4. Claiborne
    5. Brockers
    6. Poe
    7. Richardson
    8. Floyd
    9. Blackmon

    That’s it…I can’t NOT say for sure that any of the other 1st round talents won’t slip to #27, but I would be my life that these 15 are taken before us without any question. I can’t say that about Upshaw, or Ingram, for example, but they are very close to being on this list, the same with Kirkpatrick and a few others…all for multiple reasons.

    Let’s see now how screwed up this simple exercise can get.

    • MJP says:

      Brockers is overrated beyond belief, what has he done? Go watch him against Miss St or Georgia, he got owned. Whoever drafts him is taking a huge risk, very possibly the next Tyson Jackson.

      • TD says:

        Agreed, the only ones picking Brockers are pundit/media types that have no clue. He did nothingn in BCS champ. game and he was rotated in and out all year…and still did nothing of note. The highest he goes is mid 2nd round at best.

        • MJP says:

          Someone is going to fall for him because of his size and supposed disruptive ability….my guess, the JETS, Rex makes living by drafting overrated, over-hyped underachievers.

        • wells says:

          Amazing how all you grocery clerks know so much more about football talent than the professional football scouts.

      • Dan says:

        I think everyone has acknowledge Brockers as being raw, and a project; mostly because he’s so young, but he has that size, speed, power package and is athletic. There are just so many people like that in the world, and he’s one of them…they don’t grow on trees etc…
        He’ll be drafted in the top 20 easily.

    • AM says:

      I would be shocked if Kirkpatrick was still on the board at #27. He might not go much higher than that, but I’d add him to this list. On the flip side, I wouldn’t put Perry on this list–I think there is a good chance he falls quite a ways (though I don’t really think he’d be a great candidate for the Patriots).

      • Dan says:

        Perry was just too explosive with the size and speed to match…he’ll be taken because he can rush the passer. He’s elite
        I agree with Kirkpatrick…I said a month ago I thought he may end up a safety and if teams look at him with that flexibility he could easily go in the top 26. But, but, but…he has off the field stuff too, and coupled with that slow time I just couldn’t say he was a lock to go before us, but he was very close, as was Ingram.
        We need a free safety…I would love to see him slip to us and give us that opportunity to play anywhere the coach sees fit, if he’s not a complete ass.

        • AM says:

          My concerns with Kirkpatrick are the “complete ass” items. For that reason and others, I suspect he goes #16 to the Jets, if Upshaw is off the board.

          If we’re looking for CB/S conversion projects, I’d love to take a shot at Chase Minnifield in the second round. There’s a very good chance he’d be worth the pick as a corner, but he has all of the tools to be a fantastic free safety as well.

        • sean says:

          AM–The Jets are not taking a CB in the first round, they probably wont take one for the first 3 rds. They have the best one and a good one for starters and a bunch of nickel guys.

    • Dan says:

      oops…sorry on the “can’t NOT” typing a bit too fast

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