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@Ricklev11 asks:
@DougKyed everyone is picking a LB for the patriots, but who would you take off the starting line up?

Well, as of now, we have to assume the Patriots are going back to the 3-4, which is what they did in the playoffs. They played in the 4-3 this year to simplify the defense because of the lockout.

Andre Carter is a free agent and doesn’t really fit in the 3-4, and Mark Anderson, who does fit in at OLB is also a free agent.

At ILB, we’ll see Jerod Mayo and Brandon Spikes as the starters, with Dane Fletcher likely coming in for sub packages and at OLB.

Rob Ninkovich will be holding down one of the OLB slots, so the Patriots still have one starting OLB slot to fill, and there’s a matter of depth that the Patriots need to fill. We can’t see Gary Guyton, Tracy White and Niko Koutouvides playing again this year.

Even if Mark Anderson is resigned to be an edge rusher, that would still leave a lot of snaps for a rookie linebacker. It’s not as much about who we’re taking out of the starting lineup, because in different packages there’s a lot of slots to fill.

Jermaine Cunningham is one possibility to fill one of the OLB positions, but it’s tough to depend on him next year since he disappeared all of last year, though granted it was in the 4-3.

@GT327 asks:
@DougKyed The old value chart valued the Pats’ two Rd 1 picks at 1280 (#27=680 #31=600), which translates into moving to #10 (1300) or #11 (1250). How high do you think they could go by packaging the two picks?

I think 10 or 11 is the most reasonable, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’d almost rather the Pats continue to trade down to get some later picks than trade up for a top 10 or 11 pick. Most of the depth in this draft is in the 2nd round and there’s not a lot of difference between the players who will be available in the top 10 or 15 and the players who will be available further down where the Patriots will be picking.

MJP asks:
Janzen Jackson, former Vol FS and arguably the best FS in the country, he entered the Draft after transferring to McNeese St where he played CB…..if his issues were only Pot related where do you think would be an ideal spot for him to be taken, say if the Pats wanted a talented FS with some baggage, sorta like Aaron at TE or Mallett at QB.

I like Jackson and I think it would make a lot of sense to take a risk on player like him. I think if he has a solid combine, which I’m expecting, I could see him taken in the 3rd or 4th round.

Tom asks:
With their first pick, the Pats seem to take the first or second best player at a particular position, e.g Nate Solder was the 2nd tackle last year, McCourty the second CB in 2010, rather than try and fill a position of need. What position do you think will still have the top players available at the bottom of round 1?

I think DE/DT will still have a lot of great players left at the bottom of round one. Really any number of guys could still be available, but names like Fletcher Cox, Brandon Thompson, Jared Crick, etc. should be ones to concentrate on.

Pats Fan asks:
What do you think of recently released corner-backs Stanford Routt and Bryant McFadden? Do you think they would be good pickups for the Patriots?

I think Bryant McFadden is exactly the sort of player the Patriots would bring in. They’ve brought in guys like Shawn Springs, Fernando Bryant, Lewis Sanders, Tory James, Chad Scott, Deltha O’Neal, etc., etc. in the past and none of them have really worked out, but they keep bringing them in.

Routt makes less sense, he’ll likely cost more than he’s worth.

@ErikFrenz asks:
@DougKyed Rate MossTV on a scale of 1-10.

@JaredCounterman asks:
@DougKyed Should I expect a Randy Moss return in NE?

I’ll group these two together.

For part a. I’d probably rate it a solid 7. I’ve watched it once and it’s a strange combination of funny, entertaining, boring and slightly sad. Yes, I said it’s entertaining and boring at the same time. The problem is that every question asked to him sucks.

As for part b. no. I can’t see Moss returning to New England. Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reported that the Patriots had a chance to bring him back last year and didn’t bite, so I’m not sure if anything would have changed between then and now.

Moss is one of my favorite players of all time, but it was pretty obvious he had lost something in 2010, whether that was speed, love for the game, whatever. I’d love to see him find success in the NFL again, but even if he doesn’t, he’s going down as the second greatest WR in the history of football, and that’s not half bad.

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3 Responses to “NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter”

  1. MJP says:

    Hey Doug,

    How would someone go about acquiring any form of game tape on these prospects???

    I’d love to see more snaps from these prospects, I know you guys do a great job, rarely do I disagree with your reports or even your mocks but it would be great to get some tape if that’s possible

    Any suggestions?

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