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Chase Minnifield NFL Draft

Could Chase Minnifield join his teammate Ras-I Dowling on the Patriots next year?

University of Virginia star CB Chase Minnifield took time out of his training schedule and preparation for the NFL Draft to do a question and answer session with scout Mike Loyko . He touched on his college career, his father and what he is doing to prepare for the NFL Draft.

Chase Minnifield is one of the top 10 CBs available in this years draft. In his Senior year Chase recorded 50 total tackles, including 33 solo stops, 3 interceptions and 1 returned for a touchdown. Here is what Chase had to say.

What is your current height and weight? Target Height and Weight
Chase: 6’0″ 185 Lbs. This is my targeted height and weight as well.

Now that the season is over can you give us your thoughts on your overall performance and the outcome of your team’s season?
Chase:  I thought I played well and affected the outcome of games more than I did last year. Our team did a good job, we were able to get back to a bowl game, which was the big goal for me and my teammates coming into the season.

What aspect of your game did you improve most during the course of the season?
Chase: I was able to improve my physical strength the most this season

When did you know that the NFL was an achievable goal for yourself?
Chase: I have always believed that the NFL was possible. I have always thought with hard work and dedication that I would be able to make it there.

Can you talk about how having a father who played in the NFL has helped you develop as a football player?
Chase: My dad has tought me to be a student of the game. He says the NFL is a business and to approach it as such.

In your time at Virginia you have played for both Al Groh and Mike London. Can you talk briefly about both and how they have helped you become the player you are today?
Chase: Coach Groh recruited me so he saw my potential and he really believed in my skill set as a player. Coach London allowed me to play confidently and passionately. Both coaches have played a big role in making me the player and person I am today.

When you look back at your time at Virginia, what will you consider your “best” moment and what will you consider your lowest point?
Chase: When I look back the best moment will be when we became bowl eligible for the first time. The lowest is definitley missing out on a bowl game.

What type of system do you feel most comfortable in? Man or zone?
Chase: I like to play man to man the best. I definitely feel like I can play in both systems.

What type of coverages did you play at UVA and how complex did they get?
Chase: We played Cover 4 which plays like man, man to man, and a little cover 2. I’ve played in extremely complex defenses and more simplistic defenses I’ve been around the game long enough to be able to adapt to both.

What do you consider your best attribute as a CB and what do you consider your biggest weakness?
Chase: My best attribute is my understanding and knowledge of the game, I am a smart football player. I don’t think I have many weaknesses if had to pick one I would say I can always get stronger for when I player against the bigger WRs in the NFL.

Last year the Patriots drafted your teammate and fellow CB Ras-I Dowling in the second round. Could you talk about him as a CB, how do you compare and what kind of teammate and player he was at UVA?
Chase: Ras-I was a great pick for the Patriots. He is a great player with great ability. We both play the game with passion, energy and confidence. He was an amazing teammate at UVA and taught me a lot about the game and how to play CB.

What are your plans between now and the draft?
Chase: Right now I am working hard to be ready for the combine and my pro day and ultimately being ready for an NFL training camp.

What do you feel like you need to improve on the most in order to maximize your draft stock?
Chase: I think my tape should speak for itself but for a cornerback prospect running as fast as possible is what they really want to see so, that is why I am working on now.

What are your expectations for the draft?
Chase: My expectation is to go in the 1st round.

For people who aren’t familiar with you can you give us a brief scouting report of yourself?
Chase: I have good size and strength. I have a good understanding of the game can play both press and off man as well as zone coverage’s. I have good hands and I’m not afraid to make a play.

If you were an NFL GM why would you pick yourself over other draft eligible CBs?
Chase: I may not be the tallest, fastest or strongest player but I think when they look back at this class of corners I’ll be the best because of my work ethic and true love for the game.

Can you compare yourself to a current or former NFL player?
Chase: I have obviously been compared to my dad a lot. I think my style of physical pin your face play resembles his. But I can also play like a Charles Woodson with real smart and saavy play.

Who was the best WR you have ever faced while in college?
Chase: I played against some good ones but no one stands out because I feel I was always prepared and up for the challenge. But some names that were a decent challenge were Darius Heyward Bey, Hakeem Nicks and Demaryius Thomas.

If football doesn’t work out what would you like to do?
Chase: If the NFL doesn’t work out as a player I would like to go into coaching or get into sports anaylsis.

Who was your favorite player and teams growing up?
Chase: I loved the Browns because of my dad but I really enjoy watching many teams. I just love good football. My favorite favorite player were Frank Minnifield, Randy Moss and Emmitt Smith.

Can you give me your thoughts on the Patriots organization and how you might fit in there?
Chase: The Patriots are a top of the line organization. Their winning and tradition is 2nd to none.

Combine/Pro Day Predictions
Chase: Im not going to predict any numbers but I will say it’s going to be a good showing.

Any injuries you may have sustained in college You missed the senior bowl due to a “procedure”… anything serious?
Chase: I was experiencing minor knee pain, but I’m back running and feel fine now.

What are your hobbies off the field, what do you like to do when your not playing football?
Chase: Off the field I love to play video games and I like to play basketball.

I again want to thank Chase for taking the time to do this interview and want to wish him the best at the combine and throughout the draft process.

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5 Responses to “Chase Minnifield Interview”

  1. rdf63 says:

    The Pats may be strongly considering this pick and having him start right away opposite Dowling. They are already familar with each other which can save time but would be surprised if he is a first round pick. The Pats may trade the 31st and try to get him in the early 2nd. The big question is where will McCourty play and will the Pats move him to safety or draft a safety.

  2. Daniel B says:

    Good interview, but the “target height” makes me laugh. Get to stretching so you can be taller for the Combine!

  3. Dan says:

    Yes, it’s just too obvious, and the kid looks like he can really play…great fit if he’s there, but i have a feeling BB won’t use the #27th on him, but we’ll see. Maybe they trade up in the 2nd if he’s still there and grab him; I don’t think he makes it to our Raider’s mid-2nd round pick.
    I really like the way this guy plays…he’s a fluid athlete…very athletic with good size, and all the other, obvious, stuff that BB loves…blood lines, good kid, etc…

  4. Lundahl says:

    Looks good to me.

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