Aaron Henry – 2012 NFL Draft Interview

Aaron Henry

Versatile safeties never go out of style. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Aaron Henry, safety and special-teams ace from Wisconsin was kind enough to answer a few of our questions after participating in the Shrine Game.

Aaron, thanks for taking the time to answer a few of our questions.
Yes sir, thank you.

You had quite a career at Wisconsin – what were some of your highlights in Madison?
Outside of graduating with a degree in consumer affairs and business. 1) My freshman year we played the Iowa Hawkeyes in Camp Randall at night and I had 3 sacks blitzing out of our nickel package. 2) Knocking off Ohio State in camp Randall when we they were #1 in the country. I will never forget that moment. Everyone in the stands ran on to the field after that one.

Were you happy with how you measured in during the Shrine Game week?
Yes sir, for the most part I was, I felt like I put together some really good practices and I was able to show my skills as a safety, corner and a return man!!!

What are your plans from now until draft time?
My plans are to train in Naples, Florida until I have my pro day back in Madison on March 7th. After Pro day I will stay in Madison until a few days before the draft.

Do you see yourself as more of a free safety, strong safety, or someone that can do a little bit of both?
To be completely honest with you I have no idea. In my career I played 2 years at corner and 2 at safety and prior to that I was a corner my whole life. So wherever the team I am on feels they need me is where I will play.

What sort of impact do you think you could have on special teams?
I think I can have a huge impact on special teams because that’s what I did in college, so it would not be anything new to me.

Is there a current NFL player that has a game similar to yours?
I would have to say Jim Leonard because he is a true student of the game and just like him I feel like I have the ability and mental capacity to run a defense and put myself in a position to go out and make plays.

If I’m an NFL GM, why do I want to pick Aaron Henry in the 2012 NFL Draft?
Well first and foremost I am not just a safety I am a football player who can play any position on the back end (Secondary) and I have the ability to return punts, so I think that makes me extremely versatile. I am also a student of the game and would be willing to play anything given the opportunity. At the end of the day I just want to play football no matter what position!

Aaron is currently a Top-10 safety in our 2012 NFL Draft Rankings.

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