A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft

11) I tried to make it through these 15 thoughts without talking about the Patriots but I can’t do it. Now that it looks there is a strong possibility that Steelers WR Mike Wallace will be at the very least allowed to test the RFA market, you’d have to think the Patriots have to make a serious run at him.

The biggest need by far for the Patriots offense is an outside WR who can stretch the field, and what player does that better than Mike Wallace. Signing Wallace would cost some big bucks and they would have to surrender a first round draft pick. But, with the Patriots history of failing to draft and develop WRs and their plethora of picks in the first two rounds, the move seems like a no brainer for me.

12) The weakest position in this years draft? I would have to say the tight end position. I highly doubt we will see a TE drafted in the first round and maybe only three total drafted in the first three rounds.

As of right now I have only given a 2nd or 3rd round grade to three tight ends; Georgia’s Orson Charles, Stanford’s Coby Fleener and Clemson’s Dwayne Allen. After those players there is a huge drop off in talent. In a league which is starting to utilize the tight end more and more teams will have a tough time finding a TE who can contribute right away.

13) The Miami Dolphins are in a tough spot in this years draft. Midway through the season, Dolphins fans were so excited that they thought they would have a shot at Andrew Luck or at least USC QB Matt Barkley. Not only are they not going to get either one of those players, but they are at a spot in the draft where they could miss out on all the elite players in the draft.

It would appear as of right now their is a top tier of players in this draft consisting of Luck, Kalil, Claiborne, Richardson, Blackmon, Griffin III, and Coples. If they stay at pick 9 its highly unlikely they get any of those players. The question then becomes do the Dolphins try to trade up into the top 5-6 or do they stay where they are and take an offensive lineman like Riley Reiff or David DeCastro or do they reach for the next available pass rusher. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be mediocre.

14) One of, if not the most, important parts of the combine for NFL teams is the interview process. It’s the first chance for NFL GMs and personnel men to talk to these players. I can tell you from conducting interviews with these players that they have been well prepared and know how to answer the generic questions. For a while I thought some of the questions the players would be asked were ridiculous. Such as “if you were stranded in the middle of a forest, how would you get out”.

Now I understand that it’s not the question and not even the answer the player gives that matters. It’s a chance to see how a player reacts when they are uncomfortable, it’s to get them off their game and to see how they can think on their feet.

15) One player who I still like that no one is talking about is Arkansas WR Greg Childs. Arkansas has two WRs who are going to get drafted in the first couple rounds. It’s easy to forget that before he was injured his junior year Greg Childs was the best WR on that team and was in the discussion for a first round pick before his patella tendon injury.

At 6’3″ 220 pounds Childs is a big target. If he can run a decent time this weekend and checks out medically he could really be a sleeper for teams looking for a big WR.

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4 Responses to “A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft”

  1. Jeff says:

    I don’t think the Rams would have to make as tough a decision as you think. They may very well have their cake and eat it too.

    If Cleveland is the one to trade, they’d most likely be giving both 1st rounders…the #4 pick and ATL’s. The #4 may lose them Kalil if Minn takes him, but they’d still have Reiff there at #4 who is almost the same, and if not, it’s about as slim a margin as you can get.

  2. gregory bishop says:

    I agree about running the 40 in pads, but you should do both with and without and see who has the smallest difference in the two times.

  3. TD says:

    While I would be all for getting Wallace, I don’t see BB tying up that much money in one grouping, WR. Welker is likely to get $8-9mil and Wallace would be close to that as well. If BB is going to put out big money to a FA, it would have to be a DE like Seymour in his prime.

    Also have to factor in a WR’s ability to read defenses and adjust. Branch is able to do that, but does not have the wheels anymore. My money would be on Lloyd coming here at between $3-5mil.

    Unless a really really good player drops to Pat’s, I see them moving completely out of round 1 and more into round 2 if this draft really is deep, especially at DB, OL and WR.

    • jim r says:

      I agree Welker and Carter to a lesser extent will cost you a few bucks. No high picks on WR’s round 3 or 4 they will get somebody. Other FA money will go to a safety/Corner or a WR. They just might get out of round 1 all together. If they stay An Offensive Linemen would not suprise me. They usually are safe picks.

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