2012 NFL Draft: Players That Will Be Drafted Sooner Than You Think

Houston OLB Sammy Brown
Brown has been talked about very little at this point in the draft process. However Brown is one of the better edge rushers in this years draft. Brown has a very good frame with really long arms. Brown is raw in that he doesn’t have refined pass rush moves and I question his feel for the game.

With the way pass rushers are valued in the league, and with the few available in this years draft, Brown is going to get a team to draft him rather high. I think Brown could sneak into the late third to early 4th round as a developmental pass rusher.

Texas OLB Keenan Robinson
If there is a weak spot in this year’s draft it’s definitely SLB. Robinson is one of the only LB in the draft who actually profiles to a SLB. He has really good size and can run. He had a very good week in Mobile, solidifying his spot atop the SLB rankings.

With so many teams looking for everydown linebackers Robinson will shoot up draft boards. Before the Senior Bowl I thought of Robinson as a late 3rd rounder. I now think he goes mid second round.

Mississippi State OT James Carmon
Carmon only played one season of OT at Mississippi State. He was the #2 JUCO recruit in the country behind Cam Newton as a DT and was moved to OT last summer to replace Derek Sherrod. Carmon has a terrific frame standing 6’7″ 320 pounds. He is also tremendously athletic. It speaks volumes of a player for a coach to move him to OT his senior season and start him at LEFT tackle the same season. Carmon also made the move willingly which speaks to his ability to be a team player.

Teams love big, long athletic LT prospects and for as raw as Carmon is right now it could pay off in the long run. Based on frame and upside Carmon will be a mid-round pick.

Miami(FL) WR Tommy Streeter
Streeter is a 6’5″ WR who is rumored to be ready to put on a show at the combine. Streeter had only one productive season at Miami and decided to bolt for the draft. Speed kills in the NFL, especially at WR, and if your 6’5″ and can burn you will go even higher.

On a whole this WR class doesn’t have many true burners and none with the size of Streeter. I can see a team like San Diego or Minnesota pulling the trigger on Streeter in round three.

Georgia CB Brandon Boykin
Boykin has crept his way up toward that top tier of corner backs in this years draft. Claiborne, Kirkpatrick and Jenkins are the consensus top CBs in this year’s draft. With so many bunched together after that anyone of them could go higher than expected. Boykin had a tremendous week in Mobile, before breaking his leg in the game.

He probably won’t be working out much before the draft, which usually hurts draft stock. If Boykin’s last impression on scouts was the Senior Bowl then that was a good impression to leave. I could see Boykin being the 4th CB off the board at the top of round two.

Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson
Wilson’s biggest disadvantage is his height, he’s really short in person. He does have a high and quick release point which is more than you can say for someone like Kellen Moore. Wilson is one of the better athletes at QB this year and a tremendous team leader.

He appeared to take his Senior Bowl Game performance very, very hard. He is critical of himself and a tireless worker. If I ran an NFL team I wouldn’t think about him before the 6th round, but I think he goes higher than that.

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4 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Players That Will Be Drafted Sooner Than You Think”

  1. Mike J says:

    I think Nigel Bradham will go higher than folks think. Also, teammate, CB Mike Harris.

  2. Ken W says:

    I really like Derek Wolfe also. Just wondering what you guys think of him? Think he could be a pretty good DE for the pats.

  3. Ken W says:

    Just checked out some youtube clips of Sammy Brown and Keenan Robinson. I liked what I saw and wouldn’t mind either one of these guys in the middle rounds. Streeter would be interesting but don’t think he fits the patriot mold and don’t think pats would draft him.

  4. Wes says:

    In terms of gong after players who have had injury problems, I can see the Patriots go after Boykin. Seems like he could contribute right away. Another player I am surprised not listed in this column is Notre Dame SS Harrison Smith. Very smart player, with great ball hawking skills. Seems like a good fit if Barron was not available.

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