10 Reasons Why the Patriots Will Beat the Giants

5. The Patriots WRs
A lot of attention is given to the Patriots TEs but Welker is the player who needs to have the biggest game in order for the Patriots to win.

Welker will get his and if he can stretch the field a little bit it will take a huge amount of pressure off the TEs.

Deion Branch, however, is the player who may cause the most problems for the Giants. Branch is a guy who plays his best in the biggest games. Branch has been in the league since 2002 and has had 1 regular season game in which he had 10 catches. Branch has played in 2 Super Bowls and has 10+ catches in both. Branch will likely be matched up 1 on 1 with a Giants CB most of the time and will have the ability to really stretch the field for the Patriots. This could be Branch’s swansong and I have no doubt he will make an impact Sunday.

If Ochocinco somehow, someway, finds a way to show up big, this game will likely be a blowout. Add in the fact that the Giants secondary is almost as susceptible as the Patriots secondary and can be very inconsistant at times, it’s likely we will see the Patriots WR break a few big plays on Sunday.

4. The Patriots O-Line

NFL Network and ESPN have both become unwatchable this week with all the talk about the Giants defensive line. There is no doubt its a very good line and JPP is a stud, but this defense is not the ’86 Chicago Bears. Week 9 against the Patriots the Giants got2 hits on Tom Brady, both sacks and 1 resulted in a forced fumble.

The Patriots offensive line features 4 pro bowl caliber players. Logan Mankins and Brian Waters are the Pro-Bowl starters for the AFC. Matt Light has been so underrated and so good all year and Nate Solder has made a mistake here or there, but has been everything you could ask for in a rookie tackle.

Now it appears the Patriots will have last year’s 2nd team All-Pro OT Sebastian Vollmer back for the game. Having Vollmer back will give the Patriots a ton of flexibility. You could see the Patriots go unbalanced in short yardage or late in the game featuring Solder, Vollmer and Gronkowski on one side of the line. If the Patriots are worried about Gronkowski’s ankle and blocking then they can have Solder play as the TE on the line, where Gronkowski would usually line up and flank Gronk out, all while still having Hernandez on the field as well. This will likely cause some sort of match up problem for the Giants.

I trust Solder more than I trust Vollmer at this point, but having an All pro caliber OT as your extra blocker will absolutely help negate that Giants pass rush. In my opinion, the Patriots offensive line is not only the best line the Giants will have faced all year — it’s the best in the league and the Giants aren’t going to have such an easy time rushing Brady as it’s being made out to seem.

3. Aaron Hernandez

Regardless of who the Giants choose to try and cover, Aaron Hernandez will likely be a mismatch. The Giants will likely choose to double cover Welker and probably double cover Gronkowski. That will leave Hernandez 1 on 1 with a Giants defender. Whether it’s a LB, S, or CB Hernandez 1 on 1 is a mismatch.

Hernandez is just so versatile and has the ability to line up literally anywhere on the field. I expect the Patriots to move Hernandez around a lot and potentially motion him forcing the Giants to alter and give away their coverages.

Hernandez was pretty much a non-factor in Week 9 except for his 4th Quarter touchdown. I expect the Patriots to get Hernandez involved early and often in a multitude of ways. I think we will see screens, reverses, runs and down field passes to him. The Giants can’t double everyone=they have to pick their poison-and Hernandez should reap the rewards. Hernandez will be making it rain in Indy on Sunday night.

2. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

I know this is really 2 reasons, but they are connected at the hip. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady having two weeks to prepare for a game is going to be a huge advantage for the Patriots.

The odds of Tom Brady having back to back terrible playoff games is slim. Combine that with the fact that this is a revenge game, they already lost to the Giants this year and I expect Brady to come out with the eye of the tiger on Sunday night.

Brady turned the ball over three times alone in the first match-up against the Giants and twice last week against the Ravens. I have a hard time believing that Brady will turn the ball over three times in the Super Bowl.

I expect Belichick will have some sort of scheme up his sleeve that Eli Manning and the Giants won’t be prepared for. People have forgotten that Eli Manning had 19 INTs this year and over 20 last year. He can be very loose with the ball at times and Belichick will find a way to force Eli into a couple mistakes.

Tom Brady has led three Super Bowl winning drives and it would have been four if Asante Samuel could friggin’ catch the ball. Brady has been haunted by that game like all of us and I just believe this will be Brady’s finest moment. Only one coach and one other QB have won four Super Bowls, Brady and Belichick join their company Sunday.

1. Rob Gronkowski

It seems that this week every single commentator has become an orthopedic surgeon and a foot and ankle specialist. Everyone has their opinion about how “There’s no way Gronkowski will be able to make an impact… Gronkowski will only be used as a decoy… ” and it’s infuriating.

First of all, nobody knows the true extent of the injury and nobody knows Gronkowski’s pain tolerance or his ability to heal. Gronkowski is literally one of the toughest human beings I have seen play football and the only way he doesn’t make an impact is if he has to cut that leg off. Let’s just say for a second that Gronkowski is only 25% but he still plays. Are the Giants not going to cover him or pay attention to him? No, of course they are going to. So by Gronkowski just being out there he occupies at least 1 defender.

Gronkowski’s biggest strength’s are his massive and sure hands, his immense size, and his other-worldly strength. Those three things are not going to be affected by this sprained ankle.

Even running at half speed Gronkowski is a mismatch because of his massive catching radius and his height. His best route is his seam where he has been basically uncoverable this year. Running a seam route doesn’t force you to cut or turn. Gronkowski is not a player whose game is built on precision cuts and quick moves. He is a throw back, he uses his brute strength and size to get open. Anyone who thinks that Rob Gronkowski is not going to have an impact on this game is absolutely crazy in my opinion. He may not be 100% but I am positively sure that he is going to make an impact in this game and it’s going to be a big one.

With all that said and done the the Patriots win on Sunday 31-17 and Rob Gronkowski will be the Super Bowl MVP.

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4 Responses to “10 Reasons Why the Patriots Will Beat the Giants”

  1. PatsFanInCO says:

    I think another reason the Pats play a good-to-great game and bring home the trophy is because Belichick has been so easy-going this week. I bet that was a calculated effort to help the team play loose, rather than how tight they were last time around with all the perfect season pressure they had to deal with. If Brady in particular doesn’t press and takes what’s there instead of trying to do too much, he’ll play much better.

  2. Mike says:

    Paula, what the heck are you talking about?

  3. TD says:

    I see Pat’s OLine vs Giant’s DLine as a virtual stalemate, the Giant’s will need to bring more than 4.

    On the flip side, I see the Pat’s DLine vs Giant’s OLine as a win for Pat’s and expect Eli to be under duress on passing plays. That Giant’s OLine is one of the worst in NFL. If not for that idiot 49er fumbling punts, it would be Pat’s vs 49ers.

    I heard a Sirius NFL guy (Derrick Brooks) say that the Pat’s OLine in SB XLII played so poorly early on that the Giant’s DLinemen thought that they were being lured in as it was so easy getting to Brady. I saw the same thing that night; Pat’s OL’s whiffing on blocks & Giant DL’s shooting gaps easily. It’s going to be different this time around.

  4. Paula says:

    I just cannot see Pats messing this up again If you remember in week 9 Pats were leading 20 to 9 then Brady threw 3 Interceptions which cause the loss that will not happen this time around Specially when brady against the Ravens played lousy even he said that and Brady don’t have 2 bad games in a row It just don’t happen

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