2012 Senior Bowl: Week in Review

Senior Bowl Quinton Coples

Quinton Coples answered a lot of questions at the 2012 Senior Bowl. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

With the Senior Bowl week coming to a close, I wanted to gather my thoughts on the week into one concise post.

Besides watching a ton of great football and meeting equally as great scouts and players, there were a lot of players that really opened my eyes down in Mobile, AL and a few players that made me question what I was seeing on tape throughout the year.

I’m going to give you my top players at each position who helped their stock, and one or two that might have fallen a little bit.


  1. Brandon Weeden
  2. Russell Wilson
  3. Kirk Cousins

I thought Weeden did a fantastic job in the Senior Bowl practices, and showed me just as much when I interviewed him early in the week. He seemed far more mature than the rest of the players because, well, he is. Being 28, I predict that Weeden likely interviewed extremely well with scouts and coaches. Having a background in professional sports as a minor league baseball player also helps him tremendously. There’s no question as to whether the spotlight or lowlight will go to his head, he’s been through it all before. I would take Weeden with a late first pick, if he were five years younger, not only would he be a top 10 pick, I could see him going top 5.

Wilson came in a half inch shorter than we all thought he might, but he showed off a high release point all week that at least helps his lack of height. I came in thinking Cousins was projected as a backup QB, and my opinion still holds, but he does have a balanced skill set that could be taught up.

Who fell: Kellen Moroe

It’s all been said, but Moore came in at just 5-11 191 and didn’t look overly athletic or even a little bit ready to take on the punishment he would receive as an NFL starting QB. His arm strength and accuracy were subpar. I think Moore is undraftable.


  1. Doug Martin
  2. Isaiah Pead
  3. Dan Herron
  4. Terrance Ganaway

Martin showed off a really strong, solid physique and showed off more burst than I expected from the Boise State product. Senior Bowl practices aren’t exactly the best place for running backs to raise their stock. RBs’ skill sets are based off elusiveness, absorbing contact and breaking tackles, none of which they can do during limited contact practices. I’d take Martin as a second round pick.

Who fell: Lennon Creer

Creer was coming off a strong Shrine game and I thought he appeared a step or two slower than the rest of the backs in Mobile. I know a lot of people have Chris Polk written down here, but I can’t see it. He showed up big enough in the actual game when it mattered for RBs for me to say that he didn’t budge from his late first/early second stock.


  1. Marvin Jones
  2. Joe Adams
  3. Marvin McNutt
  4. Devier Posey
  5. Patrick Edwards

I can’t say enough about Marvin Jones, he was my favorite prospect down in Mobile this week. He had by far the best hands among any player. Watching Jones during practices the ball would hit his hands and not budge. He has massive, soft hands.

Jones also showed off some really crisp routes, quick feet and some surprising speed. Jones had a lot of promise coming into his senior season, and started out hot with two hundred yard games in three weeks. Unfortunately, Jones was overshadowed by sophomore Keenan Allen. Who was Jones’ QB you might ask? Oh, just Keenan Allen’s half brother who had transferred from Buffalo because Allen had committed to Cal. When I talked to Jones about that this week, he handled it very maturely, as he seems to with everything in his life.

Sam, our friend from the Netherlands who writes for USA Sports Magazine that we met in Mobile, passed this video along to us, it’s a great watch. I’d take Jones with a third or fourth round pick.

Joe Adams showed a lot of explosiveness and when talking to his agent this week, is deservedly receiving second round grades right now. There’s questions as to whether he’ll be running at the combine, but if he does and comes out strong, we could be talking about a first round receiver. McNutt showed a lot of smarts for his position. Posey showed some explosiveness after the catch and Edwards had some surprising quickness for player with as many leg injuries as he’s had.

Who fell: Dwight Jones, Jeff Fuller

To put it simply, Jones looked lazy. He didn’t show any burst off the line, was rounding off his routes and never hustled back to the line after drills. During his first practice, the Redskins offensive assistant had to keep enforcing to him that he needed to pick up the ball after drops. Fuller probably caught about half of his passes during this week, and most of those came during his semi-impressive first practice.


  1. Brad Smelley
  2. Deangelo Peterson
  3. Emil Igwenagu

Smelley showed off some really nice soft hands this week and looks like a player who could be used in a number of roles in the NFL. The biggest questions he faces are speed and size, but he showed off good enough blocking skills and strong route running. He’s the kind of player that might benefit from having a young quarterback that could learn to depend on him. I’m seeing a much less athletic Aaron Hernandez. Probably a fifth or sixth rounder.

Peterson was probably the most athletic TE down here and Igwenagu is another tweener TE/FB that could be a less athletic Marcel Reece at the NFL level.

Who fell: Ladarius Green

It was a strong week in general for the TEs, but I don’t think Green is athletic enough for a WR and he’s not big and strong enough for a TE.


  1. Cordy Glenn
  2. Kelechi Osemele
  3. Jeff Allen
  4. Mitchell Schwartz

Glenn had a huge week and might have vaulted into the middle of the first round. He’s Marcus Cannon sized at 6-5 and almost 350 pounds and carries it unbelievably well. He can play guard or tackle at the next level.

Osemele is another massive prospect, who actually wisely dropped some weight from the season. He showed he can play either tackle or guard at the next level. Allen showed off some stellar pass blocking skills, he might be projected at guard at the next level because of his size, but he could surprise some people.

Who fell: Zebrie Sanders, William Vlachos

Sanders has nice size and shows off some pretty good footwork, but he’s not powerful enough yet. He doesn’t get the same kind of drive the rest of these guys can and gets overpowered easily by a bull rush. Vlachos had a great career at Alabama as a three year starter on some really great teams, but he might not be cut out for the NFL. He’d be a very undersized center at just over 6-0. I can see Vlachos sticking on a practice squad because he’s a smart player.


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3 Responses to “2012 Senior Bowl: Week in Review”

  1. Ken W says:

    The more I see and hear about George Iloka the more I like him. Seems like he is a great fit for the Patriots.

    Versatile – 3 games at CB last season
    Big – good for covering those elite TE, plus pushing Gronk and Hernandez at practice would only help them become even better
    Smart – every interview I see with him he seems like he is a student of the game. Always is bringing up terms and schemes. Also heard him say that players in the NFL are so much faster and stronger then players in college that the little details are what makes a difference.

    If that isn’t a BB kind of player then I don’t know what is. Go get this guy in the 2nd or 3rd and put him next to Chung and see what he can do.

  2. Mike says:

    How did Antonio Allen fall? He was tied for the most tackles in the game with 7. He made two tackles that could have very well turned into 6 points for the North had he not been there.

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