Senior Bowl Live: Offense

2012 Senior Bowl

We’ll be live blogging the Senior Bowl game today giving up to the second updates on all the best offensive players. After watching these guys all week in practice and picking up as much as we can, the game is the final test to see what these players can do against the top competition in college football.

Today I’ll be trying to focus in on some players that I didn’t get a great chance to watch all week. I’ll also be spending a lot of the game watching the running backs from both sides. Without everyone going full speed and tackling in practice, we didn’t get to see these RB’s full abilities.


South Prospects

#71 Cordy Glenn, OL, Georgia

Glenn proved himself as a first rounder this week at either tackle or guard.

#2 Chris Rainey, RB/WR, Florida

Rainey was lining up in the slot all week, and showed himself to be a decent deep threat. He might be the fastest player down here.

#3 Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State

Weeden was the no. 1 QB down here this week, proving he could make all the throws and that his accuracy at OK St. wasn’t a fluke.

#4 Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas

Adams had the best week out of all the WRs down here, showing he could beat the talented South defensive backs from the slot or split out wide.

#19 Deangelo Peterson, TE, LSU

I’m not doubting Peterson’s receiving abilities, but I’d like to see how he holds up on the line.

#24 Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor

Ganaway is a big strong back at 241 lbs., this isn’t a great week for RBs to prove themselves, so I’d like to see his burst, and how elusive he can be against the top North defensive talent.

#33 Lennon Creer, RB, Louisiana Tech

Creer was the MVP of the shrine game, and he looked a step slower than the rest of the RBs down here in Mobile.

#44 Brad Smelley, TE, Alabama

I expect Smelley to have a strong game today. He seems like he’s been one of the favorite targets of some of the QBs down here.

#60 Ben Jones, C, Georgia

Jones held up well against his South teammates all week, now I want to see how he does in game action stacked up across from Mike Martin from Michigan.

#72 Jeff Allen, T, Illinois

Allen is undersized for a talent, but he’s a tremendous pass blocker.

#83 Patrick Edwards, WR, Houston

Edwards had a very strong first day of practice, but has had some problems with his hands since. He’s had multiple injuries in college, but has still shown a lot of burst at practice.

#85 Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina

Jones might have had the toughest week of any of the projected first or second rounders. He’s appeared lazy at times and looks slow on the practice field. He usually shows up for games, so we’ll see how he does against the North defensive backs.

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