Playoff Aftermath: Patriots vs Broncos

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

I’ve always had a theory that a win never feels as good as a loss feels bad. This one was different.

With all the build up and all the Tebow-mania, this is one of those incredibly gratifying wins for us Patriots fans.

Here are my quick-hit thoughts on the destruction of Tebow and company:

-Hernandez had a huge game last time the Patriots played the Broncos, so instead of showing that again, Gronk was the TE that went off through the air and Hernandez had a great game on the ground. Hernandez had twice as many yards on the ground than any other Patriots RB. That’s so great.

-Spikes had a huge game in his return to everyday action. It was odd to see Niko Koutouvides come in in sub packages instead of Dane Fletcher.

-Gerard Warren, Sterling Moore and Devin McCourty also had great games.

-My man Mark Anderson and had another huge game, I think every Patriots fan had a huge sigh of relief when we found out he wasn’t seriously hurt.

-It was crazy to let Hernandez carry the ball in a goalline situation. He’s never going to have the same awareness as an RB that carries the ball every game. Hopefully that head injury isn’t serious and that he’ll be able to play next week. It would be a huge loss to not have him.

-The Patriots actually didn’t win the turnover battle. Pretty shocking, but it didn’t make too much of a difference, did it?

-Great job by the offensive line, especially Matt Light. He protected Brady from Von Miller very well.

-The pressure the Pats brought on Tebow was great to see. They finished with 15 negative plays, five sacks and eight QB hits.

-Massive game for the Patriots defense overall. Definitely the best game of the year.

-The Patriots killed any hope for the Broncos option to work. Nink especially was not fooled by it whatsoever.

-Brady’s interception was 100% his fault. But he knew it and rebounded it from it incredibly.

-The Patriots finally started off strong. Maybe they should try taking the ball first every game? They still got the extra possession at the end of the game.

-Not many negatives at all to come away from in this game. Now that the Broncos finished 9-9, the Pats still don’t have a win against a winning team.

-As much as I complained about Hernandez taking a goal line carry, I LOVE seeing him in the backfield. He’s one of the most versatile players in the game today and he has great route running out of the backfield.

That’s it for now, I’ll have more sometime this weekend or Monday with my six keys column. Big win for the Patriots. Lets enjoy this one!

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8 Responses to “Playoff Aftermath: Patriots vs Broncos”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    The play of Matt Light was tremendous vs Von Miller all night. He locked up 1 on 1 and did not give up an inch, showing great feet and power. The entire O Line seems to be coming together at the right time, Coach Dante continues to work his magic. Light has been kind of an unsung guy during the past decade, but his re-signing this year is really paying off at the right time.

    • TD says:

      Solder also is becoming a stud! That extra heavy package puts extreme pressure on a D, especially with Hernandez in the backfield. I think his rushing attempts were a signal to the Ravens that BB is going to let his guys get physical.

  2. John M says:

    I still don’t understand why BB left Brady in for the 4th quarter. Can someone explain that to me because I’m baffled.

    • qwerty says:

      I believe BB told team he wanted a FULL 60 MINUTE GAME EFFORT (even if they were ahead 60-0 in first quarter). The philosophy is that the patriots won’t take their foot off the pedal no matter what the rest of the way. If you noticed, the patriots didn’t let up in their intensity being 35 points ahead with 5 minutes left and game already won.

      • TD says:

        5 minutes left, hell 35-7 at half! BB totally believes in leaving his starters in to step on the gas and to keep sharp in execution. He did take Branch & Welker out.

  3. TD says:

    Amazing how a coach’s game plan on D can make the difference. BB’s game plan makes Ninko, Anderson, et al look like world beaters and Dick LeBau makes Pitt’s D look like they can’t play D!

    Eliminated the big plays and forced Tebow into his discomfort zone…having to be accurate with short passes. That and having Brady step on the gas pedal and keep it there.

  4. Big Dan From Maine says:

    It was REALLY nice the see the defense show up so big tonight. We didnt STOP the running game but definately slowed it down enough. Gives a little confidence going up against the Ravens/Texans, where the running game is the biggest part of their games.

    Actually rooting for the G-Men today, getting the high power offenses off the docket is IMO the best scenerio for the Pats.

  5. MJP says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the Herzy carry, give it to BJGE and let it be, I was only a bit surprised to see BB risk injury so deep into a blowout however losing Aaron would have been catastrophic to this Offense IMO, cuz Gronk and Wes won’t be enough to beat the Ravens then G.B/N.Y.-G or S.F.

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