Patriots vs Broncos: Six Keys to a Playoff Victory


While we’re talking about the Patriots defense, it’s important to give credit where it’s due to the Patriots secondary. Sterling Moore, yes the same Sterling Moore who was cut midseason, played incredible as a nickel back not allowing a single reception. Devin McCourty, playing safety and cornerback and Jerod Mayo also didn’t allow a single reception.

Getting Patrick Chung back has been really good for the New England secondary, he allowed one reception for 18 yards, but is also all over the field in the running game and really ties the Patriots defensive backs together.

Kyle Arrington continues to struggle through his foot injury, he allowed seven receptions on eleven targets for 112 of Tebow’s 136 yards. Stats are courtesy of Pro Football Focus.


It was like night and day watching the pass protection of both of these teams. While the Broncos were allowing pressure almost every single time Tebow dropped back to pass, the Patriots allowed just five pressures total all game.

Matt Light was facing one of the premier pass rushers in the game, Von Miller, and allowed three pressures and one QB hit on Brady. Dan Connolly allowed the only other pressure.

Logan Mankins played more than half the game, coming back from injury and looked to be back to his old All Pro level of play after struggling for parts of this season. The Patriots rarely had to go to six offensive lineman, with Marcus Cannon getting just five snaps all game. Rookie Nate Solder completely shut down the right side of the line with Brian Waters. It will be interesting to see what happens when Sebastian Vollmer is finally healthy. Solder has played very well since week 14 and has especially starred against the Bills and Broncos. I’d expect Solder to still get the starting nod, but it would allow the Patriots to play a ton of snaps in a six OL/3 TE set.


It’s tough to talk about how well the Patriots played without mentioning the Patriots pair of 22 year old star tight ends. I really wasn’t sure how the Patriots or Broncos would game plan against Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. After Hernandez played so well against the Broncos in week 15, I was thinking that he might take a backseat to Gronk on Saturday. I also figured the Broncos might really key in on Hernandez.

Well, the Patriots turned the Broncos on their heads and let Hernandez do most of his damage out of the backfield while Gronk was the go to guy through the air. Hernandez finished with 61 yards on five carries, and really broke out for a 43 yard run. He probably could have taken that run to the house, but like Deion Branch did earlier in the year, cut back inside for no good reason and got stopped inside the five.

Gronkowski continued his dominant streak into the playoffs with ten receptions 145 yards and three touchdowns. It might be impossible to stop the Patriots in the red zone right now. You’d have to triple team Gronk, but that just leaves Hernandez and Welker open.

One of the negatives we saw come out of Saturday was Hernandez getting his bell rung on a goal line carry. I thought it was dumb to give him a goal line carry, especially late in the game. It would have been fun to see him get that TD, but he’s also not experienced to be running into that kind of goal line defense as a tight end. He looked fine in post-game interviews and I’m sure he’ll be fine to play next week.

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3 Responses to “Patriots vs Broncos: Six Keys to a Playoff Victory”

  1. TD says:

    Key #1: #12, BB & staff doing their best work ever. How many of us, me included, thought that this defense would kill any chances of getting to the big game!

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      I am another that never saw this defense comming together this well. Now lets just hope they can play 1/2 as well against the rest of the teams they face.

      Is anyone but me excited to see both New Orleans and Greenbay out. The 2 best offenses in the league and we wont have to face them.

      If we get by Baltimore, then only the Giants scare me. That pass rush is looking good, at the right time of the year.

      • Tom says:

        It was the defense that showed up in the shoot-outs against the Cowboys, Giants and Steelers that was worrisome. The defense over the last few weeks has been coming together. They played several games in December where, after the opposing team got an early lead, the defense really clamped down, either shutting down the opposing offense or limiting their scoring. It was great to see that effort Saturday night though, 15 plays for a loss of yardage!

        As for Green Bay, Green Bay in December/January was not playing the same as it was in Sept/Oct. I thought NE could have beaten the GB that has been playing for the last month in the SB. The Giants are problematic to NE for obvious reasons, but I think San Fran is problematic too with two good safeties (too bad Goldson didn’t sign with NE this summer) and Bowman, Smith, and Smith rushing the QB. I would rather have seen NE face GB than either of these two teams. NE can beat the Ravens Sunday, but can’t overlook them. A week full of the media talking about how NE is going to blow the Ravens out (7.5 point favorites already) is going to motivate them. Plus the Ravens hate NE anyway and seem to get up and play great games this season when motivated, e.g. the Steelers.

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