Patriots vs Broncos: A Brand New Season

Devin McCourty Patriots Broncos

No matter where he lines up, Devin McCourty needs to have a great game against the Broncos.

NEPD Staff: Doug Kyed

The season flew by, last weekend dragged on, but it’s finally here, it’s playoff time!

Saturday night, we’ll find out if the Patriots are one and done again, or if this is the year they’ll make it past round two, past the Broncos and on to the AFC Championship game.

The Patriots are currently 13.5 point favorites, so why am I slightly afraid of the outcome of this game? I guess it all comes down to two words: Tebow Time. The first time these two teams faced off, Tebow Time came in the first quarter, and the Patriots had no problem shutting him down the rest of the game.

The Patriots defense did their job forcing a couple turnovers and got the Broncos away from their game. The big question this week is, can they do it again?

Here are some things I’ll be looking for in Saturday night’s game:


We saw it at the end of the Steelers game on the final play. The Steelers were expecting run all the way and Tebow chucked it deep for the game winning touchdown. The Patriots need to go into this game ready to defend a balanced attack just like they would against any other team. If they rely too much on stopping the Denver run game, they’ll get burned on deep passes to talented receiver Demaryius Thomas. If they try to key in on Tebow’s passes too much, they’ll get burned by Willis McGahee and Tebow’s legs like they did in the first quarter of week 15.


All season, the Patriots’ secondary has been the team’s biggest weakness. Last weekend, they looked very good with Devin McCourty playing free safety next to Patrick Chung. I would like to see that again, but I’m not expecting it. I think the Pats will go back to zone, where McCourty can play to his strengths at cornerback with his eyes on Tebow rather than his WR.

Like I said though, I’d actually like to see McCourty at FS. That would allow Kyle Arrington and Sterling Moore to play out wide, Julian Edelman in the slot and Chung and McCourty back at safety. That might be the Patriots best bet at secondary.

Luckily, not only are the Patriots facing a QB with a constantly low completions %, but they’re facing one of the league’s worst WR units, especially if Eric Decker is out as he’s expected to be. Intercepting Tebow has been a problem all year, one of his strengths as a QB is that he typically only throws it where his guys can get it. I’d like to see the Patriots pick Tebow off at least once this game.

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2 Responses to “Patriots vs Broncos: A Brand New Season”

  1. John M says:

    My worst fear of coming out flat is put to rest! Pats are up 14-0.

  2. qwerty says:


    this should be saved for the superbowl

    they really need to rise up for next 3 games

    if the only way for patriots to beat broncos is for secondary to play their best game, they may as well pack it in. they just have to play average against broncos and they should do ok. they need to play somewhat better than average against ravens (if they win – hopefully houston wins). they have to play at an astounding level if they play new orleans.

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