Film Room: Pittsburgh vs SMU

Brandon Lindsey 2012 NFL Draft

Pitt DE/OLB Brandon Lindsey showed some skills Patriots fans will be craving this April. (Photo: ICON SMI)

The BBVA Compass Bowl featured a couple of well-known prospects from the Pitt Panthers and a sleeper offensive lineman from Southern Methodist.

Here is what we saw out of the 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

100+ Games of Scouting Notes available in our archive.

#7 DE/OLB Brandon Lindsey – Pitt (Interview with
-Lined up as 3-4 OLB.
-Drops into zone coverage – doesn’t look uncomfortable.
-Hand on the ground for 3rd down, beats LT outside and hits QB as he throws.
-Targeting the back shoulder in pass rush, trying to force fumble.
-Speed move outside, gets around RB nearly untouched – QB gets rid of ball too quickly.
-Showed good body control and bend going around the edge.
-Works the inside shoulder of RT, good power move pressures QB.
-Walks out on slot receiver, shows man, plays zone. Assists on tackle.
-Keeps contain on run play after beating LT – RB looking for cutback.
-Can’t get off block by pulling guard.
-Tracks QB while in coverage, makes open-field tackle.
-Gives up edge on outside run, doesn’t see pulling guard coming.
-Plus change of direction skills – tough to keep a hand on him.
-Using long arms to keep LT from controlling him.
-Double teamed, peels off and just pulls up short of roughing the passer.
-Moving well in coverage, reads route and closes on ball.
-Lindsey had a good game, showcasing his versatile skills in a 3-4. Probably a day two pick at this point.

#70 OL Kelvin Beachum – SMU
-Lined up at left tackle.
-Mirrors well, let Lindsey get his hands in on him.
-Reacts a bit late to twist, knocked off balance.
-Tried to reach rather than move his feet, beaten outside.
-Gets to second level in run game, looking like more of a blocker than a puncher.
-Picks up blitzer on run play, takes him out of play.
-Beat badly on outside move by Lindsey, lunged and missed.
-Anticipates inside move by Lindsey, stops him cold.
-Like Beachum’s low center of gravity, gets a good bend.
-Fakes block on DL and gets to LB at second level – moves under control.
-Still allowing DE’s to get to close to his body.
-Much better job extending arms on Lindsey, forces him to run the full circle.
-Beachum might have a good future in the NFL as an OG – I think he’d look much better when he is not in so much space.

#52 OL Lucas Nix – Pitt
-Lined up as RG.
-Good athleticism pulling, looks very natural in his movements.
-Picks up two blocks, combos on DT and gets to LB on 2nd level.
-Blocks air for a 2nd, locates target and pancakes DE to help RT.
-Heavy punch, lifts DE off the ground.
-Misses cut block attempt on LB.
-Picks up twist stunt no problem – almost like he saw it coming.
-Absolutely jarring DL’s with his initial punch.
-Has exhibited low pad level throughout the game.
-Quick in his pull, locates his assignment quickly.
-Snaps a bit upright and jarred backwards, resets and anchors.
-Got a bit off balance, leaning outside, nearly lost inside shoulder.
-Gets in a dust-up after play, really gave heavy hits to DL all play.
-Knocked over by tackles man, QB is sacked.
-We liked Nix’s game, although the rest of the Pitt offense under-performed. He has a brutal punch and moves pretty well. Solid Top-100 guy.

Margus Hunt (DE, SMU) was another player who flashed. The 6’7″, 290 pound end is a first-round possibility in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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