Film Room: Nebraska vs South Carolina

Alshon Jeffrey 2012 NFL Draft

Alshon Jeffrey fought off critics, as well as Cornhuskers in this bowl game.

It’s safe to say that the 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the Capital One Bowl between Nebraska and South Carolina went down fighting.

Here is what we thought of their performances, including one dismal performance by a highly-regarded prospect.

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#1 Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina (Scouting Report)
-Makes up cushion on Dennard and has a step on go route – ball overthrown.
-Takes jam and gives it right back, can’t separate from double coverage.
-Getting some good blocks on Dennard in the run game.
-Sheds jam easily, powerful hands.
-Nice snag with Dennard in tight coverage, drug down after catch.
-Separates easily from Dennard on deep route, fights off press and makes nice hands catch.
-Can’t run away from Dennard after the catch.
-Nifty move on sideline to gain an extra few yards and still get OB.
-Slight push-off, high-points Hail Mary pass, dives in for the TD at end of half.
-Ejected for fighting with Dennard.
-Looking past the ejection, Jeffery showed his 2010 form that made him a consensus 1st rounder. Looks like a Top 10 guy to me again.

#5 Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina (Scouting Report)
-Takes blocked XP back for two points.
-Not being very patient in opening up his hips.
-Fights off WR and delivers hit in run game.
-Hustles down the field, lays a hit on the QB.
-Lost ball, tackles WR before he can catch. Showed great make-up speed though.
-Pushed around a bit on screen play, but disengages and makes tackle.
-Recognizes reverse quickly, but can’t secure tackle – dove at ankles.
-Feels out screen play, takes out Burkhead very low with big hit.
-Makes quick break on ball in zone, snags it for an interception.
-Showed all the facets of his game, both good and bad. A zone team will really like Gilmore’s instincts and burst.

#6 Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina
-Blown off line by OT – lined up at DE.
-Knocked off-balance, taken to ground by OT in pass rush.
-Lined up as DT, stoned by other OT in pass-rush. Upright with no power.
-Doesn’t locate ball, can’t shed and make play.
-Loafing away from the play.
-Swim move on TE, loses balance and hits the deck.
-Quick first step, taken out by h-back.
-Cut block, taken to the ground.
-Not in for next defensive series.
-Stopped on bull-rush by FB, who anchored easily.
-Doubled teamed, tried spin move but went nowhere. Good hustle to pursue and help on tackle.
-Good pop on TE coming out, disrupts timing.
-Recognizes screen, huge leap with long arms but can’t tip ball.
-Taken out of play easily by OT.
-Shows good speed in pursuit of QB down the line.
-Tries conversion move, stoned by RT.
-Fights off RB block and lays out QB – then talks a bunch of trash to him.
-Tries swim move, taken out by double team.
-Lazy in pursuit on first play of 2nd half.
-Pushes RT back using strong bull-rush, great punch.
-Being outplayed by #98 Taylor and #7 Clowney – who are both having great days.
-Smells out screen, misses tackle on RB, hustles back and assists on tackle.
-Unblocked, makes easy tackle on QB draw.
-Snaps upright right away, ineffective trying to maintain his rush lane.
-Swim move gets around RG rushing from DL position – gets a sack.
-Completely unimpressed with his game today – looked overmatched playing from the DE position and wasn’t consistently quick enough to make plays from the DT position. This tape should raise some questions for NFL teams, even with the handful of plays Ingram did make.

#26 Antonio Allen, LB/DB, South Carolina
-Very active early in the run game.
-Gains edge and sacks QB. Very quick and flexible in his bend.
-Doesn’t finish on open-field tackle, Burkhead squirts out.
-Allen was celebrating while Burkhead continued to fight for yards.
-Lined up in the box, forces play back inside.
-Sky again, flows with the ball and makes the tackle on RB.
-RB spins out of tackle, keeps working and assists on play.
-Fights off FB block, crashes down on 3rd and 1 and makes big play.
-Good dip coming off the edge rushing the passer.
-Very intriguing prospect – will be watching some more tape on Allen – liked what we saw from him helping the run.

#4 Lavonte David, LB, Nebraska
-Trails WR closely in coverage, punches ball out after catch.
-Accelerates to the ball-carrier and wraps up, reads the play so well.
-Pursues 25 yards down the field, no loafing.
-Forces play back inside, doing his job.
-Seems to get engulfed by bigger o-linemen if they get their hands on him.
-Fills the hole on goal-line, wraps up for TFL.
-Covers TE in man – sticks tight.
-Picks his way around OL, closes on QB and wraps up for sack.
-Reading routes well in zone coverage.
-Comes on delayed blitz, makes huge sack.
-Certainly doesn’t play like he weighs 220ish – wonderful prospect that solidified a Top 60 draft grade today.

#15 Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska (Scouting Report)
-In off-man on Jeffrey – WR gets by him and has a step on deep ball.
-Press, gets a jam in, stick with WR (with some help) for nine seconds before sack.
-Getting very physical with Jeffrey, won’t get away with it in the NFL.
-Misses on jam – might be trying to do too much.
-Good tackle on drag route, Jeffrey made nice coverage wtih Dennard in tight coverage.
-Pops Jeffrey in press with Jeffrey trying to block, lifts him off ground.
-Beaten on deep pass, Jeffrey separated easily – chases Jeffrey down after catch.
-Locates ball well on reverse, nice play to make the tackle in open field.
-Ejected for extended fisticuffs with Jeffrey.
-Jeffery got the better of Dennard once or twice, but his physicality in the press was on display – he certainly held his own.

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2 Responses to “Film Room: Nebraska vs South Carolina”

  1. MJP says:

    You guys are kicking ass on these game notes, couldn’t agree with you more about Melvin Ingram, that game seriously hurt his draft stock, if a team takes him before 20-25 it will be purely on speculation that he’ll continue to make big plays or develop some consistency to his game because that was seriously lacking in the biggest game of his life.

    • NEPD says:

      He certainly has some athleticism that will cause teams to speculate – they will need to have a specific role for him though that they think he can master.

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