Film Room: Iowa vs Oklahoma

Riley Reiff 2012 NFL Draft

Iowa OT Riley Reiff declared for the 2012 NFL Draft - could he be a Top 10 pick?

The Insight Bowl, featuring the Oklahoma Sooners and Iowa Hawkeyes, certainly gave NFL Draft scouts some insight into the futures of some 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

Check out over 100 games worth of scouting notes in our archive.

#93 DL Mike Daniels
-Fantastic pad level aided by short stature. (6’0″)
-Playing DT – very quick first step, gets in on the OL’s body quickly.
-Penetrates quickly, makes big TFL.
-Fights through LG, makes the sack.
-Using hands very well, keeping OL’s hands off him.
-Ragdolls center – very low out of his stance – and dumps Jones again.
-Doubled on twist, so violent with his hands.
-Splits double team, sheds block, loses helmet, makes tackle.
-Daniels is a fringe Top-100 player that plays much bigger than his size. Love his game, but some NFL teams will shy away until day three at earliest.

#91 DE Broderick Binns
-Comes free, pressures QB on screen play.
-Strings out run play, playing stout at the LOS.
-Not exploding off the ball in pass rush.
-Poor rush skills so far – content to contain at this point.
-Comes back next play and shows a nice bull rush.
-Draws double team on deep pass.
-Drops into coverage, way too upright – didn’t look comfortable.
-Has batted down a ton of balls this year, tips another one and picks the ball off – great athleticism for a DE.
-Short DE (6’0″), but long arms.
-Binns is a developmental strong-side 3-4 OLB in my estimation – it will take a year or two, but I think he can make an impact for a patient team.

#28 CB Shaun Prater
-Way off of Stills, couldn’t stick with him out of his break.
-Big pop in run support.
-Gets crushed trying to contain, leads to TD run.
-Whiffs on open-field tackle, hustles back to support tackle.
-Blocked out of play by tiny WR.
-Athletic, but hasn’t had a great year from what I’ve seen. In such a deep CB class, I’ll be surprised to see Prater’s name called before the 4th round.

#77 OT Riley Reiff (Scouting Report)
-DL slips by him on inside move, was anticipating speed rush.
-Good positioning on outside run.
-Mirroring well against DL on outside rush.
-Good effort, makes tackle on interception.
-Playing low, rarely lets DL get under his pads.
-Pops DL in the chest when he jumps.
-Moves #53 out of the hole, decent quickness.
-Doesn’t recognize fire-zone, blocks air while man comes free.
-Has some help, but beaten outside by swim move.
-Huge push in run game, long levers and driving legs pancake the DL.
-Again, pushes back Alexander as if on skates – did that a lot in the game.
-DL got under him, Reiff strong enough to anchor and push to ground.
-Patient in pass-protection, stays balanced.
-Takes big pop from Alexander, but resets and anchors.
-DL got underneath him, pushes DL outside, unfortunately QB is flushed right into him.
-Reiff had an up and down night, still needs to add some upper-body strength. I see him as a top 15 pick and a player that will develop into an All-Pro LT within a couple of years.

#7 WR Marvin McNutt (Scouting Report)
-Big 1st down conversion on 3rd and 7.
-No separation against Fleming.
-Can’t make catch, ball thrown behind him.
-Not on same page with QB – ran the out, QB threw the stick – led to interception.
-Having a lot of trouble finding space or getting separation.
-Has struggled all year against physical press corners.
-Looked very slow on deep pass, QB threw a good ball.
-Absolutely locked up by Fleming.
-McNutt had a pretty ugly ending to the year, dominated by Nebraska’s Dennard and Oklahoma’s Fleming. Might have cost him a spot in the top 100.

#32 CB Jamell Fleming
-Willing to put in the effort supporting the run.
-Blanketed on McNutt in press man, might have been called for PI.
-Makes interception, read the QB rather than his man.
-Stride for stride with McNutt on deep route.
-Off the field, should have been covering McNutt on goal-line… runs on late.
-Blitzes from boundary corner, LB got there first.
-Showing great tackling skills.
-Sticking with his receivers easily.
-Phenomenal night against Marvin McNutt – showed his physicality, speed, and intensity. Could easily be a Top 50 prospect.

#28 LB Travis Lewis
-Playing ILB, still with bum toe.
-Slides off #86 when attempting sideline tackle, late recognizing TE release.
-Blown out of hole by TE on run blitz.
-Sheds block from Reiff, in on tackle.
-Sacks QB, a-gap blitz, solid tackle.
-Finds his responsibility in zone, wraps up.
-Evades cut-block, flows to the ball.
-Center gets his hands on him, can’t shed the block.
-Nothing new for Lewis – will excel in a Tampa-2 system.

#84 DE Frank Alexander
-Smart move turning inside, wasn’t going to get around Reiff.
-Drops in fire zone, makes deflection.
-Beats Reiff on swim move, picked up by OG.
-Pushed back 5 yards by Reiff on run play, happened a lot during the game.
-Stands up blocking TE, holds the edge.
-Decent game going against top OT – Alexander is someone that could surprise some people this spring.

#12 QB Landry Jones
-Finds checkdown, looked calm in pocket.
-Not used in the red-zone due to running QB.
-Sloppy screen play – really doesn’t like pressure.
-Jones doesn’t see rush coming up the middle, takes the sack.
-Throws off back foot, feeling the pressure now.
-High throw into tight window, nice catch on ball.
-Another slightly high throw, missed the connection.
-Perfect swing pass, hit him in stride.
-Under pressure, hits TE in stride on post.
-Pulls ball down, runs for 1st down and gets obliterated by DB. Good toughness by popping right back up.
-Puts touch pass on the mark, but thrown into double coverage.
-Calm in pocket, reads it out and finds checkdown.
-One read throw, puts it on the money – good zip.
-A bit hoppy in the pocket, but good placement on out route.
-Jones should stay for another season, but if he goes out, some team will fall in love with him within the first 30-40 picks.

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