Film Room: Iowa State vs Rutgers

Leonard Johnson 2012 NFL Draft

Leonard Johnson breaks up a pass during the Pinstripe Bowl. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

The New Era Pinstripe Bowl had me thinking, why can’t Fenway get a bowl game? It seems like Bostonians will go to anything as long as it’s held at Fenway Park, so why can’t we get a Sam Adams Bowl? Or the Green Monster Bowl? I know I’d be there.

Fans at Yankee Stadium got to see some pretty nice NFL prospects yesterday afternoon with three potential first or second day players. Here’s my breakdown of those prospects after re-watching the film today:

#23 Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State (Scouting Report)
-Nice backpedal, covering Sanu. Allowed reception on hook route, missed tackle.
-Did a nice job staying with Sanu, backpedal into turn.
-Did a nice job covering 6’6” Brandon Coleman. Had a chance for INT. Had help over the top, probably didn’t need it.
-Playing way off Sanu. I’d like to see him a little closer.
-Doing a really nice job against Coleman. This time deflecting a fade route in the end zone.
-Didn’t transition into coverage of TE when he moved into his zone.
-Doesn’t show a lot against run coverage, has trouble shedding blocks, especially against bigger players.
-Plays Sanu safe, staying off of him, allows reception.
-Allows screen reception, but makes tackle immediately.
-Made open field tackle on RB.
-Underrated CB prospect. 2nd/3rd rounder for me. Held his ground nicely against some big talented Rutgers WRs and TEs. Stays on his side, but when he was covering Sanu, didn’t allow any big plays. Made a couple of really nice plays defending passes against the 6’6” Coleman, who beat another ISU CB big for an 86 yard touchdown.

#72 Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa State (Scouting Report)
-Sealed off edge well on QB keeper.
-Overpowers edge rusher, doesn’t allow any moves.
-Athleticism doesn’t stand out, could stand to slim down.
-Doesn’t do a great job bending his knees in pass coverage.
-Playing left tackle, but more of a prospect at guard given his size.
-Handles edge rushers well, doesn’t go fooled or tripped up by spin move.
-Really strong, big player. It’s going to be tough for any lineman to get past him.
-Has trouble keeping his footing on backpedal. Stays too upright at times on backpedal and in pass blocking in general.
-Totally whiffed on blitz from DB. Allowed pressure on QB.
-Didn’t hold his block against DE, allowed tackle for loss.
-Could play either tackle or guard position in the pros. Has the potential to be a great guard, only a decent tackle prospect. Really big strong player who doesn’t get pushed around easily, but could have some trouble against faster NFL edge rushers. Should be able to hold his ground against even the best interior rushers. 2nd round prospect.

#6 Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers (Scouting Report)
-Quick sharp hook route, broke first tackle.
-Made catch over the middle, but fumbled on the tackle.
-Tough to bring down after catch. Big, physical WR.
-Pretty nice moves after catch. Almost gets first down after five yard reception.
-Can’t get any yards on screen.
-Returns punt and gets no where.
-Very tough to cover. Has nice size, very physical. Linebacker stood no chance covering him.
-Didn’t have a stand out game, but should still be a end of first/early second round prospect if he changed his mind and came out this year. If he does indeed stay another year, could vault up into the middle of the first round with another good season.

#70 Desmond Wynn, G, Rutgers
-Playing out of position at left tackle, but a guard prospect.
-Doesn’t show off great athleticism on pulls.
-Whiffs on block out front run blocking.
-He’ll allow edge rushers to get past him, but recovers well before they can get to his QB.
-Gets a nice push off the line in run game.
-Doesn’t allow to get pushed back while pass blocking.
-Can get beat by athleticism, but not by strength.
-Impressed me playing out of position at tackle. Didn’t have many negative plays. He looks better playing guard. Could be a nice steal in the 7th round. Doesn’t do anything spectacular, but he’s a nice balanced player. Could add some weight to his frame.

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