Film Room: Florida vs Ohio State

Jeff Demps NFL Draft

The Gator Bowl featured a few intriguing prospects - such as RB Jeff Demps.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

You’d think with all the offensive prospects in the Gator Bowl, we would have seen a higher score. That wasn’t the case in this match up of highly flawed teams.

Here’s what I saw from the top prospects on each team.

#75 Mike Adams, T, Ohio State
-Gets a really nice push on Howard on run, dominates him at the line.
-Got a little lost in pass block while Miller was moving around in pocket.
-Doesn’t hold his block long enough on run.
-Holds block well in pass block, stands up defender.
-Misses a couple blocks trying to get to next level in run blocking.
-Doesn’t succumb to any of Howard’s swim moves, protects well against pass rush.
-Does a nice job staying low in pass block. Moves well for his size.
-Showed off nice athleticism lead blocking for Herron.
-Gets out quick to block for screen.
-Holds block for a lot time in pass block. Doesn’t let his defender get anywhere against him.
-Doesn’t have the all around game that the top tackles this year have, but he’s a top end pass blocker. I see him as a end of the first round player. Stays nice and low and has quality knee bend. It’s quite as strong in run game. Elite size for a tackle.

#50 Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State
-Gets to next level fast on run blocking.
-Shows nice athleticism on pull block.
-Doesn’t always get a big push at the line run blocking.
-Dominates Howard at the line again pass blocking. Howard can’t get anywhere against him.
-Has nice footwork in pass block. Bounces defenders off of him.
-Not a mauler, but can stand up defenders at the line.
-Gets low run blocking, gets underneath defenders.
-He’s a second day pick, end of the second-early third round. Doesn’t drive defenders back in run game, but can hold his ground. Does a nice job of deflecting defenders against the pass.

#1 Dan Herron, RB, Ohio State
-Runs through huge hole, but doesn’t have the burst to get many extra yards.
-Finds some room up the middle, but fumbles the ball away at the end of the play.
-Has some nice moves to get some extra yards.
-Shows nice patience to let holes develop in front of him.
-Shows nice hands on catch out of the backfield.
-Put a great move on defender to get extra five yards.
-Doesn’t do anything elite, but could be a backup RB at the next level who could pile up yards. Isn’t overly athletic or strong. Early third round prospect, likely fifth round.

#8 DeVier Posey, WR, Ohio State
-Shows nice footwork on TD reception. Gets physical with corner to get separation. Catches the ball away from his body.
-Gets negative yardage on end around.
-Shows nice hands again on out pattern. Doesn’t get any yards after catch.
-Physical receiver, got a couple extra yards than he should have after screen.
-Catches ball over the middle but then just drops it for an interception.
-Probably would have been better off just coming out to the NFL last season. Didn’t do a ton to help his draft stock this season and doesn’t benefit from strong WR class. Nice height and average speed. Has nice hands and reach. Third or fourth round prospect.

#6 Jaye Howard, DT, Florida
-Showed nice patience on delayed blitz to rush past Shugarts on pressure.
-Got stood up at line by a double team, but kept pushing to hit QB.
-Shows off nice athleticism making tackle on tight end 20 yards down the field.
-None of his moves work against Adams. Gets dominated.
-Really athletic for his size, makes another down field tackle on Herron.
-Showed off athleticism again pursuing Miller on scramble. Does not play like he’s 300 lbs.
-Really athletic for his size. Doesn’t have great height, but could definitely put on more size if it would help his strength. Doesn’t have elite moves or bull rush. He’s a nice project to draft because of his athleticism, but teams will have to plan on having him sit for at least a year to build his skills or size. For now I see a 5th round prospect, could move up.

#28 Jeff Demps, RB, Florida
-In on kick returns, wisely let the ball go out of bounds.
-Really quick, can’t get out grasp in backfield.
-Has incredible burst out of the backfield. Gets to top speed incredibly fast.
-Has great speed to the outside.
-Didn’t get a ton of playing time, but he’s an unbelievable athlete who will definitely have a place in the NFL. I could see him being taken much earlier than projected because of his speed. Doesn’t have a ton of experience catching the ball, but could be a great third down back. Plays like a much faster Danny Woodhead. Can disappear behind the line. I’ll project him for now as a fourth rounder. I think a team will fall in love with his speed.

#1 Chris Rainey, RB, Florida
-Lined up in slot, went in motion to backfield and showed off nice hands catching a low pass from Brantley. Made one move to gain seven yards.
-Showed some more really nice moves out of the backfield. Stops on a dime.
-Lines up all over the field.
-Makes a really nice catch in stride out of the backfield.
-Can’t get anywhere on run up the middle.
-Draw play lets him get yards between the tackles. Can disappear behind blockers.
-Breaks some tackles, but then gets absolutely drilled at the end of the play.
-Showed some nice strength letting defender bounce off of him in the backfield.
-Never stops moving, might not make as many defenders miss in the pros.
-Underrated at running between the tackles.
-Has more power to his game than Demps, but lacks one elite skill like Demps does. He has nice moves out of the backfield, but I’m not sure how well they’ll translate to the NFL. I see him as a late third day prospect.

#12 John Brantley, QB, Florida
-Throws a wobbly completion to the left. Doesn’t get the ball out very fast.
-Takes too long to throw, gets the ball knocked out from behind for fumble.
-Releases the ball from his hip. Could work on better fundamentals.
-Shows nice pocket presence evading rush. Throws an accurate ball on the move.
-Another wobbly ball that he gets out too slow, doesn’t allow receiver to make the catch.
-Makes his best throw so far on fly route to Rainey out of the backfield.
-Makes a great tight throw threading the needle for a TD.
-Fumbles snap for a turnover. Lots of mistakes early in this game.
-Badly overthrows Rainey on screen.
-Once again badly overthrows receiver for a tip ball interception.
-Doesn’t show off tremendous arm strength, but floated a nice spiral over the middle to hit receiver in stride.
-I don’t really see what some people are seeing in Brantley, doesn’t look draftable to me. Lacks fundamentals, doesn’t show off great arm strength, doesn’t always throw a tight spiral. Is accurate on short to intermediate throws, but loses his accuracy as the ball tends to float more on deeper passes. He’ll crack a roster as an undrafted free agent.

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