Film Room: Arkansas vs Kansas State

Collin Klein

Collin Klein may be getting a look for the 2013 NFL Draft.

#91 Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas
-Plays first snap standing up as an OLB.
-Second snap has his hand on the ground, shows his versatility early.
-Gets a really nice push on pass rush. Gets pressure early on strength alone.
-Comes off the line quick and swims the left tackle for a strip sack.
-Slides past the left tackle well, but then gets drilled by RB staying in to block.
-Gets nice pressure by bull rushing LT.
-Grabs another sack pushing through LT. Shows a lot of strength, not a ton of athleticism.
-I can’t see him playing OLB, so he might be strictly used in a 4-3 or in sub packages as a rush DE. Stronger in the pass rush than he is against the run, but holds his ground. I see him as a fourth or fifth round pick. He can get to the QB off of strength alone, but lack of athleticism limits him.

#5 Tramain Thomas, S, Arkansas
-There are times I’d like to see more effort. Didn’t break over to WR when thrown to his side. Didn’t all out sprint on blitz.
-Comes up to hit Klein squarely on scramble.
-Stayed with his man really well on goal line.
-Has trouble on open field tackles. Whiffs on tackle again, but this time does enough to trip WR out of bounds.
-Showed off nice athleticism, but not a great tackler. I would have liked to see more from him in coverage. Doesn’t always react as fast as he should. Late seventh/free agent prospect.

#2 Tysyn Hartman, S, Kansas State
-Comes up from FS to deliver a blow to RB.
-In on a lot of tackles early, solid in the run game.
-Completely whiffed on open field tackle. Could have pushed RB out of bounds, but attempted arm tackle instead.
-Read run immediately and stood up RB for a loss.
-Does a nice job in coverage on Adams getting a finger tip on the ball.
-Shows great closing speed to tackle RB for a one yard loss on draw play.
-Trips up running back, hurt on play.
-Showed some nice skills against the run and made some plays in the secondary. Didn’t come back after his injury. Showed fast recognition. Not as athletic as you’d like to see from a starting-caliber safety. Late seventh/free agent prospect.

#4 Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
-Playing off Adams on first play of the game.
-Made a big play tackling RB for no gain on a sweep. Showed great closing speed.
-Covering Wright on deep TD. Stayed with the speedy WR as well as a LB could hope to.
-Really solid LB in coverage. Plays like a S.
-Reads play well, almost gets a hand on the ball off leap.
-Makes a WOW play, hurdling RB to get pressure on QB.
-Great form tackle for a loss on toss to RB. Gets under the big RB.
-Reads play really nicely, flies into the backfield to tackle RB for another loss.
-The junior says he’ll be back next season at KSU. Was all over the field and showed off really impressive speed and quickness. Made nice plays in bunches. Really nice in coverage, looked like a safety back there. He’d likely be a second or third round pick if he came out today. Another year could boost him in the first or second round.

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