Film Room: Alabama vs LSU (BCS Championship)

Mark Barron, SS, Alabama (Scouting Report)
-Playing SS, often lining up in or just outside of the box. Plays further off in 2nd half
-Sniffs out the play, fills a hole and makes a textbook hard tackle.
-Breaks down well in space, makes tackle on #2 in open field.
-Flies up the field to assist in tackle on run play.
-Shows great agility, reads quick pass and moves up, then transitions into backpedal fluidly.
-Fights off down-field block and gets hit on QB.
-Didn’t have much of a chance to show his skills with the poor QB play by LSU. Came up great in run-support and showed improved agility and coverage abilities. He’s a certain Top 50 guy for me.

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama (Scouting Report)
-Plays on punt coverage / punt return as well as CB.
-Looks most comfortable 3-5 yards off WR.
-Locates ball quickly, comes up in run support.
-Comes on corner blitz, but quick pass goes to other side.
-So good at diagnosing the quick pass, comes up and lays shoulder into WR.
-Don’t like him not wrapping up, as Lester had to clean up the play.
-All over Mathieu on punt coverage.
-Not asked to do much, as LSU’s offense wasn’t able to get anything going. Showed his play-anticipation skills and the two sides of his tackling – big ones and missed ones.

DeQuan Menzie, CB, Alabama
-Plays on kick coverage as well as CB.
-Active, but can’t fight off block from WR.
-Loses inside leverage, gives up 8-yard pass.
-Fights through block and makes strong tackle on swing pass.
-So strong fighting through blocks, makes another strong tackle.
-Again, right there holding the edge on option play. Gets off block and makes another tackle.
-Not enough recovery speed, was beat on post.
-Had an incredible night against the run, but his lack of long speed will be a problem in the NFL. Should be a Top 100 pick for some schemes.

Josh Champan, DT, Alabama (Scouting Report)
-Playing NT.
-Very stout, not getting moved off of the LOS, even with double teams.
-Cut block slows him down.
-Great pad level in 1st half, stays very low.
-Knocked to the ground by combo block.
-Good hustle for a big man, pursues out to the sideline.
-Snapping a bit upright in the 2nd half at times.
-Clogging the middle very well, double teamed nearly every play.
-A team looking to keep its linebackers clean need look no further. Limited upside, but could be a Casey Hampton-esque player.

Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama (Scouting Report)
-Splitting time with Lacey.
-Showed pass-protection skills that separate himself from the majority of college RB’s.
-Didn’t have a lot of running room all night, LSU DL was very stout.
-Shows phenomenal body control, makes two separate DB’s miss with one move.
-Fighting for every yard on every play – so strong.
-Incredible acceleration, fantastic vision, jumps out of hole and runs to daylight.
-Patient on screen pass, lets his blocks develop.
-Taking what the defense gives him, not running backwards or dancing in the hole.
-Late picking up blitzer, leads to sack – was occupied with other pressure.
-Smartly stays in-bounds late in game.
-Gets loose, bounces outside and accelerates for a clinching 34-yard TD.
-Still the best RB in college, even playing against a very good LSU defense.

Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama
-Fantastic quickness, takes punt for a big return against phenomenal LSU coverage unit.
-Pulls up lame near end of return, won’t return to the game.
-Didn’t want to leave the field, looks like a true warrior.
-Maze should be able to contribute as a #3 WR and return game in the NFL – really nice burst

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5 Responses to “Film Room: Alabama vs LSU (BCS Championship)”

  1. john says:

    nick gentry looked in rotation

  2. TD says:

    All of Bama’s LB’s played big games, Hightower, Upshaw and one other that got injured late. Also, Barron was quite active, reminded me of Chung. The other DB’s did not get much action due to Les leaving that disaster of a QB in the whole game.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Maize here, quick, good hands and can return kicks.

    LSU had at least one good player, Minter, the LB made a lot of plays. Their CB destined for top 5 did not see a single pass, but his counterpart, Mathieu got burned a lot.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think the real question is how many players Bill will draft from Alabama. I’m guessing at least 2. Maybe more.

    • MP says:

      Probably zero. Never underestimate BB’s ability to the opposite of what everyone is expecting.

      • Ryan says:

        Probably not the players we want. But I’m guessing there are at least 2 players from Bama in this draft. Saban and Bill are too close for there not to be a player or two coming from one of the best defensive teams in college football this season.

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