2012 Shrine Game: Film Room

West Prospects

W#13 Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State
-Sits down nicely, makes some extra yards after the catch.
-Former basketball player, still learning the position – big upside. Runs like a b-ball player at times.
-Contributes blocking down the field.
-Sluggo route (slant-go double move) gets him a step on CB, QB overthrows him badly.
-Good catch in traffic, throttled down on slant.
-Extremely raw, but you can see his talent. If he can find the right situation, he could develop into a very productive receiver.

W#53 Markus Zusevics, OL, Iowa
-Did not play due to ankle injury.

W#40 Tyrone Crawford, DL, Boise State
-Strong at the POA, sheds block and makes tackle.
-Stoned by Rishaw Johnson, late double team.
-Fought for edge, but couldn’t get past Holmes from Southern Miss (nice prospect) – hands were neutralized.
-Takes on huge OG, sheds and makes TFL. Made guard look bad.
-3-4 DE certainly a possibility at 285 pounds and good length.
-Nice bull-rush, walked LT back into the pocket.
-Club move went nowhere against big LT.
-Impressive game for Crawford – think he will be a very good 3-4 DE one or two years down the road.

W#58 Josh Kaddu, OLB, Oregon
-Fights off block, turns RB back inside.
-Manhandled by TE, pancaked on stretch play.
-Looks comfortable dropping into coverage, hustles downfield to help.
-Big hit on punt coverage, wrapped up as well.
-Good depth in coverage, forces high throw.
-Beat by TE running seam route, couldn’t flip around.
-Fights off TE block, assists on tackle.
-Good coverage down the field on wheel route, on his hip.
-Right on Chase Ford in coverage.
-Other than the one play, was great in man coverage. Decent against the run, should be a good OLB in a 4-3.

W#28 Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa
-Anticipates route, explodes out of his break.
-Showed good patience, didn’t open up too early.
-Push-off by WR creates separation, couldn’t recover.
-Called for pass-interference, looked like a good reach-in. Drove on the ball well.
-Sticks with Mayo on goal-line, savvy move getting a small piece of his pads without getting caught.
-Back to return kicks – good player on special teams, kick and punt coverage especially.
-Great game from Prater. Thought he had a down year at Iowa, but showed off his zone coverage skills today – he also looked decent in man.

W#7 Aaron Henry, S, Wisconsin
-Playing in the box and as single high safety (only Cover 1 or 3 in Shrine Game allowed).
-Didn’t look fast trying to get to sideline, took an angle into the end zone.
-Fights through FB, makes tackle on the sideline.
-Plays the run/pass well, tracked man and the QB.
-Monster hit on TE, flagged for hitting defenseless receiver.
-Comes up in run support, makes tackle but iffy angle nearly resulted in missing it.
-Made some plays, but also had some plays that will get you beat in the NFL.

Others who flashed: Kyle Wilbur (DE/OLB, Wake Forest), Matt Daniels (S, Duke), Dominique Hamilton (DL, Missouri).

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