2012 NFL Draft Order Comes Into Focus

2012 NFL Draft Order

The 2012 NFL Draft is right around the corner.

We now know which teams will permanently sit atop the 2012 NFL Draft order this coming April – just four short months after the first snap of the 2011 NFL season.

You can also check out the full 2012 NFL Draft Order.

So how does the updated draft order impact the Patriots 2012 Draft Picks?

New England’s 1st-round pick, as well as the 1st-round pick received from New Orleans for a draft-day trade in 2011, are still not set.

Wild-card losers get slotted according to their record in the 21-24 spots, divisional losers in the 25-28 spots, championship game losers in the 29-30 spots, while the Superbowl loser (31) and winner (32) get the final two spots.

The Patriots also own the Raiders second-round pick in 2012 NFL Draft after a trade last April.

The Raiders pick is currently 48th in the 2nd round, but is subject to change.

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3 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Order Comes Into Focus”

  1. Ryan says:

    Why is the Raiders pick in the 2nd round #48 subject to change?

  2. TD says:

    The glaring needs are DBacks and pass rushers….which means BB will take an OLineman & RB.

    My guess is we will need to replace the following:

    RB: Law Firm, Woodhead
    WR: Branch, Underwood, maybe Ocho

    DE: Anderson, Carter, Brace, maybe Prior (injuries)
    LB: Guyton
    CB: Molden
    S: Ihedigbo, Brown

    There will be a pile of really good WR’s in free agency.
    DBacks are supposedly a deep position in the 2012 draft along w/DL.
    A lot of teams will be looking for safety help (Jets, Bills) and will probably be a big run in 2nd/3rd round.

    IMO, BB needs to reset the depth at DL, LB, DB & WR after restocking the OLine & TE positions.

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