Patriots vs Broncos: The Aftermath

Patriots Broncos Andre Carter

The Patriots won a big game over the Broncos and Tim Tebow, but they perhaps lost one of their best defenders. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

That game lived up to all of its hype, for Patriots fans at least.

I was very nervous going into this game, but I also knew that the Patriots matched up against the Broncos about as well as any team in the league. As all football fans know, sometimes stats and logic get thrown out the window, especially when it involves Tim Tebow.

Well, this time it didn’t. A very scary first quarter quickly turned into a very encouraging, turnover filled second half eventually leading to a hat and t-shirt game!

Here are some notes from the game:

-Patriots passing yards against per game will finally take a hit after this one. Tebow threw for 194 yards and the Broncos only totaled 141 yards passing with sacks taken into consideration.

-Two of my favorite Patriots players had huge games today, Mark Anderson and Aaron Hernandez

-Anderson finished with two sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. If Andre Carter’s injury is as bad as it seemed, he’ll be playing a full time role moving forward. That could be real blessing from a pass rush perspective. Carter is a great pass rusher, but Anderson is even better. If Spikes and Chung can come back, that could make up for the loss we’ll see in run defense. Carter’s injury might not be as bad as we all think.

-Aaron Hernandez proved that he can break out in his own right when Gronk is being covered heavily. Hernandez had 9 receptions on 11 targets for 129 yards and a make it rain celebration (aka TD).

-The Patriots didn’t completely shut down the Broncos run offense after the first half, but they were able to contain it enough. The switch to the 3-4 after Carter went down might have actually been a blessing in disguise.

-The Eric Moore signing looks pretty big now, it was nice to see him and Gerard Warren in on some plays.

-Kyle Arrington got burned by Demaryius Thomas a couple of times, but Devin McCourty was really able to shut down Eric Decker. His last 6 quarters of football have been great.

-Three turnovers to zero, four penalties-30 yards to seven penalties-39 yards. Those things will lead to a victory.

-Kyle Love reacted to my mock draft of taking two defensive linemen like an animal. If he keeps today’s kind of play up, the Patriots won’t need to take a DT in the 2012 draft.

-Stevan Ridley and Danny Woodhead ran very impressively today. Woodhead is a great RB when the Pats go no huddle. I hope the Pats keep that up in the playoffs.

-Edelman and Slater had great games in special teams coverage today. Very underrated aspect of this win.

-Ochocinco scored! We’ve been waiting for it all year, granted he was only really effective in the first quarter, but the Patriots finally got him involved.

-Patriots offensive line did a nice job against Denver pass rush. Von Miller’s only sack was on a muffed snap. Dumervil’s sack on the other hand, was a bad job by Nate Solder.

As always, I’ll have more tomorrow in my keys to victory column.

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11 Responses to “Patriots vs Broncos: The Aftermath”

  1. CC says:

    If OCHO begin’s to come into his own, then he’ll be fine. I agree we do not need a top receiver this year. + Part of getting him was in fact as a decoy for the continuation of Gronk and Hern, as well as the continuation of Welker.
    Ocho, in form is a clear threat, he just needed time to catch on. His second year will be his telling tale. Gronk, Hern, Welker when he re-sign’s are three off the top. OCHO, now that he’s begun to catch onto a totally differant system should be A/. fine & B/. still a decoy for the rest.
    Gronk and Hern…they are TE’s not reciever’s. They have a job, just because they actually do two of them when you think about it, sure doesn’t hurt!!
    We need a branch replacement sure, But free agency will do us right if those in charge keep their collective eye’s out.
    Price. was a total bust. Like it or not…. He was as I said he was……..
    BB went against scout’s for Chad Jackson, Merriweither, Tate and other’s. Slater thus far can also be considered a bust as of now respectively went thinking wide-out.
    If we actually had a back feild, would he even be doing that?

    Respectively the last thing I want too see, is us picking a wide out in the next draft!
    ***Tag one great top O-lineman(as it is needed now, and will be even more needed by then), then stick with straigh secondary and D-line personel, and we’ll do just fine in the draft coming up.

  2. D.T. says:

    1. While I agree that we’ve had a lot of busts, I’d argue no more than the average NFL team. See Ginn, Ted. Or Maybin, Aaron. Or Gholston, Vernon.

    I agree though that we need better WR drafting but I think the problem is that we draft in the middle rounds. Where the talent is mediocre. I think for once we should try round 1 or 2. And get a Justin Blackmon, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Greg Jennings – someone who is a franchise type player when Deion retires next year/Ocho leaves.

    But let me challenge you – do we need a third receiver like that with two TEs like Gronk and A-Hern? My point is that there are only so many offensive touches. With Welker, Branch, gronk, Hernandez, Ochocinco, BJGE, Ridley, Woodhead, we don’t need one this year.

    Next year though, I want a Blackmon or Bryant type.

    2. He’s on IR actually. Not a bust – just injuries.

    3. I disagree. After watching the game, I think he did the best with what he had. Our D tightened up. And we give up yards but we don’t give up. That’s what matters. See Packers, Green Bay.

    And I’m not seeing us losing to the Ravens or Steelers this year. Okay, I admit maybe the Steelers.

    • qwerty says:

      made a lot of good points above

      patriots need for better secondary talent more important than receiver.

      plus the cost and risk would be too much. don’t want to be like atlanta and get a julio jones for high cost. atlanta still not superbowl contender.

      stick with 2nd or 3rd round talent. i don’t consider taylor price a bust. just had injury problems. patriots can also target free agent receivers

  3. D.T. says:

    Thoughts that I think I thought when I thought about this game.

    1. Hat and T-Shirts. Think about this…this was supposed to be the year that the Jets finally took the division. Instead, we swept them, held off the Bills (and sent the Dolphins into a spiral), and now are looking at a no. 1 seed. Anyone else thinking Jets-Patriots in Foxborough, Part Deux?

    2. The D rises up when it needs to. We tightened against the run. McCourty is making a comeback. Arrington plays well. Chung will return. The line lost Carter but Anderson stepped in and didn’t miss a beat. Which brings me to…

    3. Return of the 3-4. Carter is injured and Haynesworth is gone. Anderson has proven he’s a capable 3-4 OLB. Ninkovich is playing lights out at the other spot. Isn’t it the perfect time to go to a base 3-4? Here’s the lineup.
    Arrington, Chung, Ihedigbo, McCourty
    Ninkovich Mayo Spikes Anderson
    Warren Love Wilfork

    That looks like it would maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Thoughts?

    4. Comments from Pats fans: “I wanted to slap someone watching Brady’s poor accuracy” “Brady zeroes in on Welker and Gronk too much” “We need a 3rd RECEIVER1!!”

    Let’s deal with this. Pats fans are so spoiled when they complain about Brady. Let’s be honest. Also, we have Welker, Branch, Gronk, Hernandez. all weapons who get touches. OchoCinco’s production is consistent with being a 5th weapon. So guys, let’s all stop critiquing him. He steps up when we need him (like when Branch went down).

    5. Also, I think unlike last year, Hernandez and Gronkowski have replaced Randy Moss for deep threat production. Both of them are good for a 30+ yard gain every game.

    Also, considering Brady gets the ball out so fast (as Broncos defenders were pointing out in the press conference), there isn’t much time for someone to really go deep.

    SIXTH and bonus thought: Who scares me in the AFC? Ravens? haha. Broncos? Obviously no. Jets? Bring it on. Texans? Lost to the Panthers LOL. Steelers? Somewhat, I doubt Patriots losing at home to the Steelers. Belichick has historically been really good in rematches of previous losses.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Lets not get over confident here, couple of thoughts of my own:

      1. The fact that Brady locks in on 3 guys is again another example at how poorly we draft. If any of the 2nd round picks we have wasted on recievers panned out, look where we could be. Before you say im being nit picky, we have wasted 3 2nd rounders on reicevers who we cut, and we are paying 5 million a year for a 5th reciever. Who is judging this reciever tallent.

      2. With Carter going down, where is Jermaine Cunningham? What!? another 2nd round bust at linebacker/DE. You don’t say.

      3. Any team with a decent QB is going to give this defense trouble. Tebow had alot of recievers open, he is just so bad that he cant find them.

      Lets not get to excited about wins over inferior teams, we are SUPPOSED to beat these guys. We should win out and we are, but when the playoffs come around, we wont be playing the bottom of the barrell again. If we get a buy in teh first round, are opponents could easily be the Steelers or Ravens.

      Not the cake walk that you make it out to be.

      • Doug Kyed says:

        1. Brady doesn’t lock in on three guys, he locks in on four and that’s perfectly acceptable when they’re all as versatile as his four receiving targets are. And it’s not as if not having a “third receiver” has been hurting the offense or anything. This is as explosive an offense as you’re going to find in the NFL right now. Aaron Hernandez is the Patriots third wide receiver and if you put it that way, he might be the best third WR in the league.

        2. On IR. And you’re right it was a bad pick. Patriots should have taken the other Florida DE/OLB Carlos Dunlap. I’m sure Belichick found Cunningham more versatile though.

        3. Tebow finds his receivers just fine when they’re open, trouble is they weren’t. Tebow plays the QB position as safe as anyone in the game right now. When his targets aren’t open, he’s much more apt to just throw the ball away than force it into coverage. Any other QB would have been picked off multiple times in that game.

        Denver is a playoff team. The Patriots beat a playoff team by 18 at home.

        The Ravens on the road are a cakewalk. All four of their losses have come on the road to Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego. Their road wins have come against St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Those losses are all games they should have won and Pittsburgh is the only impressive road win of the season. I’m not scared of that team coming to Foxboro.

      • Doug Kyed says:

        Just rewatched all of Tebow’s incompletions. Only three were definitely on Tebow. His first incompletion was bounced short of Decker, the second was bounced short of Royal, tenth was thrown too far ahead of Thomas, but it also looked like he messed up his route, his eleventh was thrown way over Hillis’ head.

        Other than that, his fifth incompletion was the crazy fumble play in the end zone where it would have taken a miracle to complete a pass and he was basically throwing it away toward Thomas.

        His fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth were all complete throwaways.

        His third it’s questionable whether or not he was throwing it away or just throwing high to Thomas.

        On all of those though, he was playing it safe. His receivers were covered well and he had to make those throws to ensure that his WRs were the only ones that could make a play on the ball.

        It might have been Tebow, but he didn’t look overly inaccurate to me at least on his incompletions.

  4. DWE2012 says:

    13 play off apperances in 18 years of ownership.
    Now officially “9 Division Titles in 11 year’s”.
    5x ACF Champions, with a possable 6th just arounf the corner & 3 as we know ending in “Ring’s”……………

    Nice number’s Mr. Kraft.

  5. Tim says:

    Did Miller get credit for the sack?

  6. qwerty says:

    Biggest casualty of win was Carter

  7. Ryan says:

    The Defensive line pressure was what won the game. Consistent pressure, containing the pocket. This defensive seems to be coming around and responding. I hope Chung and Spikes gets back to the game soon. Kyle Love, Warren and Anderson all did well. McCourty is even coming around.

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