In the Film Room: Wisconsin vs Michigan State

Jerel Worthy NFL Draft Big 10

Jerel Worthy had a big game, but ultimately couldn't stop Mr. Wilson. (Photo: ICON SMI)

That was certainly the best Big Ten Championship game ever, even though it was only the first. The future games will certainly have a lot to live up to.

Here is how the NFL Draft prospects performed in the game.

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#99 Jerel Worthy, DL, Michigan State
-Penetrates quickly, very quick off the ball, pancaked by Zeitler on trap block.
-Doubled initially, couldn’t get off the block.
-Gets too high, pushed out of play.
-Fights a double team to a stalemate.
-Nasty punch on RT, then doubled. Nearly got a piece of the thrown ball.
-Good surge, won the leverage battle.
-Recognizes quick throw, disrupts the throwing window.
-Evades cut block, pursues ball carrier.
-Unreal timing, nearly sacks the QB before he can hand the ball off.
-Good push in run game on LG. Playing as hard as we’ve seen him this year.
-Draws a triple team.
-Very quick to QB, released on screen play. Messed up QB/RB timing.
-Looks like a cramp – has hampered him all year.
-Flushes Wilson out of the pocket, used his hands well to keep himself clean.
-Got underneath OL’s pads and pushed him into the backfield, makes RB cut early.
-Arm over move gets pressure in QB’s face.
-Doubled in pass protection.
-Double team takes him out of play.
-Barely off-sides, quickness again got him to the handoff at the same time as RB.
-Again disrupts passing lane with his arms.
-Fights LT to a stalemate, had his gap secure.
-Much more active after initially being stopped compared to earlier in the year.
-Plugs up the hole, sheds the block, makes the tackle.
-Gets underneath Zeitler, but can’t follow through allowing him to reset.
-Again gets his hands in the passing lane, finally gets a tip – breaking up huge 2-point conversion.
-Pushed out of play by Zeitler.
-Can’t disengage to make the tackle, had fought Zeitler to stalemate.
-Very quick off the ball, beats Zeitler easily. QB evades his sack attempt.
-One of Worthy’s best games, his motor was hot the entire game. Disrupted plays early and late.

#8 Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State
-Active feet in pocket, sacked.
-Nice play-fake, hits first read in stride over the middle.
-Calm in pocket, second progression hit on 12 yard in-route.
-Fantastic accuracy on quick slant, hits Cunningham in stride.
-Feels the rush, escapes up the middle. Ends up 1-yard short of 1st down.
-Play-fake on 4th and 1, his Cunningham for easy TD after bootleg.
-Fits ball in tight window to RB – very nice ball.
-Beautiful touch pass on 15-yard flag.
-Hits Cunningham up high, a bit behind.
-Play-action, throws pick into double coverage. Never moved safety.
-Beautiful sideline route to Martin to convert 3rd down.
-Great accuracy on swing passes.
-Slides to avoid rush, but inaccurate on pass.
-Stands in against rush, finds dump-off receiver.
-Hits second read on comeback route. Ball had some zip on it.
-Nearly picked, CB jumped route after he stares down receiver.
-Connects with Cunningham on slant route. Good timing.
-Hits Cunningham on crossing route / pick route in stride for long TD.
-Rolls out to right, throws accurate pass but it was batted down.
-Throws off back foot into coverage. Was right on, but window too small.
-Not a bad game from Cousins, showed he has at least NFL backup chops.

#3 BJ Cunningham, WR, Michigan State
-Gets a clean release in press-man and makes nice hands catch on slant.
-Easy TD on 4th and 1.
-Makes catch in triple coverage.
-Takes pitch from fellow WR and fights for TD.
-Being outplayed by late-round prospect Keshawn Martin.
-Nice block on WR swing pass.
-Great catch going to the ground near sideline on comeback route.
-Clean off the line and catches nice slant route.
-Runs his man off the pick and takes it 40 yards after the catch. Decent speed.
-Made some great plays, combine will tell us a lot about his NFL potential.

#28 Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin
-Strong run, breaking tackles. Ran behind his pads.
-Another bruising run, saw the hole well and showed some elusiveness.
-Good cutback, went down at first contact.
-Showed a nasty stiff arm to turn no gain into two yards.
-Sees the hole well, setting up his blocks.
-Better burst than we’ve seen in the past from Ball, physicality still there.
-Nice throw to Wilson, good touch on the ball.
-Great jumpcut, to get to hole and fights for the TD. Great power.
-Sticks his foot in the ground, loses very little speed after cut.
-Just won’t go down – another TD.
-Not a great block, whiffs on blitzing LB.
-Spartans in his face in the backfield, fights for no gain.
-Has to change fields to gain a yard.
-Makes catch on swing pass, gets drilled but hangs on to ball.
-Can’t elude DE behind the line, ankles wrapped up.
-Going down at first contact more and more.
-Drops easy swing pass.
-Smashed in backfield, blockers are losing their battles in 2nd half.
-Bobbles shovel pass, but corrals it and squirts in for TD.
-Squeezes through hole, runs through arm tackle, scores eventual game-winner.
-Started and finished strong, but was a bit weak in the middle. If he can run like he did early, he can start in the NFL.

#16 Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
-Nice play-action, steps into throw for a strike.
-Finds secondary receiver near goal-line.
-Falling back as he throws, hits open receiver on slant for TD.
-Delivers strike to Toon, dropped.
-Catches pass from Ball.
-In pocket for 4 seconds, but only makes one read. Runs out of bounds.
-Sacked from blindside, didn’t really have a chance.
-Pumps on shovel pass, stiffs arm LB to make a gain.
-Throws high over Toon.
-Can’t find a receiver, gets sacked from behind.
-Stands in pocket against pressure, throws a strike to FB.
-Shakes off DB blitz, including facemask, finds open WR in end zone.
-Keeping his eyes down the field, even when scrambling.
-Just misses Toon, a touch overthrown.
-Patient in pocket, finds man open in zone for 1st down.
-Finds second read open, hits him for the big 1st.
-Throws ball out of play – nobody open.
-Heaves up Hail Mary and connects. Pretty ugly throw into coverage.
-Evades Worthy in his face, tosses ball into end-zone and converts the two point conversion.
-Made some NFL throws and showed good mobility. I think he can start in the NFL eventually.

#1 Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin
-Smokes safety on crack block, but is called for block in back.
-Highpoints the ball on post route – very strong hands catch.
-Not ready for ball, goes right through his hands.
-Struggling to get separation.
-First down on easy 5-yard out.
-Can’t shake safety in the open-field.
-Draws PI penalty in endzone, nearly makes circus catch.
-Liked Toon a lot more before this game – concerned about his inability to separate.

#70 Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin
-Pancakes Worthy on trap block.
-Handles Worthy with initial help from center.
-Good drive block on #2, great control with hands.
-Cut block on DL in pursuit well executed.
-A bit slow in his pull, but got to the 2nd level.
-Anchors well against Worthy’s bull rush.
-Poor cut attempt on Worthy.
-Good push in run game against #98. Stayed low and showed some good lower body strength.
-Nice slide in pass-protection, handles DT alone.
-Gets underneath DL on QB sneak, allows some surge by Wilson.
-Takes big punch from Worthy, but resets and anchors.
-Handles spin-move easily, stones DL in pass-protection.
-Takes Worthy out of play in run game.
-Keeps Worthy’s arms busy, doesn’t let him disengage.
-Out-quicked by Worthy, beat easily.
-Held up pretty well against Worthy, but showed that quick DT’s will be a problem.

#66 Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin
-Did not play due to ankle injury.

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