In the Film Room: Ohio vs Northern Illinois

Chandler Harnish MAC Championship

Chandler Harnish showed some NFL chops during the MAC Championship.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

There was actually some decent NFL talent in this year’s MAC Championship game. You won’t see any of these guys getting taken on the first day of the draft, but there was a lot to see from players on both sides.

It was an exciting game where Northern Illinois came back from a 20 point deficit lead by QB Chandler Harnish.

#12 Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois
-second pass of the game high, but should have been caught by WR. Results in INT.
-evades pressure nicely, really nice athlete for position, turns a broken play into 9 yard run. Clipping penalty negates play.
-badly overthrows receiver, almost picked off a second time
-throws well out of the pocket, rarely stays in
-makes a great deep throw
-great play action fake
-very quick while scrambling
-usually reacts well to pressure, fumbles while trying to get out of grasp.
-badly overthrows WR throwing off his back foot while getting pressured
-isn’t forced to make a lot of tough throws
-makes a nice deep throw over the middle for touchdown
-poor accuracy on throw to his middle left
-strong throw down the middle of the field, lead his WR nicely
-underthrows ball over the middle
-almost picked off, stared down receiver
-throws a nice deep ball, places TD perfectly
-throws a nice accurate strike when he steps into the pocket for another TD
-pump fakes beautifully and delivers another strike when stepping into pocket
-had a terrible first half but recovered nicely in 2nd half. Could be a 7th round/undrafted free agent project. Has great athleticism, has ability to make throws, and gets the ball out pretty quick, but had some real poor throws.

#71, Scott Wedige, C, Northern Illinois
-comes out of stance quick on pull block.
-has a hard time opening holes up the middle in running game
-has a tendency to lose his defender when pushing in run block
-keeps defender in front of him nicely in pass blocking.
-Another 7th round/UFA type. Decent blocker who gives Harnish the time he needs in passing game.

#62 Trevor Olson, T, Northern Illinois
-doesn’t use his arms very well, keeps defenders too close to his body
-doesn’t get a lot of push in run blocking
-has decent footwork, bends at waist rather than knees
-Undrafted free agent/practice squad player at best. Has nice size, but needs to add strength.

#7 Lavon Brazill, WR, Ohio
-looked for on opening play of the game on go route down the middle of the field, really nice catch in stride. 44 yard gain.
-second target intercepted on underthrown and double covered go route pass from QB. Poor decision from QB. Also interfered with, not called.
-also returns punts, first return for no gain
-nice route runner, takes next target for 23 yards
-big part of the game early, three receptions in first quarter alone, this one on screen pass.
-gets seven yards on end around, all over the field early, in slot, out wide, in backfield.
-makes a one handed catch on crossing route, very physical after the catch
-shows great athleticism after the catch
-keeps coming off the field for extended stretches
-tough little player, doesn’t go down easily
-has a real second burst, once again doesn’t go down easily
-dropped a TD, but was double covered and tripped in end zone. A catch he should have made. Still ran a nice route on pass.
-makes some nice moves after check down catch
-I was really impressed with Brazill. Has a lot of ability as a slot receiver. Has had a great year. Lacks height, but has decent bulk and great speed. Can make a lot out of a little. 7th round player that could surprise some people.

#47 Noah Keller, MLB, Ohio
-Makes a nice interception off of WR’s hands.
-makes an open field tackle on RB, read and reacted to play well.
-in on a lot of plays
-gets faked on play action, recovers to make the play
-gets a rare sack against NIU, forces and recovers fumble from play.
-always near the ball, doesn’t always use best tackling form.
-disrupts Harnish on another nice pass rush
-got beat, missed tackle on slot WR in coverage
-Had a great game, but might not have the athleticism to compete at the next level. UDFA/practice squad player.


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