Film Room: Texas vs California

Keenan Robinson 2012 NFL Draft

Keenan Robinson is an intriguing option for NFL defenses. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

There were lots of mid-round defensive prospects out on display in the Holiday Bowl this year between Texas and California.

All of the best prospects on the field were underclassmen that we’ll be touching on in later years in Keenan Allen for Cal and Jackson Jeffcoat, Jaxon Shipley and Quandre Diggs for Texas.

As for the 2012 NFL Draft prospects, here they are:

#91 Kheeston Randall, DT, Texas
-Got some nice penetration overpowering G, stopped RB for a one yard loss.
-Fills his gap nicely in run game.
-Hit the QB running right by T.
-Blasts through gap, but misses tackle.
-He’s a nice run defender who can’t consistently generate a good push at the line. Maintains his gaps well. He’s a mid round prospect, early fourth round.

#80 Alex Okafor, DE, Texas
-Plays standing up and with a hand on the ground.
-Dropped back into coverage, looked very stiff.
-Ran right by T for a QB pressure.
-Doesn’t show off elite athleticism.
-Bit too hard on edge, didn’t have the athleticism to get back and tackle RB.
-Got pressure from behind blowing by the T again.
-Top junior DE prospect, I personally wouldn’t advise him to come out early this year. Doesn’t play with consistency in any aspect, didn’t show off his pass rush skills. Needs a lot of work if he’s going to be used in coverage at the next level, shows very questionable athleticism.

#18 Emmanuel Acho, ILB, Texas
-Not overly impressed early, lets backs come to him. Not overly aggressive, plays hesitant at times.
-Looks good in coverage.
-Made first really nice play of the game reading run really well, fitting through his gap and getting a tackle for a one yard loss.
-Another good play right after his last play. Stopped RB for no gain. Sees and reacts well.
-Pass deflected, could have been an INT.
-Brought pressure on delayed blitz.
-Fifth round prospect, looks a bit undersized at the position. Had a much stronger second half of the game than first half where he disappeared.

#1 Keenan Robinson, OLB, Texas
-All over the field, in on a lot of tackles.
-Read play well, tackled WR for a loss on checkdown.
-Called for pass interference. Just ran a screen on Keenan Allen.
-Came really close to an interception. Had the ball in really good instincts/reaction.
-Missed tackle, should have been called for facemask.
-Read run very well, kept blocker and RB in front of him to make form tackle.
-I like Robinson a lot more that Acho. He’s all over the field, late 2nd-early 3rd round prospect. Very impressed with his instincts. Could add some bulk at the next level.

#4 Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
-Closed very quickly from SS position to stop RB for a loss.
-Covers the slot just as often as he’s back at safety.
-Called for pass interference, didn’t turn his head to the ball.
-Hurdled RB on blitz to sack QB, WOW play.
-Got the QB hit on blitz from the slot.
-Has done a nice job when he’s covering Keenan Allen.
-Got into the backfield very quickly on RB pitch, forced holding call.
-Unfortunate for Patriots fans that he’s staying another year. He plays all over the field at safety, slot CB and blitzing. Really strong player in all aspects of the game.

#92 Trevor Guyton, DE, Cal
-Got really overpowered, driven back and pancaked by double team.
-Showed nice athleticism making tackle on next play on QB scramble.
-Ran right past the T, made a 6 yard tackle for a loss.
-He’s a big man to line up standing up as often as he does.
-Moves really well for his size, not overpowering though. Relies on moves to get past blockers.
-Made a tackle 29 yards down the field on pass to tight end.
-left with injury
-Sacked QB, bounced right off guard and blew past him.
-Impressive athleticism for his size. Didn’t flash any plays that really showcased his strength. Has some nice pass rush moves and could be used in a number of ways along the defensive line. I’d say he’s a late third rounder for his potential.

#30 Mychal Kendricks, ILB, Cal
-Put pressure on QB, ran right by RB.
-Brought heavy pressure up the middle running through his gap.
-Came from across the field to make start for one yard gain on QB scramble.
-Keeps himself infront of WR on end around for 4 yard loss.
-Good closing speed running QB scramble out of bounds.
-Really nice player against the run, really good player in open field. Finds the ball well.
-Undersized at under 6’0”, but he’s a real playmaker. I don’t care as much about size as most NFL scouts do, so I’d probably still draft him in the third or fourth round.

#3 DJ Holt, ILB, Cal
-Read play perfectly, and met running back head on with form tackle.
-Got a QB hit on delayed block. Did a good job of finding room and find gap to blitz through.
-Read play well on screen to RB, but got blocked out of play by TE.
-Got shoved out of his gap resulting in a big run by RB.
-7th round prospect, gets overshadowed by Kendricks.
#11 Sean Cattouse, S, Cal
-Made an open field tackle just short of the first down.
-Came up from FS position to make a tackle for a loss on RB pitch. Nice open field tackle.
-Doesn’t stand out in any one area, but he’s a late 6th/early 7th round safety prospect. Good size at 6’2” and over 200 pounds. I would have liked to have seen better play making skills. Played well in coverage, wasn’t thrown at much.

#1 Marv Jones, WR, Cal
-Muffed a punt, tried to pick it up on the bounce. Very ill-advised play. Play brought back after illegal touching.
-Showed some nice moves after the catch.
-Made a sideline catch getting both feet in.
-Dropped a third down target, defender was just more aggressive.
-Showed more nice hands on sideline catch, nice crisp route to turn around CB.
-Picked up eight yards after catch on screen pass, play called back for holding.
-Nice diving catch, got good seperation from CB on press.
-Another great sideline catch, this time with blanket coverage by linebacker.
-Really impressive after catch skills. Always gets extra yards.
-Showed nice balance after the catch, but fumbled the ball away getting tackled from behind.
-A lot of good things to like from Jones as a possession receiver. Good size at 6’2” and over 200 pounds. Seemed quicker than fast. Overshadowed by Keenan Allen, but still a nice player. He’s a late 4th/early 5th round prospect for me.

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