Film Room: Temple vs Wyoming

Bernard Pierce

If this was Bernard Pierce's last game for the Owls, he went out in style. (Photo: ICON SMI)

The Temple Owls, led by Bernard Piece and the rest of the running game, were too much to handle for the Wyoming Cowboys in the New Mexico Bowl.

Analysis of how the 2012 NFL Draft prospects fared in the game after the jump.

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#30 RB Bernard Pierce
-Takes counter and goes north/south for a couple, then subbed out.
-Gets skinny through the hole, runs through arm tackle for six yards.
-Looked a bit indecisive, can’t convert 3rd and 2.
-Makes big 4th and 1 run, lowers pads and gets five.
-Always getting a yard or two extra after contact.
-Reads his blocks well and scores goal-line TD – 26th on the year.
-Great burst to the hole, another goal-line TD.
-Accelerated very quickly.
-Unreal run, eludes three tacklers with a juke, a stiff-arm, and a step back.
-Patient, letting his blockers do his job.
-Another patient run, let the hole develop.
-Pierce has shown that he is a legitimate Top 100 player all year, the Wyoming game was no exception. We’d expect Pierce to see plenty of NFL carries next year.

#63 OG Derek Dennis
-Playing LG.
-Getting some good push in the run game, looks all of his listed size.
-Pulls into pass protection, ushers blitzer outside.
-A bit upright after the snap.
-Stays active in pass-protection, helps both tackle and center.
-Gets a chip on DL and the makes a 2nd level block.
-Doing a decent job pulling, finds his assignment quickly and executes well.
-Pancakes DL on combo block – big punch.
-Nice seal block, used DL momentum against him.
-Trips on pull, had his foot stepped on.
-Adept at absorbing a punch and resetting.
-Gets too high after pull, stood up by #44.
-Injured next play, limping on ankle.
-Back in the game next series.
-Moves well for a big guy.
-Whiffs on 2nd level block on QB draw, tough to COD.
-Will be a good developmental OG in a power run system. Looked like 5th-6th round guy to me.

#43 DE Adrian Robinson
-Playing LDE and RDE – looks undersized. 3-4 OLB in the future.
-Sucked inside on counter-option, out of play.
-Good pop on TE, reads play well.
-Tries inside move, quick throw doesn’t give him time.
-Reads QB throwback and doesn’t allow release.
-Not showing like he wants to bull rush at all, looking for speed move all day. OT’s are anticipating it.
-Nifty fake spin-move, pressures the QB heavily – just misses sack.
-Tries power move, stopped cold.
-Runs the arc, gets at the QB’s feet, then pops him after interception.
-Stopped on spin move, stays active and gets hand in passing lane.
-Great open-field tackle on QB read play, nice COD skills.
-Same play again, doesn’t bite on the zone-read fake and makes another TFL.
-Stumbles playing zone read, got his feet tangled.
-Pursues well down the field, rushed the QB then made the tackle 10 yards downfield.
-If OT gets his hands on him, it is over – can’t shed.
-Dips through some screen blocks and comes too quickly for QB to get ball off.
-Stays active behind LOS and makes another TFL on WR screen.
-Had an “up” day, but still doesn’t dominate enough 1-on-1 to warrant a Top 100 grade.
-Will be a 3rd day pick with some upside in a 3-4 system.

#88 TE/HB Evan Rodriguez
-Big play on play-action pass – good burst in the open field.
-Takes LB 10 yards down the field, good initial pop.
-Another good block, not normally his strong suit.
-Very active blocking on the move from the H-back.
-Seeing some time as an in-line blocker, holding his own.
-Secures ball before turning on catch, delivers some good YAC.
-Interesting H-back prospect, one of the better in the country – blocked better than we’ve seen before.


#4 DB Tashaun Gipson
-Playing free safety.
-Sucked up on play-action, allows big play to TE.
-Late finding the ball on reverse.
-Takes QB out at the knees on draw.
-Poor tackling fundamentals, tries to knock QB over rather than wrapping up, leads to big play.
-Should be a priority UDFA, has some skills and athleticism – needs some technique work.

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