Film Room: Northern Iowa vs Montana

Trumaine Johnson 2012 NFL Draft

Defensive back Trumaine Johnson solidified himself as a Top 100 prospect in the win over Northern Iowa.

It is always refreshing when actual football games decide things instead of polls and computers.

Montana and Northern Iowa faced off in a FCS quarterfinal, and we were very happy to see some intriguing 2012 NFL Draft prospects in action.

#2 Trumaine Johnson, DB, Montana
-Playing both RCB and LCB.
-Covering the gunner on punt-return.
-Playing different man coverages.
-Doesn’t make a big hit on TE, but doesn’t shy away from coverage.
-Comes on blitz, lights up #82 trying to block.
-Makes an early break on pass, pretty close to pass interference.
-Takes on block by RT, good technique keeping outside arm free and turning end around inside.
-Taken out of play initially after blitzing, but fights back and makes TFL. Tenacious.
-Tries to lay a shoulder hit, rather than wrap up – leads to big play.
-Perfect inside-technique on goal-line, draped on WR.
-Came on casino blitz, showed great leaping ability making QB throw high.
-Comes on corner blitz, nifty move around RB and lays big hit on QB.
-Good technique in jam, using off-hand to prevent clean release.
-Breaks down well in space and makes solid tackle on WR screen.
-Very fluid turning and running.
-Makes interception on lofted ball – bobbled initially but made the catch. Tracked the ball better than WR.
-Seems to open up hips prematurely, will need to correct that at the next level.
-Opens up too early, can’t flip around quick enough to break up pass – right there for tackle.
-Johnson has a few technique flaws to clean up, but I think he can be a fantastic cornerback / free safety at the next level. Solidified a top 100 spot tonight.

#57 Charles Burton, OT, Montana
-Playing RT. Looks like a big guy with nice long arms.
-Whiffs on 2nd level block.
-Good control in pass-protection, delivers a good punch.
-Doesn’t quit on the play, blocks the whole 10 seconds.
-Late picking up the twist.
-Pancakes LB on 2nd level.
-Two great blocks, combo on DE and then peels off and kicks out LB.
-Much better picking up stunt, recognizes early and helps on two blocks.
-Has some decent speed for a big guy, lead blocking for his QB.
-Getting a bit upright at times, especially when not fully engaged.
-Got too narrow in his base and got walked back.
-Effective again on run play, knocks Fort out of the hole and walls off LB.
-Looked lost on the reverse, not sure if he knew the play.
-Missed LB on 2nd level.
-Mirrored DE well, good bend.
-Played well tonight, certainly looks like a draftable prospect with upside at either OT/OG in the 6th/7th round.

#10 Tirrell Rennie, QB/ATH, Northern Iowa
-Tossed for a loss on option play.
-Makes nice grab on errant snap.
-Shows decent elusiveness when flushed out of pocket.
-Hits #5 in stride on crossing route, leads to TD.
-Has a pretty funky delivery.
-Shows some good toughness, taking some good licks running the ball.
-Not accurate on short pass underneath, nearly intercepted.
-Pressure up the middle, made no movement in pocket.
-Great body control, avoiding back of endzone and players due to avoid safety.
-On target touch pass dropped by WR – faced down blitzer well.
-Throws behind WR.
-Second-read open, throw is right on.
-Throws the ball away, went through progressions but nothing was there.
-Questionable ball security on QB draw.
-Poor pitch relationship, gets eaten up in the backfield on option play.
-Solid pocket presence in the end zone, finds receiver on sideline.
-Follows it up with a wild inaccurate throw.
-Hit as he throws, lofts interception.
-Completion on out-route, floated a bit but was good enough for 1st down.
-Steps up too late and gets taken down by blitzer.
-Had man in 1-on-1, hangs a deep ball that gets knocked away. Good touch, just late.
-Doesn’t lose speed making his cuts, good pump and run for the first.
-Takes a big pop, keeps on ticking. Could hold up as a WR in the NFL.
-Tossed up a complete duck, pick six. May have been tipped.
-Certainly not an NFL QB, but could make a team as a gadget/5th receiver. Most likely a CFL prospect.

#24 L.J. Fort, LB, Northern Iowa
-Playing OLB.
-Got stunned by pulling guard.
-Decent reaction to the throw, gets in the passing lane.
-Doesn’t break down early enough, misses tackle in open field on WR.
-Driven backward by #26 – took the hit rather delivering it.
-Makes an ankle tackle the next play, nice bounce-back.
-Combines on nice goal-line tackle, drives #26 backwards.
-Repeats the previous play, another nice stop. Getting very low.
-Knocked off balance by his own teammate, can’t recover to fill the hole.
-Sheds block after x-blitz is stopped cold and makes the tackle.
-Pancaked on long run by OG.
-Pushed out of hole by Burton.
-Arm tackle ran through by QB.
-Tracks ball well, makes sound tackle.
-Shoots the gap, holds on to RB for TFL. Very well-timed.
-No quit in him, fights off block and makes tackle in pursuit.
-Very susceptible to the counter action.
-Stoned on blitz by center – telegraphed it a bit early.
-Has some skills and instincts but not sure he has NFL athleticism. Could be a priority UDFA.

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